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We’re now approaching the full moon in Libra…Full moon is the time of communion – with friends, family, neighbours & partners. None more so than this one which occurs in the social sign of Libra, the sign which rules partnerships. Take into account that emotions run high as the lunar energy increases to full & this can result in emotional overwhelm if we don’t take equal time to rest & integrate our experiences.

So heed the balance Libra instructs us to embody & you will enjoy a time of beauty, social catch ups & grace…see below for the specific influences!

Here’s the time & date of exact full moon:

Melbourne (Australia – Victoria)Thursday, 21 March 2019, 12:45:00AEDTUTC+11 hours
London (United Kingdom – England)Thursday, 21 March 2019, 01:45:00GMTUTC
Los Angeles (USA – California)Wednesday, 20 March 2019, 18:45:00PSTUTC-8 hours
New York (USA – New York)Wednesday, 20 March 2019, 21:45:00ESTUTC-5 hours
Corresponding UTC (GMT)Thursday, 21 March 2019, 01:45:00


New Moon in Libra

Full Moon in Libra

Archetypal Energy: Athena, the Diplomat / Strategist
Lesson: To identify & correct your own imbalance in order to create harmony with others

Libra asks us to learn how to play well with others since it is the opposite sign of Aries, the child who focuses on putting their own ideas into action.

It’s worth remembering we need others if we are to grow our ideas into fruition. So this is the time when we realise more than ever that ‘no man is an island’ & invite co-operation from those whose skills, talents & strengths complement our own.

So if you’ve been trying to do everything on your own, (tempting with the Sun moving into Aries) you may have received warnings that this is not a harmonious way to create. 

Being an air sign, Libra also asks us to rise above emotion, so we can discern the facts rather than getting lost in emotion & reactivity. So if you’ve been a magnet for drama of late, consider where & how you’ve fuelled that process by swinging emotionally between love & war, (the lesson of this polarity of Libra / Aries) rather than finding the centre point within & seeing the situation from a higher perspective.

Self versus Other

Finding the Balance

Libra full moon can bring our relationship issues, hopes & fears up to be discussed as it highlights partnerships (whether they be intimate, friendship or work partnerships.)

To harness this energy we can schedule talks so both parties needs are heard and considered and a plan agreed upon that creates win / win outcomes for both parties.

FYI Shadow Aries can have trouble expressing in words which can lead to eruptions borne out of frustration is one party feels misunderstood or fears their needs won’t be met if they aren’t as good at articulating them, like a young child having a tantrum.

This young child is a part within all of us, regardless of our natal birth co-ordinates so we do well to help our small self by ordering our thoughts by writing them down prior to trying to converse so we can represent ourselves fairly. 

Do You Have a Plan

I like this quote as it illustrates why so many people don’t take right action to make their dreams a reality – they lack a plan.

That said, we also need to be flexible enough to adapt if life doesn’t go according to plan. 

As John Lennon said, ‘Life’s what happens while you’re busy making other plans’. So whilst it’s helpful to create a plan to build something we need to question the underlying motivation & review the plan if we’ve outgrown it.

For those who swing to the other extreme & fear any kind of plan as restrictive Libra full moon can evoke our inner Athena, the feminine archetype who governs the solar plexus (our rational self). She is the golden girl who helps us to achieve goals by starting with a plan.

By identifying a desired goal we can then work backwards & break the journey into achievable small steps so we don’t give up in overwhelm. Those who have a dominant third eye chakra (those who wear a lot of purple) can struggle with finding a way to shine their light in the world since this requires they develop this opposite archetypal energy in the solar plexus.

So if you find planning a challenge consider finding someone in your circle who finds that easy & create a symbiotic exchange.

Watch my latest LIVE video & hear me speak about the energies & lessons facing us this new moon:


My Latest News

This was taken at the Botanic Gardens in Sydney where Franz & I did events. This walk helped us reconnect with Big Mama after a week in our Airbnb shoebox saw my nerves eroded by city stress & noise. This included a demolition team jackhammering concrete above us on our first morning off! Fortunately a swim after our workshop at Bronte beach saw us elated & yelling indistinct sounds like wilder beast at the joy of being in the raw power of Mother Nature.

A sign I’m getting older & more sensitive. The sun transiting through hypersensitive Pisces also a contributing factor.

On a positive note, those who attended our events LOVED them. We had a large group of men & women in Sydney join us for the Forgiveness ceremony who found it a profound life experience & people who travelled two hours to spend the weekend in Sydney to attend our workshop. We had singles, a pregnant couple, straight, bi & gay attendees & all found it equally relevant which was a welcome affirmation of what I trusted was so.

In Adelaide last weekend we had an intimate gathering & only one couple for the workshop after an emergency surgery cancelled the well laid plans of our hosts who were looking forward to also attending. So we got to trial our workshop exclusively for a couple who had been together many years and this was the lovely email I received this morning from them:

My husband and I recently attended the Sacred Union weekend workshop with Tanishka and Franz in Adelaide. It was truly like an answered prayer. While I had just started following The Moon Woman and didn’t really know a lot about the moon cycles – the workshop advertisement spoke to me and I felt a very strong YES to attend with my husband.

