Moon is now waning in Capricorn so this is a good time to reflect & journal upon the practical things you can do to make your ambitions into a physical reality.

We have been conditioned to view ambition as a dirty word…especially for women. (Lady MacBeth isn’t much of a role model.) However, an ambition does not always mean an aim to amass more personal power, wealth or status. Ambition can also be used to make a real difference to others & our natural world.

In fact many people are awakening to the realization that the governments of the world are not going to act on the behalf of the people or the planet since since they are so compromised by the machinations of politics, corporate interests & the shadow elite.

This is resulting in more people assuming that shared responsibility for making a better world with the resources they have & generating more resources in order to expand their legacy of good works. So we are seeing a growing number of ethical entrepreneurs in the private sector funding projects that inspire people to ‘get on board’.

This is true responsibility – one of the positive traits we develop during a Capricorn transit (regardless of our sun sign)…the ability to respond appropriately to a challenge we identify instead of feeling paralyzed by overwhelm, denying the problem exists or justifying our inaction with excuses.

So today is a good time to ask, ‘How can I respond?’ to both our personal & our global challenges. To neglect either is unbalanced, so the more we take practical steps to address both – with measurable outcomes, the more inner power we will feel as we see our ability to affect true change in both the microcosm & macrocosm.

Blessings on your day,

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