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Tanishka is a modern day oracle …
she channels universal truths that empower  with clarity

Hello, I'm Tanishka

I experienced my turning point in 1996 when, fed up with my toxic lifestyle as a stand-up comedienne I bullied the Universe to send me some role models & then ran to the hills in search of meaning…
 my plea for help was answered with an initiation into ancient wisdom teachings & an opportunity to spend a year alone in the mountains living off the grid. This resulted in a show down with my ego & a commitment to serve the global family with the insights I had received…

What they say

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I teach people how to live in alignment with the natural cycles.


WHEN WE DON’T UNDERSTAND the cycles that govern us we experience chaos, fear & struggle.


WHEN WE DO UNDERSTAND the divine design of life is cyclic, we can harness the power of the cycles to support our growth.

To create a sustainable future we need to align with the natural cycles to create sustainable lives.


When we understand the effect the lunar, solar, seasonal & celestial cycles have on our psyche, emotions, libido, creativity, relationship patterns, energy levels, wellbeing & finances we can reduce tension & conflict, by identifying & meeting our needs through cyclic balance.

are you in transition?

Life initiates us to grow with downward spirals …
crises that are a call to action to transform through taking right action



Dear sister Tanishka, I have been listening and witnessing your light across the ocean between us for some time. I honor your work, your dreams, your vision and your fierce commitment. I stand with you in sacred sisterhood.

Thank you for following your inner knowing and giving voice to what lives in your heart. Many blessings and a hand on your back.

Alisa Starkweather
Leader of US Red Tent Movement

One of the most passionate and amazing messengers I have ever seen – she’s brave, passionate and so fascinating.

I promise you’ll be enriched and uplifted. Blessings Tanishka, and long may your light shine!

Lucy Cavendish
Bestselling Author & Spiritual Teacher

Tanishka is one of the most inspiring, magical, and genuine women I know. She really is something special!

Wendy Rule
International Songstress & Teacher of Women’s Mysteries


Our spiritual community was thrilled to experience the wisdom, humor, beauty and power of Tanishka this past summer. Everyone is talking about her and looking forward to her return soon. Definitely one of our favorite teachers of women’s wisdom!

Ava Park
Director of Goddess Temple of Orange County


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