For the past 5 years, my husband and I had attended long term marriage counselling and psychotherapy, undertaken online relationship programs, watched a ridiculous amount of YouTube and read countless articles and books. The Sacred Union weekend workshop was by far the most valuable work we have done and the richest advice we have received. We owned our shadows, unearthed our wounds and began the healing process.
The 3 stages of relationships taught through this workshop has offered me the big picture understanding that I needed to gain perspective of our situation.

From here, I feel very confident we now have the insights we had been desperately looking for – to be able to move forward from our painful stuck place. Whether it is happily together or apart. We are both working hard for together, however, with these insights I feel empowered to know that once much personal work has been done, we will know whether we can make our relationship work in healthy way. In a way where we are still growing alongside each other, not disconnected and not suffocating each other, but deeply connected and at the same time honouring our own individual soul needs.

The format of the workshop, the practical advice, self-care practices, awareness of our cyclical nature and how to honour it, the experiential aspects and opportunity to ask questions made for a very holistic learning experience. We received gentle but extremely direct and honest input that was just what we needed to identify our wounds and face our shadow, so we can continue the process of healing, to flourish in our relationship and in our selves, rather than just survive.

Through Tanishka and Franz sharing their personal journey and demonstrating how they work together as a couple, giving practical examples whenever needed, made hard to grasp concepts much easier to see, feel and understand.

We arrived in Melbourne yesterday to complete our Australian tour with events in Melbourne this weekend so we’d LOVE to see those of you in Melbourne to share these events with you! 

Click here to view info about our Melbourne events! 

Bookings now open for Europe!

Geneva, Switzerland April 3
Lausanne, Switzerland April 4
Ibiza, Spain April 14
Zebbug, Malta May 3
Grasse, France April 27
Leipzig, Germany May 31

Zebbug, Malta May 4-5
Grasse, France April 28-29
Leipzig, Germany June 1-2

For those of you in the USA…

We’re doing our Sacred Union workshop July 5-7 at the Omega centre in New York. Book your place here 

Stay tuned for West coast USA cities & dates in July!

Thanks for tuning in, witnessing my journey & sharing my insights!

🙂 Blessings, Tanishka

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Did you Know?


There are 3 days each month when women are most at risk of:

  • comfort eating
  • burn out
  • conflict with others
  • lack of patience with children
  • negative self-talk
  • depression
  • self harm

Embrace the Shadow to Become Wise


Our challenge during this phase, known as ‘dark moon’ is to enter the darkness within & embrace the parts of us that are wounded or disowned so we can experience greater self-acceptance & empowerment.

This is how we grow our self-understanding, wisdom & compassion.

Instead, we have been taught to fear the dark, rather than seek to understand & heal it within us so we can be responsible for our own dark side & not project it on to others.

The more we own our shadow the more emotionally mature & balanced we become.

Awakening the Inner Wise Woman


Those who undertook this path of initiation, to see & embrace their shadow as they journeyed around the dark moon in every sign of the zodiac were revered as wise women, regardless of their age.

That is why this path was known as the path to Cronedom.

The word, ‘Crone’ originally meant one who was crowned with wisdom.

Without this awareness many women fear ageing & suffer through their dark times in isolation.

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Redefine What it Takes to be a Woman


Many modern women lack a clear ideal of what it means to be a woman, so they end up trying to please others in an effort to be perfect in every role they play.

Such as the perfect daughter, student, mother, partner, boss or lover.

This is exhausting & not a recipe for happiness.

A Goddess is Far From Perfect


Contrary to popular belief, being a Goddess is not about having the perfect body or being superhuman.

A Goddess is a woman who understands & expresses the 7 aspects which make up our feminine psyche…

So she is whole & creates a life where all parts of herself feel fulfilled.

Activating the 7 Chakra Goddesses


Each one of these 7 feminine aspects governs one of the 7 chakras (energy centres) in our personal energy field.

So as we empower each inner Goddess, the meridian of feminine energy flows through each chakra within our central nervous system.

Feel Like A Sacred & Sovereign Queen


In the ancient world, women would undertake this descent path to find & know themselves prior to marriage.

For only when we know ourselves can we make a commitment with confidence.

These teachings were considered necessary for a woman to make the transition from girl to self-assured woman, regardless of her age.

That is why this path was known as the path to Queendom.


It’s time to heal the old dance of relating through acknowledging the impact of our past unconscious words & actions towards the opposite gender. 

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In this FUN 2 day workshop you’ll discover how to empower yourself with liberating insights & practical tools so you can avoid the most common dysfunctional patterns that universally sabotage relationships! How?

By identifying the steps of the shadow dance we each enact when we embody the traits of the wounded masculine & wounded feminine. 

Includes mythic storytelling, trance dance, experiential processes, wisdom teachings, self-reflection questions, group work, guided meditation. 

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What It Includes:

video tutorials explaining the lessons of each life stage & transition in our feminine journey complete with slideshows as an entertaining visual aid
herbal remedies to support each feminine life stage
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info on the feminine archetypes that are dominant in each life stage
– an understanding of how each life stage impacts our kundalini (life force) & chakra system
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  • Yoga For a Woman’s Cycle
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