The moon is still waning in Aries. So for those of you who have had an unexpected ending ushered in by the recent full moon in Pisces you may find you feel very angry about it the moment.
Anger is often a flag that our survival fears have been triggered…reigniting old stories around our needs not being met.
This can leave us feeling like a child angry at the Universe, unable to contain our pent up frustration, overwhelm & lack of understanding.
The dominant lunar influence of Pisces this month is perhaps most challenging for the Aries part of us, regardless of our personal sun sign.
This is because Pisces asks us to surrender to the unknowable whereas Aries gets lit up by pursuing it’s goals & ideas.
So like the old joke, ‘How do you make God laugh? Tell him your plans’…when things don’t go according to plan & we’d invested all of ourselves in a set trajectory, it can feel like the Divine is mocking all our efforts if everything we feel we’ve pursued or created is taken from us.
If this resonates with you, find safe ways to discharge your anger by breaking plates, primal scream therapy, dancing, stomping or shaking to music or beating a punching bag to heavy metal music.
If you express your anger, it will allow you travel to what’s sitting underneath that which is deep sadness. Move the energy to clear it.
I’m looking forwards to seeing those of you coming to my final Australian Tour event tonight!!!
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