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Greetings Divine Beings!

We’re now approaching full moon in Gemini, the sign of the duality.  This full moon occurs at 0 degrees indicating this is a ‘ground zero’ time of NEW BEGINNINGS! 

What’s really significant is this is the same degree as Alcyone, the brightest star in the Pleiades star system. Also known as the Great Central Sun which we became the 7th planet to spiral around in 2012 with the end of the Mayan calendar heralding it is time for us to ascend home to living in unity consciousness – one with the light of the sun from which we descended.

Given we have Uranus, the planet of sudden change forming a t-square to the north node (our collective future) we may encounter an unexpected change that propels us into our highest possible future trajectory so we can play our part in fulfilling the Incan prophecy of the ‘Children of the Sun’.

The challenge is to align with the energies of the Pleiades, an advanced star system who collectively are midwifing our ascension process with love & light to avoid being reactive & combative fuelled by old stories with Mars forming a square (challenging aspect) to this full moon opposite the sun & Jupiter which has the potential to blow things out of proportion! 

The key to avoid conflict this full moon is COMMUNICATION! Be direct in communicating your fears & needs to avoid unconsciously manipulating through emotional outbursts.

Jupiter conjunct sun offers huge opportunities for expansion if we can master communication between our higher & lower mind & stay focused on the big picture.

We also have the ruling planet of Gemini, Mercury now retrograde which will provide many with an opportunity to reflect upon lessons learned especially in the realm of relationship with Venus in Libra having just completed her 40 day retrograde on Nov 16. With Uranus opposite Venus there is a possibility of sudden new relationships that are very different from those of our past.

Here’s the exact time of this full moon:

Melbourne (Australia – Victoria) Friday, November 23, 2018 at 4:40:00 pm AEDT UTC+11 hours
London (United Kingdom – England) Friday, November 23, 2018 at 5:40:00 am GMT UTC
Los Angeles (USA – California) Thursday, November 22, 2018 at 9:40:00 pm PST UTC-8 hours
New York (USA – New York) Friday, November 23, 2018 at 12:40:00 am EST UTC-5 hours
Corresponding UTC (GMT) Friday, November 23, 2018 at 05:40:00
New Moon in Libra

Full Moon in Gemini

Archetypal Energy: The Magi / Alchemist
Lesson: To unify the dual nature through communication with the higher mind 

Gemini is the sign of our dualistic nature. So this lunar month we are asked to acknowledge we go equally in both directions – light & shadow.

Acknowledging our dual nature means we can be more in our integrity when communicating with others, as we can see & be accountable for our multi-faceted character, rather than seeing ourselves as ‘all-good’ & casting others as ‘all-bad’ in an effort to avoid blame or criticism.

Since Gemini is an air sign, we can get caught up in the maze of our thoughts during a lunation waxing to full in this mercurial sign. Those who have a lot of Gemini in their natal chart or a lot of planets in the third house ruled by Gemini will notice this tendency more than most, although we will all be affected to some extent.

The mind is the collection of every sentence ever uttered within earshot. This ‘white noise’ can become deafening with inane commands & debilitating put downs if we don’t learn to observe the thoughts rather than reacting to them blindly. Those who learn to observe their thoughts individuate from the conditioning they received whereas those who don’t learn to attune to the inner witness remain highly impressionable like a child – with their mind never truly being their own.

What’s Your Story

Gemini full moon is an opportunity to consider what stories are running us & upgrade them like a software if they no longer serve. 

Just as drama is used to distract the group mind on a global level we also unwittingly create drama in our own lives every time we react from a place of assumption, creating a story that aligns with our wounds & preconceived ideas.

So if you feel triggered this week stay calm by observing the story underpinning the emotional charge rather than reacting.

This enables us to stay curious & ask for more information (which leads to more understanding), thus avoiding conflict & drama.

Mental Health Review Time

This two week period as the moon waxes to full in the mercurial sign of Gemini reminds us of the strengths & shadow of our intellect.

Often mental health is only associated with specific diagnosed conditions but just as we need to maintain balance for optimal physical health the same is true of our mental wellbeing.

For example, if we are not feeding our mind we can become petty…comparing ourselves or others through a judgemental lens. We may be overly critical of ourselves or others. We may over-analyse to the point of paralysis & we may become so obsessed with research & weighing up the facts that we ignore our intuition.

So the main objective during this week’s lunar transit is to identify whether your mind needs more stimulation or more relaxation.

If you are lacking in mental stimulation, you will lack things to talk about, feel bored often & seek external stimulus to entertain you, rather than books, documentaries, short courses or discussion groups which challenge you to question what you thought to be true. Those who fall into this category run the risk of dumbing down their mental potential due to an environment which offers no new ideas. 

If you are in need of mental relaxation, chances are you multi-task throughout your day & expect yourself to be ON most of the time, like a fast processing computer with many tabs open. This can create a mania, which is an addictive high which ultimately fries our nervous system & results in us being less efficient & making errors which can cost us in more ways than one. To balance this kind of frenetic mental state as a default setting one needs to adopt meditation practices, read poetry or fiction to unwind or play games which help the mind to loosen up.

Those with a lot of Gemini or air planets in their natal chart will find this balance is crucial to maintaining mental health.

If you’d like to hear me speak about the lessons of this approaching full moon
click here to watch my video blog

My lovely Green Man, Franz

My Latest News

Well my big news is I’ve been blessed with some matchmaking by friends that was a huge hit!

On my birthday on Nov 5, the day Venus reappeared as the dawn star I awoke to see her & sobbed for a few hours…even through the lunch at a local restaurant I shared with a couple of my close friends. My heart was grieving all that had been unloving & the lack of love I saw in the world. After my Jupiter / Venus transit it had been a big year so it needed to be a big death to make way for a big birth so I just had to surrender to the process my emotions were taking me on, knowing this too shall pass.

My friends were completely understanding of this so we enjoyed a lovely lunch despite my waves of tears…then they mentioned there was someone they wanted me to meet whose values were aligned with mine as he facilitated men’s circles…so they’d invited him to my birthday dinner at their home that night.

We hit it off immediately & I’m overjoyed to share he will be co-facilitating with me from here on in. He brings with him 6 years experience as a facilitator of men’s circles & has also facilitated circles for teenage boys, co-facilitated teen boys through their manhood rite of passage & completed the men’s initiation rite with The Mankind Project so I look forward to introducing you to a man with a huge heart who raised 3 kids as a sole parent & laughs loudly wherever he goes making friends easily, even in potentially life threatening situations on his motorcycle adventures! His name is Franz Hutter & I am so grateful for his presence in my life.  

Thanks for tuning in, witnessing my journey & sharing my insights!

🙂 Blessings, Tanishka

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