Full moon ceremonies are often performed in nature, at sunrise or sunset, as this is when the energy within the Earth’s magnetic grid is amplified. They’re also sometimes used for healing purposes, such as releasing emotional blockages.

The History of Full Moon Ceremonies

All cultures throughout history have celebrated the full moon with rituals and ceremonies. Living in alignment with the lunar cycle assists the collective to embody the strengths of the feminine since the moon governs the psyche, meaning soul. Eastern cultures that honour and mark the waxing and waning of the moon mature psychologically and emotionally and this supports cohesive communities. In astrology, the moon is the ruling planet of Cancer, the sign of home, family and community. Western countries that lost the custom of lunar ceremonies due to them being outlawed by the Roman Empire experience higher rates of family breakdown and less cohesive communities due to their omission.

Why Do People Still Practice Full Moon Ceremonies Today?

There are several reasons people continue to practice full moon ceremonies today. First, there are many benefits associated with them. They provide a sense of community and connection among members of a group. They also help people feel closer to nature and the natural cycles of life. Finally, they offer a chance to reflect on one’s own personal growth and development. In the Tantric tradition, full moon is considered the time of union since this is when the moon reflects the most amount of sunlight, making this an ideal time to do a ceremony to honour the sacred feminine and masculine and the union of opposites. Full moon is also an ideal time for a community ritual with people of all ages. Since women are governed by the moon, full moon is a great time to schedule a women’s gathering, especially celebrations with chanting, drumming and dancing under the light of the full moon which illuminates the positive traits of the feminine.

How to Prepare for a Full Moon Ceremony

To prepare for a full moon ceremony, start by looking up the date of the next full moon here. Next, go within to attune to your intuition to identify your intention. Researching the planetary influences for the approaching full moon can help to inspire an intention for the rite. For instant access to my latest video where I speak about the energies for the approaching new or full moon, click here.

If the weather is cold or wet you may prefer to do your ceremony inside. This can help maintain focus and distill the energy. If the weather is warm, conducting your sacred ceremony outside amongst the power of the raw elements is ideal. I provide a simple step-by-step template for creating ceremonies in my book, Goddess Wisdom Made Easy published by Hay House.

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