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We’re now approaching Full Moon in Taurus. Full moon is when we experience illumination into whatever we were dealing with during the previous new moon. For many that was sudden change as Uranus was opposite the new moon, the planet of unexpected change.

Full moon is when everything comes to a head, as a climactic point and our emotional energy is high. It represents a harvest time, a culmination of our past efforts. Since this approaching full moon is in Taurus, the sign of abundance and earthly love whatever seeds we’ve sown, tended or not in those areas of our life will now come to pass.

Here’s the time & date of exact full moon:

Location Local Time Time Zone  UTC Offset
New York (USA – New York) Tuesday, 12 Nov 2019 at 08:37  EST UTC-5 hours
Melbourne (AUS – Victoria) Wednesday, 13 Nov 2019 at 00:37 AEDT UTC+11 hours
London (UK – England) Tuesday, 12 Nov 2019 at 13:37 GMT UTC+0 hour
Los Angeles (USA – California) Tuesday, 12 Nov 2019 at 05:37 PST UTC-8 hours
UTC (Time Zone) Tuesday, 12 Nov 2019 at 13:37 UTC UTC
New Moon in Libra

Full Moon in Taurus
Archetypal Energy: The Lover/ Creatress/ Builder
Lesson: To produce tangible and reliable results


Taurus is an earth sign that asks us to get real. To take our passion and our ideas and ground them through practical steps. It creates as an act of love – whether that’s physical children or a project.

Taurus urges us to create stability – a challenge when Uranus, planet of sudden change is also in this sign currently…creating instability for us all personally and collectively. Taurus asks us to slow down, to consider our bodies and the needs of our bodies. The motto is slow and steady wins the race.

Taurus transits can cause us to be resistant to change. Like an immovable rock we can cling to what’s comfortable and predictable. Taurus guides us to understand good things take time to build and grow just as a nature takes the full seasonal wheel to produce life. This is why change can feel overwhelming as we sense the long journey that lays ahead of us before we see the fruition of our labours.

Having said that, this full moon will be a harvest – our challenge is to employ the opposite sign of Scorpio and identify how our shadow sabotaged our creation so through self love we can personally learn and grow by taking responsibility for what we created both subconsciously through unconscious expectations and beliefs as well as through our conscious actions.

The Connection Between Abundance & Self Love

Taurus evokes the archetypal energy of Aphrodite, regardless of whether we’re male or female. She’s the feminine aspect who governs our sacral and our emotional body. Her ultimate lesson is self love. Until we prioritise attuning to our feelings to respond to the needs of our inner child and maiden, she will seek out social popularity and flirt in an effort to boost her ego’s need for attention – especially from those she finds attractive.

The more an unconscious Aphrodite tries to gain the affections of a love object she rejects herself by neglecting spending quality time with herself to fill her own cup so she becomes more needy of others to fill her cup. From men she wants validation she’s lovable and beautiful. From women she wants emotional support and counsel. She’s looking for surrogates to parent her.

A mature Aphrodite is emotionally responsible for taking proactive steps to meet her emotional needs, such as attending a sharing circle every month where her inner child feels safe enough to be vulnerable and be held emotionally.

When Aphrodite is immature in the psyche we unconsciously manipulate others to fill our cup. Using emotional guilt to spend time listening to our endless dramas, socialising or seeking attention on social media to affirm how popular we are, flirting, over-eating or over-spending.

The more we take responsibility for filling our own cup with quality time with ourselves exploring creative play and self-expression, sensate pleasure, appreciating beauty in ourselves and our life and acts of gratitude, the more we attract love and an abundance of gifts that magnetise to us as a reflection of what we’re gifting ourselves. 

11:11 Mercury’s Divine Transit

Nov 11, the 11th day of the 11th month is a powerful gateway for conscious creation as manifestation. My knowing is that every year as we pass through this gate the energies of the Aquarian Age increase. This year it’s amped up even more with Mercury directly crossing the Sun on that date – an event that won’t happen again until Nov 13, 2032.

Mercury will transit across the face of the sun at 18 degrees Scorpio.  (The exact degree of my natal Mercury)

I will be doing a live stream transmission and global meditation at the zenith of this transit 15:15pm GMT.

Mark this date and time in your calendar and join me at: 

So What’s the significance of this celestial event?

Mercury transiting across the Sun is a beacon for important downloads from the quantum field of divine intelligence. This will be assisted by Mercury being retrograde which supports internal communication between higher and lower mind. Making this a great time for channelling.

11:11 The Power of the Group Mind

It is significant that World War Two was deliberately ended precisely on the 11th of the 11th at 11am. This is a powerful window for manifestation so the shadow elite created Remembrance Day to focus the collective mind on war at this specific time. Like the old adage, ‘Energy flows where attention flows.’ In response to this, there has been a global movement to instead focus on images of global peace & harmony at 11:11 every day and on Nov 11 at 11:11am and 11:11pm. 

Full Moon Video Blog

Watch my latest video to hear me speak about the planetary transits that are influencing us this new moon!

To watch click the image…

The confronting truth about the state of my inner marriage…yes, there is a need for inner couple counselling! Check out how disempowered my inner male looks compared to my inner feminine.
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My Latest News

I was feeling quite overwhelmed by the lack of unacknowledged shadow here in Ubud, a town that peddles spiritual tourism wand prides itself on being spiritually aware. So I started calling it out… 

I invited local facilitators and promoters of dance spaces here to a meeting to discuss the shadow dynamics playing out on every dance floor (nearly two weeks later and all I’m being met with is avoidance.) 

I did public posts explaining Spring time in the southern hemisphere is not the time to do Autumnal Halloween ceremonies…fell on deaf ears.

Then I realised that by trying to balance the collective energy by focusing on the shadow I was destabilising my personal equilibrium. That I needed to hold a balance between the light and dark within myself.

Then I got humbled by my own shadow! A friend gave me a chakra face reading as swap for my birthday – the day Mars was square Pluto and I was confronted with how immature, irresponsible and disempowered my inner masculine is and how dominant my inner feminine is.

As hard as it was to digest it was a huge birthday present. 

I hit rock bottom Nov 6 and contemplated shutting everything down so I could not spend my days managing staff and endless admin tasks and then I was granted another gift – assistance to create a new paid membership on a new digital platform that would reduce admin and staff and wages. So this is now a work in progress.

So my inner masculine is stepping up having faced the shadow truth that I can’t keep undercharging and providing so many free services that require a lot of admin behind the scenes and cost me a lot in wages and overheads…so I can focus on speaking, writing and creating. I hope you will support me in this transition. 

Much love & gratitude for witnessing my journey,
Tanishka XO 

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