The Moon is now exact last quarter moon in the sign of Aries. This is the time of the month when it pays to reflect on our actions & the effect that they had.
This is how we grow up & since Aries is the first sign, this is the greatest challenge for those with a lot of Aries in their astrological birth chart but for all of us when the moon or sun moves through this sign.
So don’t be surprised if you are confronted with a catalyst that shows you the fall out of something your said or did in the last three weeks. Instead of dying of shame inside, or castigating yourself for not being perfect…take this opportunity to be the good parent (while the sun is moving through Cancer, the sign of the mother) & forgive yourself for not always getting things right & commit to apply the lesson learned next time.
The moon will move into Taurus later today, an Earth sign renowned for it’s pursuit of sedentary pleasure…so take the opportunity to get active now before the urge dissipates and you feel like nursing a tub of ice cream in front of a movie instead.
The wheel turns… 🙂
Blessings on your day,
Another great practice for reviewing past actions without shame or self-criticism is attending regular sharing circles at the months’ end to review the month that was. If you’d like to know more sign up for my FREE Red Tent or Brotherhood Lodge webinar.
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