2018 a year of light & love…with tests along the way!

2018 adds up to an 11 year in numerology.

(To work this out you simply insert an addition sign between each digit.)

11 is a number associated with increased synchronicity, destiny fulfilled and miracles. So you may have already started the herald of good things to come with an increased number of sightings of the number sequence 11:11 / 1.11 on your clocks, devices and odometers in the lead up to this new year, a phenomena which was last prevalent in 2011. (The zero energy of the void amplifies the other digits wherever they appear. So whatever lessons you journeyed in 2011 may resurface as a form of revision to show you how far you’ve come.) 

Seek meaning then drop all knowledge. For when the teacher becomes the student they are on their way to true mastery

This 11 influence asks us to drop what we thought we knew so our mind is receptive to new ideas. Aquarius is the 11th sign in the zodiac wheel and so this year will see a huge paradigm shift into the choices that reflect the lessons and ethos of the Aquarian Age – the 2000 year astrological age we are transitioning into.

Aquarius is represented by the water bearer; one who’s cup is empty so they’re available to filling themselves with the eternal flow of the divine. So we’re likely to experience catalysts so we drop all knowledge, our previous identity, attachments, preconceived ideas & go with the flow in 2018!

The irony is a true master is a humble soul who seeks only to master themselves and not attempt to control others or their environment. So if you get frustrated with things not going according to plan or not being able to establish plans for the year, let go & let God as they say, trusting you’re being asked to enter the mystery!

11 is a master number…It’s a double helping of 1 – the number of creation. So this is going to a be a highly creative year for many, living life close to the creative Source of divine love by putting into action the new beginning many of us felt restless for and sought in 2017 which was a 1 year.

The frequency of 11 energy asks us to step up, to expand beyond what we thought possible and to seek self-mastery through being truly accountable for our wounds and their triggers. So this is an optimal time to commit to a daily practice to align with the Source of all life that resides within each of us & ask to be an instrument of highest will for the greater good.

Whether that’s through meditation, creative visualisation, ceremony or offerings setting sacred intent or a physical practice like walking in nature, chanting, dancing, toning, yoga, qigong or tai chi the consistency & intention behind the action is what makes it truly potent.

Sacred Union is a state of being, not just a term to refer to a partnership where both partners are committed to their soul growth

This year also carries the vibration of 2 signifying partnership and balance since 1 +1 = 2.  So this is a year for working together, exploring opportunities to collaborate and co-create to enhance your creative efforts on the understanding that the sum of two is greater than one alone.

This is also a year when many will form new partnerships as an opportunity to heal patterns of relating and find a healthy inter-dependent balance between the polarities of independence and dependency. 

Similarly any relationships that maintain a dynamic of dysfunctional polarisation and conflict will be tested and may dissolve as a catalyst for creating sacred union within so more enduring and honouring relationships can be established in the future. 


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