Since Gemini is an air sign, this is a particularly effective day to dust or vacuum…just be warned that you’re liable to start in one room, then get distracted & start several other projects until your home looks like a cyclone passed through.

This is because Gemini evokes an interest in every thing around us – making it a great time to visit your local library or investigate areas of interest online. It is this thirst for knowledge & curiosity that Gemini now gifts us that makes us really interested in other people & what makes them tick. So rather than feeling shut down & withdrawing if we encounter someone we don’t understand, we reach out & seek connection through a willingness to truly comprehend them.

So, embrace this opportunity to really meet, hear & understand whoever crosses your path today – whether they are strangers or someone you’ve shared a bed with for 40 years! This leads to wonderful interactions, where both parties feel uplifted by the others questions & interest in our responses.

Blessings on your day,