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Leaders of the past have often been determined by the dominant ego, where ‘he who speaks loudest’ rules.

This dynamic creates a hierarchy where one dominates the many.

We have outgrown this old model.

To restructure society to be more unilateral and inclusive we need a new template…a circle.

Gathering in circle was the time honoured practice that ensured ancient civilisations were socially sustainable!

Now more than ever we need to revive this ancient tradition of gathering in circle…

To learn how to share power by ensuring every voice is equally heard

To practice our personal power by speaking our authentic truth

To access the support of community and create safe containers to process our experiences



This comprehensive online training course provides you with step-by-step know-how to start your chapter as a group facilitator!

With a proven structure  that really works.

Includes instructional videos & manuals you can save & refer to again & again!

Whether you want to lead circles in your local community for family and friends, as a new career or as an additional service to add value to your existing 1:1 client sessions, classes or retreats!

Our course graduates include men from Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, USA & Europe

What Makes This Course Unique? 


In addition to learning why the tradition of men’s circles is essential for men of all ages to feel confident in their masculine expression…

and powerful group facilitation techniques…

You will also learn what most men’s empowerment events & programs overlook…


How the solar cycle affects men’s mental health, physical well being, moods & energy levels & how to harness it!

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* please note; 12 Suns Is Now A Self-Study Course

‘Tanishka is an awesome facilitator who ties together many threads from different paradigms. Her work with men, women & couples helps reveal the deeper archetypes playing out in people’s stories, giving greater understanding into how we tick & how we can heal & become whole.’

Michael Schoell

‘Tanishka is a natural & inspiring leader. I have participated in many of Tanishka’s events & have observed her display an incredibly high level of awareness regarding the group’s dynamic. She is driven to make a difference in the world around her which she does through empowering others, creating community & inspiring new leaders. I wholeheartedly endorse Tanishka in everything she does!’

Kane Alexander

Gain the skills you need in 6 weeks to start your circle! 

No recognised prior learning necessary.


No Assessments!

No Assignments!


Simply login when it suits you from the comfort of your own home

You will learn about every facet of facilitation & event planning… from esoteric & shamanic practices to all the practical logistics needed for your events to be remembered for years to come!

This course was the first to offer Men’s Circles facilitation training online in 2013! 

Revised and upgraded & relaunched in 2021, there’s never been a better time to register!

Your 12 Suns Facilitator Training Includes



  • 20 x Video Tutorials including powerpoint presentations
  • 30 x Magazine style articles that create a comprehensive Facilitator Training Manual
  • Additional Audio files
  • Transcripts for all Video Tutorials to assist those whose second language is English
  • Certification upon your course completion

MODULE ONE: Harnessing the Force

  • Harnessing the Sun: Men’s Power Source

  • Understanding How the Seasons Impact the Male Psyche

  • Maintaining Wellbeing in the Dark Months

  • Honouring The Need For the ‘Inner Cave’

  • The New Mythology Emerging for Men

  • The Solar Power Window to Gather
  • Developing Empowered Masculine Presence: The Solar Logos

MODULE TWO: The Hero’s Journey

  • Decoding The Hero’s Journey
  • The Labours of Hercules

  • How the Solar Cycle Initiates Men Through The Hero’s Journey

  • The Strengths & Weaknesses of Each Solar Month

  • Assisting Men to Find Their Sacred Purpose

  • Recommended Reading & Resources

MODULE THREE: Foundations for Facilitation


  • The Ancient Practice of Men’s Circles
  • Why It’s Time for Men to Gather
  • Personal Preparation Before a Circle
  • Establishing Circle Guidelines
  • Maintaining a Safe Group Space
  • The Authentic Man: Speaking One’s Heart
  • Navigating Shadow Archetypes

