Saturn Pluto Conjunction Ceremony

Saturn Pluto Conjunction Ceremony



I’ve been getting this persistent nudge to remind you of this pivotal event taking place in the next 24 hours, wherever you’re located.

I see this as a birthing of the New Earth energies so felt to share a few suggestions to attune to it as global midwives.

I’m holding ceremony here in Bali in my home for 20+ brothers & sisters at dawn…when the electromagnetic field of the Earth Mother is amplified and the veils between the dimensions thin (also at dusk).

I felt to share with you some of the elements and how to DIY those in your own home…

Step 1. Prepare your channel by listening to the Shakti Activation Meditation on my Chakra Workout MP4 album

Step 2. Tone your chakras as you listen to the Chakra Toning track on the same album (pronounced AH)

base: lam

sacral: vam

Solar plexus: ram

heart: yam

throat: ham

third eye: om

crown: aum

Step 3: Dance up the energy of the Rainbow Serpent (the Shakti life force within the Earth Mother) & within our collective World Soul. You may like to dance to this track

Alternatively, a sister of mine, Henrietta Goethe-Ellis is leading an online event to support this activation from Uluru, the global solar plexus in central Australia. For more info and to participate in this event go here

To keep your spirits high and help raise the collective energy I also recommend singing along to the track, Tribal People when driving 🙂

If you missed my latest video about this event, click here to watch

Or if you’re time short, here’s an excerpt

When the serpents rise, the people rise!

Blessings and love,


Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer

Navigating Full Moon in Cancer

How do you really feel?

Cancer is the sign that takes us into the vulnerabilities we felt as a child, so we can feel emotionally sensitive to that which triggers old wounds. So you may find loved ones looking for additional reassurance and nurturing this week.

Cancer lunar transits can cause us to feel overly-protective as a way of compensating for our increased sense of human frailty. (One needs only look at the USA, whose collective sign is Cancer – the land of Mom’s home-baked pies who declared their independence birthing their nation during the month of Cancer on July 4. You can see how nurturing and welcoming US folk are once you get through the tight security at the airport. This is the country who arms themselves more heavily than any other country in a bid to ‘protect the homeland’. The obsession with security results in more gun deaths amongst civilians proving there are better ways to deal with feelings of insecurity. 

So if you feel the need to armour up, chances are you need to allow yourself time in your shell to feel your watery feelings and grow your awareness into pearls of wisdom, through internal journeys that embrace your sensitivities.

As the moon waxes to full in Cancer you may find yourself confronted with how you really feel about a situation…especially around home and family, which Cancer governs.

Cancer transits highlight our relationship with our mothers so this window may present a window for reconnection, healing, grieving or asserting yourself if you feel emotionally manipulated, smothered or neglected. 

If you find yourself living in the past through nostalgia consider how this may be a distraction to avoid dealing with present challenges and opportunities asking us to grow.  

Archetypal Energy: Inner Mother 

Lesson: Mature through understanding the effect the lunar cycle has on our psyche and emotions

The strengths of Cancer we need to draw upon this week are:

  • gathering in a spirit of community to feel held and supported emotionally
  • attuning to the lunar lessons to minimise emotional drama
  • self-care to ensure we don’t neglect our own needs

Full moon sees the sun and moon in opposite signs and can bring parenting issues to a head, so be mindful of attending to the fears of your inner child so you don’t escalate drama if navigating:

  • custody arrangements of children / pets
  • internal struggles between feelings and financial obligations
  • Parents exerting power and control passively or overtly
  • Challenges with institutions versus meeting family needs

Cancer asks us to diffuse potential ‘karma drama’ by asking, ‘How do I want this to look?’ Instead of focusing on worries. Consider visualising and affirming with gratitude everyone’s primary needs being met. 

Suggested Resource

Nurture yourself with community every month to feel a sense of belonging and support so you’re less needy in your friendships and partnerships. Check out my Red Tent course for women or my Brotherhood Lodge course for men. 

