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We’re now approaching the full moon in Sagittarius

This will bring to fruition whatever seeds of intent were planted May 15 during the new moon in Taurus. Since this was also the date Uranus entered Taurus (starting a 7 year cycle in this sign) expect to see some big shifts this full moon.

So What’s the Theme We’ll Most Likely See This Full Moon?

Change…coming ready or not!


Well with the moon rising to full in Sag, the sign of one who leaves convention to take up the quest for greater meaning, many may take the leap ‘leaving the old paradigm of work’ that being working for money (prostitution) rather than doing what they love (sacred service). 

For others change may be thrust upon them since Uranus can usher in sudden & unexpected change. This may take the form of sudden job loss…so if you do get retrenched, breathe before you humiliate yourself begging for a second chance & consider how the universe is setting you free to consider more fulfilling options! 

It’s also important to consider the sun in the opposite sign of Gemini (as each sign on the wheel is part of an axis). Gemini is likely to offer a way to leave the rat race & live a more adventurous life by utilising the freedom afforded by digital options & offering potential income from more than one source, by utilising multiple talents. 

We’re likely to feel the effects of this influence the nearer we draw to exact full moon.

Here’s the time & date of the approaching full moon:

Melbourne (Aust) Wed, 30 May 2018, 12:19am AEST UTC+10 hours
Denpasar (Bali) Tue, 29 May 2018, 10:19pm WITA UTC+8 hours
London (UK) Tue, 29 May 2018, 3:19pm GMT DST
Los Angeles (USA) Tue, 29 May 2018, 7:19am PST UTC-8 hours
New York (USA) Tue, 29 May 2018, 10:19am EST
New Moon in Libra

Full Moon in Sagittarius
Archetypal Energy: Chiron, the Centaur
Lesson: To seek spiritual understanding that heals our perspective

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system. Sag propels us to move forwards boldly, to explore beyond our known horizon so we may expand our life experience. This is the sign of the quest…whether that’s to seek the Grail or the Philosopher’s stone!

So you may feel sensitive to anyone you feel is fencing you in or holding you back in any way as this fire sign energy values freedom of choice!

You may also feel as if you have itchy feet with the centaur now influencing your inner self, igniting a desire to travel, change locations or expand your sphere of influence. If you’re not feeling like you have the option to expand your possibilities you may swing into shadow Sag & expand your credit debt or waistband size instead.

Sag reminds us that sound can harm or heal…illustrated by the lesson of Hercules in his 9th trial where Stymphalian birds are making a deafening noise & he’s given the task of moving them on. He does this using cymbals to make an even more discordant noise!  

So too, one of the main lessons of Sag is ‘the power of word’. So this week is a time to be especially mindful of the ramifications of the words we use & perhaps even more so, the energy behind our words.

Timely as ever, I’ve just asked a gentleman if he could yell into his mobile phone somewhere else after his arrival caused disruption to all within his radius. Where there is no awareness, we need to speak up & create some!  

Uranus in Taurus: Move Forwards with Love

Uranus governs Aquarius, the sign of this 2000 year astrological age we’re entering so it’s arrival into Taurus asks us to make the shift from fear into love.

Uranus asks us to understand & honour energy. How we use it & the quality of our energetic state & interactions with others. Since Earthy Taurus is the sign of love embodied we are being asked to release all that is not loving if we are to feel healthy in our bodies.

So if your body is toxic, consider if your relationship with yourself & others is also toxic, causing your body to sound the alarm. (I speak about my experience of that below)

The key to expand your world is now through saying, ‘Yes!’ to that which deeply reflects your soul values so your life can become a true pleasure to greet each day.

This is a an abridged version of the full report. 

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Below is an image of the island where I came to commune with & heal my inner Aphrodite which has only horse drawn carts for transport. I then discovered this is where Elizabeth Gilbert wrote, ‘Eat, Pray, Love


Uranus moving into Taurus had its way with me at exact new moon in the form of my body feeling so weak I couldn’t raise my head off the pillow for 2 days. This was due to my pelvis twisting so strongly to protect the left side of my body (my feminine side where the energetic sphere of Venus is located within the left hip) that my organs & fascia were unable to drain toxins leaving me with a metallic taste in my mouth & what I thought was the flu. Thanks to a session with local osteo, Natalie Lejuene & a private cyber Red Tent I made the connection to how exposure to toxic family dynamics was impacting my body.

