Happy Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius!
Today is a very powerful portal so please take 1 minute out of your day to add your contribution to harness the energies for the greater good. Why?
Aquarius is the sign of people power – working together as one for the benefit of all. This is also the energy of this ‘new age’ the 2000 year astrological age we entered Dec 2012.
The sun is always in the opposite sign at full moon. So now the sun is in the opposite sign of Leo.
Leo is the sign of the lion-hearted King / Queen (one who is sacred & sovereign because they defer to the authority of their own heart’s guidance in any situation).
When Leo isn’t balanced by it’s opposite polarity of Aquarius it is self-serving, seeking personal gain at any cost. This is the mentality of most of our global leaders & CEO’s. Corrupt tyrants who serve corporate interests for personal gain at a cost to the all life forms in our global family & Mother planet.
When we have critical mass on the planet operating in alignment with the values of the Aquarius Age we will see the dismantling of all corruption & the restoration of a heart-based creation on every level of life here on Earth.
So how can you contribute?
Watch this short global healing video to focus your intent on the accelerated emergence of the new paradigm to minimise damage caused by those stuck in old paradigm thinking:
5 Other Ways to Contribute in Fulfilling the Whirling Rainbow prophecy in turning our planet back to green…
1. Act from the heart moment to moment in all that you do, for in doing so you will serve the collective.
2. Breathe deeply into your heart & visualise your heart centre opening & emitting a luminous green colour ray
3. Be mindful of the power of your words to manifest outcomes & affirm with your words positive outcomes for the planet
4. Visualise sacred symbols of union such as the Sri Yantra, Merkabah & Mandorla in your heart centre & in every cell to activate your lightbody as a positive fractal of the collective consciousness
5. Observe that those who persist in chasing status, power & wealth will become increasingly unhinged as their modus operandus is not supported by the new energies. This will inspire you to keep pursuing the path of love starting with self honouring choices that allow your light to grow.
Blessings on our 2017 8:8 Lion’s Gateway, starting with those of us in the Southern hemisphere. May this galactic wave of light heal the illusions of darkness & confusion,
For more info about the energies playing out this full moon click here to read the sneak peek of my latest Astro Oracle: