The moon is moving from Aquarius into Pisces today.

So as the day progresses you may feel more sensitive so honour your increased sensitivity by playing soothing music, breathing deeply to release stress and affirming everything is unfolding perfectly.

As Luna moves from an air sign into a water sign, you may also notice more opportunity for emotional connection with those around you, so take the opportunity to have conversations about feelings rather than just tasks to feel close and better understand the interior world of others.

While the moon is still in Aquarius, consider how you can connect with others who share your ideas to find ways to bring them to fruition then as the moon progresses into Pisces, gift yourself some quality time alone – ideally in the element of water with a soak in the tub.

FYI – the moon will arrive in Pisces at 10.20am Greenwich Mean Time on June 15.

To convert that to your local time & date go to:…/converter-classic.html

Blessings on your day,
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