The moon moves into Taurus today ready for the full moon in this sign as we enter the gateway of 11:11 – the 11th day of the 11th month, a powerful portal for manifestation.

Each year as we pass through the 11:11 gateway the Aquarian Age energies get stronger….calling us to work together as one to create the world of our highest vision. So there’s been a growing global movement to instead focus on images of global peace and harmony at 11:11 every day to replace the focus on war that was anchored to keep the group mind perpetuating a mind set of divide and conquer.

Taurus asks us to be a lover not a fighter. To find self love so we have the capacity to love ourselves and others. Love is a verb, love requires we take right action compelled by our heart’s conscience. That means we don’t neglect ourselves or those we love. We show how much we value and appreciate them with acts of beauty and kindness.

11:11 is the day of Atonement. At-one-ment. If we haven’t been accountable for the ways our unloving words and actions have hurt ourselves or others we cannot be at one with our hearts. Our heart won’t let us rest until we are accountable. This is why sleeping pills are over-prescribed and so many pursue endless distractions from the quiet urgings of their soul.

Oneness is about alignment with love which is the light of truth. The ultimate truth is we are divine by design. We are part of the one presence of eternal love. When out of alignment with this truth we behave in ways that negate love.

Join me for a global meditation today at 11am Bali, Indonesia time and again at 11pm Bali time LIVE via my FB page:

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This is to coincide with the zenith of Mercury’s transit across the sun. For more info about that, read my Astro Forecast here:

Blessings on our one heart,