This was a longstanding pattern I’d distanced myself from as much as possible. For as a child I had been very sick & even had a teacher try to convince my family to let me stay with her in New Zealand when they decided to move to Australia when I was 7. Even at that age I begged for them to leave without me…but my pleas fell on deaf ears. 

Whilst I’ve been aware all my life that my family were unable to truly see & know me (like so many people experience) I sought to accept them for who they are & be grateful for the ways they did show their love.

This paled in insignificance with the deep & fierce love I have been gifted by my community of soul sisters who have been there for me through all my greatest challenges & seen me in my deepest vulnerability while cheering me on to shine my light in the world.

This is a gift I can never fully convey the value of to me. 

This is why I’m so passionate about the healing power of sister / brother circles as we are all the walking wounded. We are all learning how to love, starting with seeking out answers to questions such as, ‘What does love look like? How does love behave & respond?

If we don’t experience a template in our family of origin it’s a huge challenge to create it in our adult lives. If this resonates with you, I urge you to have compassion for your heart in trauma recovery & not whip yourself for not achieving a long-term ‘successful’ relationship. Every relationship you learned from and then applied the lessons learned has been a great personal success!

For myself, I started reading self help books & attending workshops & private healing sessions when I was 21. But it was through my experience of sharing safe sacred space with sisters, elders & brothers from the age of 26 that now at 47 I feel I’ve finally reassembled the foundations upon which to build loving interactions.

This is why I’m so passionate about reinstating the ancient social structures of sharing circles to anchor interpersonal dynamics that are safe & honouring for all…so the legacy of trauma induced by unconscious interpersonal dynamics doesn’t get handed down to yet another subsequent generation. 

I hope the 7 year transit of Uranus through Taurus will usher in loving practices such as these to heal the endemic cycle of abuse that is the norm in aptly named ‘nuclear families’.

Not just the physical abuse that can be seen like welts, bruises & sexual violations but the insidious unseen trauma caused by emotional neglect, constant criticism & humour used as a weapon to invalidate and undermine other’s self worth. Or the other extreme of emotional incest, (smothering) which infers one is responsible for the happiness of another.

I would like to add that regardless of our ego level interactions we choose our family as they will enable our soul lessons. For me, I’m here to teach & embody love (born on Beltane, the festival of love with Taurus rising) so of course in order to learn what love is I first had to observe what it is not, just as a child learns hot by feeling the opposite polarity of cold. 

So whilst I celebrate passing my final exam in self love by saying a clear, ‘No’ to exposing myself any more to the dramas of a dark father & his patriarchal wife in co-hoots with my dark ex-husband & his patriarchal wife who all continue to scapegoat & invalidate all that I am & value, I do honour them all as those who were necessary teachers on my soul path who have prepared me for a new chapter filled with great love in all forms!

Here is a link to a LIVE video where I spoke to this on the small island where I’ve come to commune with my inner Aphrodite, allowing the oceanic waters of the Great Mother to wash away my emotional hurts, past conditions & distorted beliefs that sabotaged my ability to receive love from the masculine.

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Thanks for tuning in,
🙂 Tanishka

Inner Goddess Women’s Retreat

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Imagine you could dare to give yourself one week to focus on nothing else but your own relationship with yourself?

Now imagine this was lovingly supported by a community of women from all around the world…women from all walks of life & all ages equally dedicated to healing the shadow beliefs they have about themselves as women.

All of which is held in a deeply safe & sacred space where I will personally facilitate you through this process I have seen transform countless women for many many years.


This is your chance to identify all that your inner feminine needs to heal & empower those lost parts back into wholeness. 

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Understandably fear of commitment is at an all time high with polyamory leaving a string of messy emotional carnage in its wake.

So what’s the new template for 21st century relating? 


Sacred Union: built upon a solid foundation of two individuals who have learned to meet their own soul needs.

Wondering where to start?

By understanding the 7 masculine & feminine facets that comprise our soul.

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