MODULE FOUR: Ceremonial Skills


  • Smudging With Sacred Smoke

  • Casting Circle by Invoking the Elements

  • Guided Meditations

  • Lighting the Sacred Fire

  • Active Listening & The Importance of the Talking Stick

  • Creating Sacred Space with Altars & Crystal Grids

MODULE FIVE: Additional Circle Options


  • Welcoming Teens to Circle

  • Circles for Every Life Stage

  • Circles to Support Fathers

  • Circles to Support Elders

  • Circles for Men At Risk

  • Circle Template and Guidelines

MODULE SIX: Starting Your Circle


  • Public or Private: How to Choose

  • Promoting your Men’s Circle

  • Bookings & Logistics

  • Support Roles & their Duties

  • Facilitator Resource Guide

  • Graduate Info


How to Create Transformative Events for Men Online!

Simple steps to start your own home-based business

This unique structure provides a map to identify the specific challenges men face each month in their personal & professional lives

You Will Also Gain

Esoteric training to create a safe energetic space
Tips to create powerful guided meditations
Empowering insight into the male psyche
Practical suggestions to create dynamic events
Know-how to create great word of mouth promotion
A resource list for men’s empowerment and facilitation
Insight into potential group dynamic challenges and how to diffuse

Why Do This Course?

This course will provide you with EVERYTHING you need to run powerful, meaningful & successful men’s events, including monthly men’s circles, seasonal retreats or gatherings to support men in transition. 

Work at your own pace through each of the educational modules utilising twenty years of group facilitation experience!

At Last! A structure to  navigate the universal challenges men face on their personal Hero’s journey around the solar zodiac wheel!



  • A proven 12 month template to create meaningful & transformative events for men
  • A simple running order to structure your circles
  • Insight into the solar cycle & how to live in alignment with the sun to heal & empower the masculine
  • A thorough understanding of group dynamics
  • The facilitation skills needed to host men’s events

5 Ways Circles Support Men


ConnectionCircles offer an opportunity to connect in an authentic way on a regular basis…with ourselves and others. The more connection we have, the happier and healthier we feel, reducing addictive tendencies.

Empowered Choices. Circles ensure we take time to reflect on our choices so we can minimise drama, accelerate awareness and make empowered choices.

Confidence. When we practice speaking our truth in a safe space it strengthens our confidence to be speak up on our behalf to assert our needs and ensure our needs are met.

Better Relationships. Circle provides a framework for transparent communication which is the skill required for true intimacy and a foundation for healthy relationships.

Support. When we share deeply we create deep bonds of friendship that provide the support we need for life’s challenges.

You Also Get These Special Bonuses



Exclusive Membership to our private online forum!

Join a worldwide network of men dedicated to positive social change!


A Recorded virtual workshop
Personal mentoring for 6 months with course creator, Tanishka whose wisdom about the natural cycles is followed by half a million people!



You receive an ebook copy of Tanishka’s book, Creating Sacred Union Within that provides a map of the 7 masculine archetypes!



FREE Optional Promotion of your Men’s Circle in our Global Directory to be featured on www.themoonwoman.com with 10,000 visitors every month!

‘Tanishka’s humour & shared wisdom has left me feeling inspired & confident to begin my own men’s circle. She is providing a powerful course of learning & empowerment.’

Luke Anderson

“Tanishka is so down to earth, likeable and she has a great sense of humour. At the same time she has a wealth of knowledge that should be shared with everyone on this planet. I can’t recommend Tanishka enough! 
Tony Roseman

Who this course is for …

Men do this course for many reasons, both personal & professional

  • To access insight into the solar cycle to empower their masculine sense of self
  • To start a private men’s circle with family, friends &  community
  • To gain new understanding & skills to enhance professional development
  • To offer public men’s events as an additional income stream
  • To gift their existing private men’s circle with more ideas, tools & a template for attuning to the solar cycle

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5.0 Cancellations and Refunds
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5.1.4 To cancel a contract please inform us in writing by email to the course administrator admin@themoonwoman.com

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5.3 Cancellation by us

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