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Click here for the Red Tent course for women 

Click here for the Brotherhood Lodge course for men 


To hear me speak about the influences click the video below

Blessings on your year ahead,


Cyber War: My Inside Story

Cyber War: My Inside Story

In The Beginning…

In 2011 one of my students, Natasha Odnoral was intuitively guided to offer me the Facebook page, The Moon Woman that she’d created which had 7000 followers. At first I was hesitant as I had enough on my plate by my intuition urged me to reconsider.

I asked Spirit how I could best serve with this page and I was told to write a daily post with a piece of advice to surf the lunar energies each day to help people better nurture their needs – the moon is the planet of support for the psyche and emotions.

(I recently learned the original meaning of the word, planet is voyager so the moon is included by that definition!)

Cancer, the sign the moon rules governs community so the page connected people of all ages and cultures through our shared common as the daily post relates to everyone, regardless of our personal astrology since we’re all affected by the moon moving through a new sign every 2.5 days and the phases every 28 days. 

Within 3 years the community page had half a million followers.

Conspiracies and Synchronicities

During that time I encountered videos by David Icke who warned people to view the moon with suspicion on the basis there were hidden bases on the dark side of the moon that were harnessing the moon’s energy against the people. Similar to the film, Monsters Inc the bases amplified the effect of the moon heightening lower emotions keeping people distracted by fear and drama. I then understood why I was asked to provide this service. By identifying the lunar influence we bring awareness to moods and dramas we would otherwise enact unconsciously inadvertently escalating the karmic fallout and keeping us going round in circles like Groundhog Day. Piercing the drama with insight awakens the mystic who then become wise and emotionally mature as they cycle consciously with the moon.

I then read in The Magdalene Legacy by well renowned historian, Lawrence Gardiner that The Moon Woman was one of the titles used to refer to Mari, the Magdalene and in fact all Magdalenes (High Priestesses) in the ancient world who initiated men and women into the Grail mysteries – the cyclic wisdom of the sacred feminine.

For Every Action There is an Equal Reaction

As I speak about in my masterclass, Sacred Union & the Holy Grail seers like Nostradamus predicted the feminine would rise at this time in our evolution to transform society as we know it. The role of the priestesses was to dispel illusion by revealing intuitive truths.

So understandably those who seek to benefit from the old elitist paradigm view those who teach and initiate others into the tradition of the sacred feminine as a threat to their power base. This is why 9 million were murdered over 500 years for fear the people if initiated into our ancient sacred traditions outlawed by Rome would no longer be ruled by fear and guilt.

And so it Began…the Covert Cyber Persecution

First it was financial extortion.

February 2014 FB monetarised and overnight culled 25,000 of my page followers then only allowed me access to 6% of my followers, changing the algorithms to support those who paid FB – corporations. In a bid to reach my audience I spent thousands of dollars working with digital consultants, boosting posts, doing FB ads and employing staff to help me create more and more free content. Despite this every day I watched my page numbers roll backwards despite new page likes and followers every week and only a small band of top fans seeing my posts in their newsfeed. 

It felt disempowering to stay on FB but given that’s where my audience I felt I had no choice but to stay and try and solve the dilemma. This created growing inner conflict. the irony is those of us who helped build their platform with our organic reach achieved through providing quality free content were now viewed as expendable now everyone was on FB and advertisers would pay to reach them. 

Lack of Support Against Cyber Crime

With a large following I was also a target for those looking to make a quick buck illegally. A couple of times my FB page was hacked by fraudsters who tricked my staff with messages with convincing FB branding threatening to delete my page if they didn’t take immediate action. On each occasion FB was slow to assist.

Daily Location Tracking Surveillance

Next FB contacted me to demand I consent to them tracking my personal location at all times in order to have continued access to my page. Whilst this felt like an infringement of my civil rights I eventually conceded. this choice resulted in a further sense of disempowerment due to the personal compromise of my values.

