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Ancient civilisations worshipped female deities, and women were the leaders, counsellors, and healers of nations. However, through various historical events, such as the rise of empires like Rome, the worship of the goddess was lost.

In this exciting new book, author Tanishka shares the long-lost ancient culture of the goddess & unveils:

  • The history of the ancient Goddess traditions
  • The 7 Goddess archetypes and their chakras
  • The life stages we encounter as women and how to transition into each one
  • The 3 Goddess paths of initiation used by ancient priestesses
  • Tools for understanding and aligning with the cycles of nature
  • Rituals and exercises to reconnect with your inner Goddess

…and much more!

It’s Time to Discover

  • WHY the Goddess is rising again after thousands of years of obscurity
  • WHY the ancient Goddess worshipping cultures disappeared
  • ALL the ways that Goddess traditions keep women sane in a world gone mad
  • & STOP giving yourself a hard time about not being someone else’s idea of ‘the perfect woman’



More & more people are starting to recognise how much we need what we have culturally denied – the feminine expression of our relationship with the divine.

This includes our connection with the Earth Mother, her cycles, the elements of creation along with a map for navigating chaos, change & loss all of which are viewed as inevitable in the spiral path of life.

The teachings of the sacred feminine help us to grow into wise, compassionate beings through the cultivation of feminine values, such as art, mysticism, sacred sexuality, community & rituals that provide both meaning & integration of our life experiences.

This is what is most needed now to restore the sacred balance on our planet

‘As a young woman in a society that is obsessed with youth and beauty, it is refreshing to learn of ancient women’s wisdom that is both empowering and relevant to women today.’


‘In twenty years as a naturopath in private practice I have never met a teacher like Tanishka.
She is an inspiration to me and all the women who are ready to step into their power.’


This is the most important information any woman could hope to have…

the ancient teachings that were once every woman’s birthright​

Benefits You Will Gain

  • Reduce your daily stress levels and have more energy
  • Get more support & reduce comfort eating
  • Stop comparing yourself with other women and silence your inner critic
  • Transcend the fear of ageing, and love getter older
  • Value yourself in all your choices and feel empowered as a woman
  • Befriend your period and understand the effect of the lunar cycle on your moods
  • Enhance your intuition and grow your wisdom
  • Feel juicy and alive with Goddess mojo!

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  •  Meditations to align with each element for balance & wellbeing
  • Practical Suggestions to embody the strengths of each element
  • The alchemical symbol & correspondences for each element
  • How to identify elemental imbalances and correct them
  • Ancient practices to invoke and celebrate each element

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‘Your profound knowledge & shining spirit have helped me to become wiser, stronger & more joyful.’


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‘I wonder how I functioned before I had this knowledge.
I feel like I’m finally getting a real education and tools that I can use in every aspect of my life…something I never seemed to find in high school or the endless array of self help books I’ve read.’


‘I have fallen in love with the beauty, wisdom and power that all woman possess!
Tanishka’s wealth of knowledge and sense of humour have made for a remarkable experience.’