13 Moons

Next Intake Begins March 2020 

In ancient times, women understood how much the lunar cycle influenced their psyche. So they developed a practice to increase their self-awareness during the most inward lunar phase.

​This 13 month online course gives you guidance & processes to grow your wisdom & empowerment

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Did You Know?

There are 3 days each month when women are most at risk of:

  • comfort eating
  • burn out
  • conflict with others
  • lack of patience with children
  • negative self-talk
  • depression
  • self harm

Embrace the Shadow to Become Wise

Our challenge during this phase, known as ‘dark moon’ is to enter the darkness within & embrace the parts of us that are wounded or disowned so we can experience greater self-acceptance & empowerment.

This is how we grow our self-understanding, wisdom & compassion.

Instead, we have been taught to fear the dark, rather than seek to understand & heal it within us so we can be responsible for our own dark side & not project it on to others.

The more we own our shadow the more emotionally mature & balanced we become.


Awakening the Inner Wise Woman

Those who undertook this path of initiation, to see & embrace their shadow as they journeyed around the dark moon in every sign of the zodiac were revered as wise women, regardless of their age.

That is why this path was known as the path to Cronedom.

The word, ‘Crone’ originally meant one who was crowned with wisdom.

Without this awareness many women fear ageing & suffer through their dark times in isolation.

‘For me, the insights gained in the first month of the 13 Moons program, are worth more than the cost of the entire course!’

Carly W

Benefits You Will Gain


  • Increased self-awareness & empowerment
  • Self understanding & acceptance
  • The ability to identify self-sabotaging patterns & grow beyond them
  • Insight & compassion into the suffering of others
  • Reverence for vulnerability in yourself & others

The 13 Moons enables women to hone their ability to pierce the darkness of confusion and despair with intuitive insight and wisdom!

Your 13 Moons Online Resources

  • 13 x New Moon meditation videos
  • Experiential processes to identify & embrace your shadow around the zodiac wheel
  • 13 x video tutorials to help you navigate the shadow during the 13 moons
  • A video tutorial explaining the lunar phases
  • A private forum to share your experience with your sisters!

How can stars shine without darkness. Taniskha’s 13 moon’s Priestess path has safely given me the ability to explore my dark or shadow side. To fully and wholeheartedly accept who I am without guilt or fear.

The repression of our negative traits or emotions is one of the biggest barriers in any persons journey towards Self-Love and living authentically and this insightful course allows me to explore and embrace all facets of myself.

Allison Price

Also Included: These Great Bonuses!


Lifetime Membership to our private online sisterhood forum to share the journey with sisters of all ages, cultures & backgrounds 


Tanishka’s ‘Light & Shadow’ Oracle Deck!

Includes 64 cards & instruction booklet shipped to your door! 

About the Facilitator: Tanishka

Tanishka has assisted women to own their shadow in private sessions & groups since 1996. As a teacher of ancient women’s wisdom & practices, she has trained women in 43 countries over over 20 years. She is one of the pioneers of the global Red Tent movement & is the author of 5 books. 

‘It’s a coming home for me. I am stirred and resonating with all that I am learning..

I feel like I am coming into my power. Just thank you so so much! I am devouring this information!!! 


Watch this short video to find out how the 13 Moons can benefit you

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