Shadow Banning

More recently I have been shadow banned. This meant my page’s content was banned from being seen on anyone’s newsfeed for a week claiming I’d infringed copyright. The image they claimed I’d used illegally was a poster for a women’s festival I was speaking at. I immediately contested the ban by providing FB with the email the festival organisers sent to me supplying me with the festival poster image and requesting I post it on social media to promote the festival. FB upheld the ban with no legitimate reason given. No other festival speakers who posted that image on FB were banned.

Further Restrictions to Access

Only a month after this shadow ban I was blocked from sharing my astro forecast video on FB groups I was a member of and had posted on for years and received positive feedback and had the consent of group administrators. This was a further attempt to ensure the only way to reach people on FB was to pay for advertising. The following day I tried to share a new piece of content on FB groups and I was locked out of FB and Messenger. 48 hours later access was restored but for a week I could not:

  • share any links
  • share any posts
  • comment on posts in FB groups students had tagged me in


Time to Break Free of Cyber Oppression

So this choice to offer my content on my own platform rather than on Facebook has been a long time coming. It feels personally empowering and necessary. 

I’m aware some may complain and want me to continue working for free on the most popular social media platform. I’m aware initially I may lose a huge portion of my audience. But for me, life is not a popularity contest.

I’m excited to start this new chapter with those of you who value what I do enough to support me to continue. I’m aware many of you already do – and I’m so grateful because it’s thanks to you I’ve survived despite the continual sabotage of FB. I look forward to growing and transforming together.

Thank-you for supporting me to share my gifts and co-creating a future we can all feel proud of.



The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth…

The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth…

With 5 planets in Scorpio I wholeheartedly believe the adage, ‘the truth shall set us free‘.

I feel truth and power go hand in hand. When truth is shared, power is shared. When truth is withheld, so is power.

Having served as an oracle in this and past incarnations I’ve taken vows to uphold and speak the truth.

I also strive to support those who do. This is why I took my daughter and her friends to see the film, Snowden. I felt it was important teenagers see what a true hero looks like…in a culture constantly fed images of fantasy superheroes. Edward Snowden is the former CIA agent who risked his own safety to reveal the truth about the degree of surveillance being perpetrated upon us via our public digital platforms without our awareness or consent.

It’s also why I took my daughter to a demonstration to support the brave work of fellow Aussie, Julian Assange who self-funded research to reveal how smartphones were being used to gather intel illegally on us.

As a young adult I had watched the film, 1984 based on the book by George Orwell that predicted a dystopian future of total control using surveillance to enforce a police state. I don’t believe this is our future as the light will prevail. However how much dark we endure in the transition depends on us not having blind faith and being in a state of denial.

To usher in the light we must be awareness – bringing the light to the darkness. We need to be informed rather than ignorant and complacent and actively take responsibility for creating the future we do want.

“Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.” John Stewart Mill

Blessed are the Idiots…

As a former stand-up comedian I had been inspired by comics like Bill Hicks and George Carlin who dared to expose shadow truths. Like the jesters of olde, they questioned those in positions of absolute power. They performed a necessary social function acting as valves, risking their lives to say what everyone was thinking but no one said or offer a more enlightened and unconventional viewpoint.

One of my fave docos, But Seriously by Rob Reiner (director of When Harry Met Sally) was about the comedians who never got airtime on corporate owned media because their material was considered dangerously honest. It opened with a rousing speech by Dr. Martin Luther King with the claim at their best, comedians are the prophets of our time…the truth tellers. (When they’re not telling dick jokes).

My Journey with Social Media and Shadow Truths

When I first joined Facebook and You Tube, in addition to having community at the touch of a button I was delighted to become better informed as a global citizen by accessing and sharing information that I’d never see on mainstream media.

So after I’d put my daughter to bed I would watch independent journos like Kerry Cassidy interview whistleblowers. I learned about many covert ops such as FEMA camps, secret military base experiments on the homeless, UN’s Agenda21, chem trails and more recently, 5G and shared what I found.

