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Greetings Divine Beings!

This full moon in Aries, (the sign of the child) will be conjunct Chiron, the planetoid that evokes our deepest childhood wounds.

If we work with this energy consciously it’s an opportunity to reframe stories we created from assumptions as children that injured our sense of self.

Those in the northern hemisphere will be especially sensitive to feeling triggered as this full moon coincides with the Autumn Equinox, the time when we’re initiated through catalysts to face our disowned shadow aspects.

For those in the southern hemisphere we’re now approaching the Spring Equinox, celebrated in the ancient world as the optimal time to start new projects providing us with a great window to transcend past wounds by creating a new story.

After the intensity of this full moon conjunction Chiron will move back into Pisces Sept 26 until Feb 2019 giving a welcome reprieve for those born 1970-77 who have been revisiting old wounds since April this year…& providing deep compassion & healing insights in our dreamstate.


Here’s the time of exact Full Moon:


Melbourne (Australia – Victoria) Tuesday, September 25, 2018 at 12:53:00 pm AEST UTC+10 hours
London (United Kingdom – England) Tuesday, September 25, 2018 at 3:53:00 am BST UTC+1 hour
Los Angeles (USA – California) Monday, September 24, 2018 at 7:53:00 pm PDT UTC-7 hours
New York (USA – New York) Monday, September 24, 2018 at 10:53:00 pm EDT UTC-4 hours
Corresponding UTC (GMT) Tuesday, September 25, 2018 at 02:53:00am
New Moon in Libra

Full Moon in Aries

Archetypal Energy: The Child / Warrior / Fool
Lesson: To take the leap of faith & embrace a new chapter

Aries is the first sign in the zodiac. In the Tarot it’s the lesson of the Fool, the youthful part of us that sets out on a quest or an adventure in order to expand beyond their known world. In the Hero’s Journey, this is experienced as the ‘call to action’.

So in the lead up to this full moon you may feel an inward urge to initiate a new beginning to create a new set of conditions in your life & if this aspect lacks confidence to take the leap of faith you may experience a catalyst that thrusts change upon you, coming ready or not!

When expressed in a healthy way, Aries transits evoke the inner youth who focuses on putting their own ideas into action & feels excited & enthusiastic about embracing the unknown because they possess an innate trust in themselves & the divine plan that things will work out.

For those who haven’t processed & integrated past painful situations Aries transits can highlight their lack of trust in themselves & others. 

Feel Like You’re On Your Own?

Aries is the sign of independence. When underdeveloped in us (regardless of our natal sun sign) we can feel dependent on others due to a lack of self belief & confidence. This can be the result of a micromanaging parent or one who puts down their child’s attempts to do things on their own.

When overdeveloped due to a childhood where one felt parents were unavailable & unsupportive we can adopt an attitude of ‘If I don’t do it it doesn’t get done’. The stronger this belief, the more it plays out in our waking reality exacerbating a fear our needs won’t be met which can result in inner anxiety & outer conflict. 

As with any sign the way to balance it is to embrace the strengths of the opposite sign. So our lesson this full moon week is to identify if we polarise into independence to try & protect ourselves from being let down or dependency for fear of failure.

By directly addressing the underlying wounded belief we can find the middle ground of interdependence. We do this by taking responsibility for our own needs & also communicating our needs clearly to others. This approach creates a spirit of cooperation. 

Without this communication, both parties can feel misunderstood & compensate by polarising to their default position of either independence or dependence which can cause discord.

Aries shadow is an inability to communicate one’s needs which can then result in impatience and frustration expressed in impetuous & reckless ways like a child who combusts & throws a temper tantrum due to an inability to identify & assert their needs.

Take Right Action & Save Yourself Headaches!

With the sun in the opposite sign of Libra this is an optimal time to invite others to co-create on the understanding if we are to achieve greatness, we need the skills, talents & strength of others who complement ours.

So if you’ve been trying to do everything on your own, you will create more struggle & experience more headaches (since Aries rules the head) until you concede this is not a harmonious way to create. 

Libra also helps us to rise above emotion, so we can discern the facts rather than getting lost in emotion & reactivity. So if you’ve been a magnet for drama of late, consider where & how you’ve fuelled that process by swinging emotionally between love & war, (the lesson of this polarity of Libra / Aries) rather than finding the centre point within & seeing the situation from a higher perspective.

Love creates. War destroys. To create harmoniously we need to be balanced. Aries is only the God of War when unbalanced. When we strive for inner balance we serve something greater than our own ego desires to prove our worth & we emerge as the heroic sacred warrior who takes right action to address injustice created through imbalance.


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My Latest News

I’m currently having a truly wonderful week with 22 women here in Bali who are midway through my Inner Goddess retreat.

What a powerhouse of female shamans we have in this group – such an honour to have women with families & healing practices rearrange their responsibilities & schedules to gather for this much needed work knowing what we heal in ourselves we do for the collective!

I’m continually humbled by the willingness of women to go deep into their shadow in these intensives & as a result of exposing raw vulnerabilities we all bond at a really deep level.

By day two after freeing the primal wild woman & swimming to the depths with our emotional lessons we emerged by seeing & speaking the beauty of our souls…this outpouring of love was so powerful after that 2 hour Aphrodite ceremony it was challenge to walk as we were all so weak at the knees!

I felt so exposed & truly seen my entire physical body felt like jelly – a human sized an ameoba. 

Yesterday I wept in our morning kundalini yoga class with Sophie Sofree as we chanted creating a sound bath sending love to all the women who were nurturing the world…from mothers who didn’t see their children, to those caring for other people’s children, to those working in disability and nursing & on it went! Women were invited to enter the sound bath to receive healing or as surrogates to receive healing for someone they knew. 

By the end I saw the children of Mother Earth all chanting & bowing their heads to the Earth signifying their commitment to honour her.

Today we journey Artemis, the medicine woman so I need to go get my yoga gear on & head out the door! 

Thanks for tuning in, witnessing my journey & sharing my insights!

🙂 Blessings, Tanishka

Rainbow Bridge Retreat

Dec 9 – 17, 2018. Ubud, Bali

The old model of partnership is destined to fail as we project old unhealed relationship patterns & re-wound one another. 

Understandably fear of commitment is at an all time high with polyamory leaving a string of messy emotional carnage in its wake.

So what’s the new template for 21st century relating? 


Sacred Union: built upon a solid foundation of two individuals who have learned to meet their own soul needs.

Wondering where to start?

By understanding the 7 masculine & feminine facets that comprise our soul.

Join me for an intensive week meeting these aspects to create Sacred Union within as a foundation for healthy relationships of every kind.

Your retreat experience includes daily:

– trance dance
– kundalini yoga
– art therapy
– archetypal teachings
– powerful transformative processes

Suitable for singles & couples, regardless of gender identity or preference. No nudity or sexual practices.

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Grail Retreat for Men

June 15-22, 2019 Healesville, Victoria AUSTRALIA

The Grail was the original stag night, a rite of passage that prepares men for partnerships, fatherhood & their sacred role as custodians of Mother Earth.

It does this by assisting men to make the inner shift from knight to king; one who is sacred, sovereign & knows how to use their power wisely, regardless of their age.

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