Trust your instincts is the ‘message du jour’ as Grandmother Moon moves through the final degrees of Aries. She will soon be void (not forming any major aspects to other planets) which can create a somewhat fuzzy mental state…so given an Aries lunar transit can usher in new opportunities, this is a time to ‘trust your sense’ rather than rely on your grey matter for a rational appraisal of facts.

Attention spans may also be shorter than usual as we collectively move through the astrological sign of the child, so plan short meetings with a dynamic way to present the facts to maintain focus & give a clear call to action for the optimal outcome…whether you’re dealing with 4 yr olds or work colleagues!

Many of you will be feeling the crackle of excitement in the air as we move into a new season & Aries moon will add to this! Autumn (Fall) & Spring are the seasons of change when traditionally indigenous people would get most of their tasks done prior to the seasons of extreme hot or cold. So don’t be surprised if you feel a boost in your energy levels & inspiration to effect positive change!

Welcome the new season in – open the windows, decorate your home with fresh flowers or found objects of natural beauty, such as leaves or seed pods & consider making a seasonal altar as a visual reminder to embrace all the opportunities Mother Nature is now providing us with so we may continue to grow with grace & acceptance of change.

La Luna will then arrive in the constellation of Taurus.

The shift into Taurus will help you to ground after a busy time on the go during our time in Aries, the sign of action.

Blessings on your day,


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