I shared video testimony from a CIA whistleblower revealing proof the CIA had planned and executed 911. I learned many of the people we loved had been murdered by the CIA From Marilyn Monroe to Jimi Hendrix (because his music was awakening the kundalini of the masses). They also had thick files on John Lennon.

It was a lot to process. This is why many dismiss shadow truths as conspiracies. That’s the easy choice…denial and avoidance. We’re conditioned to do that by those seeking to dominate the global conversation.

Standing up to the Bullies

The corporate-owned media uses ridicule to undermine whistleblowers to exert influence over the general public so we comply and accept the status quo on the fear we’ll be marginalised and ostracised (bullied by the group) should we question it.

It’s just high school group dynamics on a global scale. If we’re empowered we can’t be manipulated like a teen desperate for acceptance and approval.

(This is yet another reason why I’m so passionate about training group facilitators to empower men and women in their local communities!)

The bullies in this instance undermine truth by enlisting and funding their own research to debunk claims as ‘myths’ with their own payroll of experts who create studies and stats to discredit truth. They circulate disinformation online to deliberately misinform and confuse. This was done by the tobacco industry spin doctors and to everything else that threatens our wellbeing but is profitable. 

The film, Primary Colours starring John Travolta illustrates this well by showing how spin doctors discredit anyone who calls out the shadow of those in positions of power by dismissing them as ‘dangerous radicals’. Nelson Mandela, was once considered a dangerous radical and endured to show his true character ending the segregation regime of apartheid in South Africa.

I wrote about The Value of Conspiracies on and took out a subscription to access more informative and unsensational interviews with better production values than those on You Tube who is now owned by Google, a search engine that plans to shadow ban search topics that threaten large pharmaceutical companies. 

The more we walk off the mainstream path whilst we find greater self empowerment through awareness it’s inevitable we lose friends along the way as we challenge their paradigm of reality. I lost one friend when I introduced to her the shadow truth that NASA employed many ex-Nazi scientists. Known as Operation Paperclip, it’s now been reported in the NY TImes

When Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

I also had direct experiences that confirmed my own independent research.

The morning after my 40th birthday my daughter and I discovered hundreds of birds dead without a mark on them on a back beach of the Mornington Peninsula 90 mins out of Melbourne, Australia…I suspected this was due to HAARP – geo-engineering that negatively impacts weather patterns as a means of control. During this experiment the sound waves created a wall of sound that resulted in flocks of birds to die and fall from the sky.

I later attended a talk by Little Grandmother, Keisher Crowther who asked the audience if anyone had encountered this phenomena of dead birds en masse and mine was one of about 50 hands that went up.

The day I announced on my Facebook timeline I had cracked the code to The Holy Grail I walked outside to find a guy wearing a bullet proof padded black vest with the word POLICE in white font standing at the end of my driveway and he just looked at me and nodded. I lived at the end of a dirt road in the forest. To this day I regret not questioning him. I was so stunned I just stood there perplexed. Later when I made the connection between what I’d posted and his appearance I posted on my FB timeline, what I’d just witnessed, stating I would not be intimidated.

No Turning Back: My Commitment to Share Truth

After decoding the truth about the Grail in 2013 I began touring to share my insights…including why Jesus and Mari had been persecuted by the Roman Empire for sharing the Grail and then crucified as a warning to anyone else thinking of speaking truth instead of cowering before the might of the empire. 

I shared how the Grail had been distorted in ceremonies that equated to ritual abuse inflicted on children after meeting 3 women who had experienced ritual abuse by elite secret societies. You can access this presentation here.

I had a growing sense that because of my large following and my commitment to uncover and share shadow truth I had become a TI – a targeted individual.

More about that in the next Truth Bomb…


Festive Greetings!

Festive Greetings!

Wishing you all a blessed day for those of you celebrating Christmas.
Do take into account it’s dark moon so people are likely to feel more easily triggered.
So remember to breathe and stay connected to your feelings throughout the day to acknowledge and speak your needs.
May this deeply internal and sensitive moon phase bring deep and soul nourishing connection today.
I recommend doing something silly to help lighten the moon!
Much Love,