Saturn Pluto Conjunction Ceremony

Saturn Pluto Conjunction Ceremony



I’ve been getting this persistent nudge to remind you of this pivotal event taking place in the next 24 hours, wherever you’re located.

I see this as a birthing of the New Earth energies so felt to share a few suggestions to attune to it as global midwives.

I’m holding ceremony here in Bali in my home for 20+ brothers & sisters at dawn…when the electromagnetic field of the Earth Mother is amplified and the veils between the dimensions thin (also at dusk).

I felt to share with you some of the elements and how to DIY those in your own home…

Step 1. Prepare your channel by listening to the Shakti Activation Meditation on my Chakra Workout MP4 album

Step 2. Tone your chakras as you listen to the Chakra Toning track on the same album (pronounced AH)

base: lam

sacral: vam

Solar plexus: ram

heart: yam

throat: ham

third eye: om

crown: aum

Step 3: Dance up the energy of the Rainbow Serpent (the Shakti life force within the Earth Mother) & within our collective World Soul. You may like to dance to this track

Alternatively, a sister of mine, Henrietta Goethe-Ellis is leading an online event to support this activation from Uluru, the global solar plexus in central Australia. For more info and to participate in this event go here

To keep your spirits high and help raise the collective energy I also recommend singing along to the track, Tribal People when driving 🙂

If you missed my latest video about this event, click here to watch

Or if you’re time short, here’s an excerpt

When the serpents rise, the people rise!

Blessings and love,


Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer

Navigating Full Moon in Cancer

How do you really feel?

Cancer is the sign that takes us into the vulnerabilities we felt as a child, so we can feel emotionally sensitive to that which triggers old wounds. So you may find loved ones looking for additional reassurance and nurturing this week.

Cancer lunar transits can cause us to feel overly-protective as a way of compensating for our increased sense of human frailty. (One needs only look at the USA, whose collective sign is Cancer – the land of Mom’s home-baked pies who declared their independence birthing their nation during the month of Cancer on July 4. You can see how nurturing and welcoming US folk are once you get through the tight security at the airport. This is the country who arms themselves more heavily than any other country in a bid to ‘protect the homeland’. The obsession with security results in more gun deaths amongst civilians proving there are better ways to deal with feelings of insecurity. 

So if you feel the need to armour up, chances are you need to allow yourself time in your shell to feel your watery feelings and grow your awareness into pearls of wisdom, through internal journeys that embrace your sensitivities.

As the moon waxes to full in Cancer you may find yourself confronted with how you really feel about a situation…especially around home and family, which Cancer governs.

Cancer transits highlight our relationship with our mothers so this window may present a window for reconnection, healing, grieving or asserting yourself if you feel emotionally manipulated, smothered or neglected. 

If you find yourself living in the past through nostalgia consider how this may be a distraction to avoid dealing with present challenges and opportunities asking us to grow.  

Archetypal Energy: Inner Mother 

Lesson: Mature through understanding the effect the lunar cycle has on our psyche and emotions

The strengths of Cancer we need to draw upon this week are:

  • gathering in a spirit of community to feel held and supported emotionally
  • attuning to the lunar lessons to minimise emotional drama
  • self-care to ensure we don’t neglect our own needs

Full moon sees the sun and moon in opposite signs and can bring parenting issues to a head, so be mindful of attending to the fears of your inner child so you don’t escalate drama if navigating:

  • custody arrangements of children / pets
  • internal struggles between feelings and financial obligations
  • Parents exerting power and control passively or overtly
  • Challenges with institutions versus meeting family needs

Cancer asks us to diffuse potential ‘karma drama’ by asking, ‘How do I want this to look?’ Instead of focusing on worries. Consider visualising and affirming with gratitude everyone’s primary needs being met. 

Suggested Resource

Nurture yourself with community every month to feel a sense of belonging and support so you’re less needy in your friendships and partnerships. Check out my Red Tent course for women or my Brotherhood Lodge course for men. 

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Click here for the Red Tent course for women 

Click here for the Brotherhood Lodge course for men 


To hear me speak about the influences click the video below

Blessings on your year ahead,


Festive Greetings!

Festive Greetings!

Wishing you all a blessed day for those of you celebrating Christmas.
Do take into account it’s dark moon so people are likely to feel more easily triggered.
So remember to breathe and stay connected to your feelings throughout the day to acknowledge and speak your needs.
May this deeply internal and sensitive moon phase bring deep and soul nourishing connection today.
I recommend doing something silly to help lighten the moon!
Much Love,


Moon in Taurus

Moon in Taurus

Today is exact full moon in Taurus! This is a high energy day folks so don’t count on getting much sleep, despite this earthy sign liking to take things slow.

Taurus moon is a luscious energy to bathe in…heightening our senses and inviting us to commune with the pleasures and beauty of the natural world. So not a day to fixate on a screen if you can help it.

This is the transit of great lovers…so if your Aphrodite sighs heavily filled with the complaint of not having a lover to adequately appreciate her, invite your inner lover to make an advance!

We only pine for external love when our self love cup is low. So be lavish with yourself instead of miserly and gift yourself some quality time doing that with fills you with joy, such as something creative like painting to sensuous music or deeply relaxing like a massage or a floral bath.

Life is what we make it and Aphrodite when mature creates her life as an unfolding work of art. So ask yourself what postcard you are creating today with your choices and love yourself silly. 🙂

Blessings and love,




Moon in Taurus

Moon in Taurus

Today is the eve of the full moon in Taurus. Taurus is the sign of the master builder / Earth empress – one who actualises their visions in the material world, be they children or creative children.

So this climactic point of this taurus transit is likely to bring to a head any issues concerning whatever we’re building / creating / growing.

Taurus reminds us everything grows with love in action, embodied as patience, kindness and consistent effort to realise the latent potential. So if we’re skipped steps, fallen asleep at the wheel, avoided our responsibilities we’re likely to have to deal with it now and put in the love that’s needed for a good harvest.

Taurus reminds us to appreciate what we have. To not take our good fortune for granted. To bless our bounty. This is the energy that magnetises an abundance of goodness to us.

So take a moment to bless your good fortune, starting with your unique beauty, your capable body, the food you have to eat and the shelter you have from the elements. Bless the beauty of the changing of the day and how much more self love you’ve found in the past year. Remember, life is good and it will be so.

May your day be filled with moments of beauty,