13 Moons
13 Moons

Discover how the lunar cycle influences your psyche & energy levels…

With this empowering practice that transforms your most challenging time of the month


Next Intake Begins March 20, 2020 


A 13 month online program that teaches you how to balance your emotions

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There are 3 days each month when women are more prone to:

  • Comfort eat
  • Feel anti-social
  • Experience low energy
  • Be reactive
  • Lack patience
  • Self-Criticise
  • Numb with substances
  • Self-Harm


During the darkest lunar phase we navigate our darker thoughts and emotions…

And without tools to process our full spectrum of our human experience, we risk

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Burn out
  • Conflict
  • Insomnia

“What we resist, persists”

Carl Jung

We can’t run or hide from what we’re afraid to confront in ourselves…

This results in external drama and internal self-sabotage

The only way to take our power back is to face our fears

And transcend them with insight!


‘For me, the insights gained in the first month of the 13 Moons program, are worth more than the cost of the entire course!’

Carly W

Benefits You Will Gain


  • Increased self-awareness & empowerment
  • Self-understanding & acceptance
  • How to identify self-sabotaging patterns & transcend them
  • Greater self-care and wellbeing
  • Balanced emotions and energy levels 

13 Moons enables women to pierce the darkness of confusion and despair with intuitive insight and wisdom!

What It Includes


  • Video tutorials explaining the lunar phases & 13 Moons practise
  • Monthly Guided Meditations to shift limiting beliefs
  • Monthly Self-Enquiry Worksheets 
  • Monthly Video tutorials to navigate the lessons of each dark moon for 13 months
  • Monthly Dark Moon reminders 



Exclusive Membership to our private online sisterhood forum to share the journey with women of all ages around the world!


A virtual LIVE workshop with Tanishka to learn the art of lunar manifestation & monthly guidance direct to your inbox to  amplify your monthly intentions during the lunar power window!

Meet Your Facilitator…

Tanishka is an archetypal astrologer.

Beloved by half a million followers of her daily guidance as The Moon Woman she assists people of all ages to live in tune with the moon. She has a gift for demystifying how the lunations of the moon around the zodiac wheel impact our wellbeing and relationships and provides simple, practical tips for timely self-care.

A Hay House author of five books, clairvoyant and intuitive channel she has taught ancient women’s wisdom for over two decades, assisting women of all ages to integrate their shadow aspects as a path to authentic empowerment. 

A leader in the global Red Tent movement, she has trained women in 44 countries to facilitate women’s circles during the dark moon phase as a global initiative to support women during their most challenging time.

What Others Say…

How Can Stars Shine Without Darkness?

13 Moons has given me the ability to explore my shadow side and fully and wholeheartedly accept who I am without guilt or fear.

The repression of our negative traits or emotions is one of the biggest barriers in our journey towards Self-Love and living authentically.

This insightful course allowed me to explore and embrace all facets of myself.

Allison Price

A Coming Home!

I am stirred and resonating with all that I am learning..

I feel like I am coming into my power. Just thank you so so much! I am devouring this information!!! 


Wen Wei


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