Moon in Taurus

Moon in Taurus

Today is exact full moon in Taurus! This is a high energy day folks so don’t count on getting much sleep, despite this earthy sign liking to take things slow.

Taurus moon is a luscious energy to bathe in…heightening our senses and inviting us to commune with the pleasures and beauty of the natural world. So not a day to fixate on a screen if you can help it.

This is the transit of great lovers…so if your Aphrodite sighs heavily filled with the complaint of not having a lover to adequately appreciate her, invite your inner lover to make an advance!

We only pine for external love when our self love cup is low. So be lavish with yourself instead of miserly and gift yourself some quality time doing that with fills you with joy, such as something creative like painting to sensuous music or deeply relaxing like a massage or a floral bath.

Life is what we make it and Aphrodite when mature creates her life as an unfolding work of art. So ask yourself what postcard you are creating today with your choices and love yourself silly. 🙂

Blessings and love,




Moon in Taurus

Moon in Taurus

Today is the eve of the full moon in Taurus. Taurus is the sign of the master builder / Earth empress – one who actualises their visions in the material world, be they children or creative children.

So this climactic point of this taurus transit is likely to bring to a head any issues concerning whatever we’re building / creating / growing.

Taurus reminds us everything grows with love in action, embodied as patience, kindness and consistent effort to realise the latent potential. So if we’re skipped steps, fallen asleep at the wheel, avoided our responsibilities we’re likely to have to deal with it now and put in the love that’s needed for a good harvest.

Taurus reminds us to appreciate what we have. To not take our good fortune for granted. To bless our bounty. This is the energy that magnetises an abundance of goodness to us.

So take a moment to bless your good fortune, starting with your unique beauty, your capable body, the food you have to eat and the shelter you have from the elements. Bless the beauty of the changing of the day and how much more self love you’ve found in the past year. Remember, life is good and it will be so.

May your day be filled with moments of beauty,



11:11 Moon in Taurus

11:11 Moon in Taurus

The moon moves into Taurus today ready for the full moon in this sign as we enter the gateway of 11:11 – the 11th day of the 11th month, a powerful portal for manifestation.

Each year as we pass through the 11:11 gateway the Aquarian Age energies get stronger….calling us to work together as one to create the world of our highest vision. So there’s been a growing global movement to instead focus on images of global peace and harmony at 11:11 every day to replace the focus on war that was anchored to keep the group mind perpetuating a mind set of divide and conquer.

Taurus asks us to be a lover not a fighter. To find self love so we have the capacity to love ourselves and others. Love is a verb, love requires we take right action compelled by our heart’s conscience. That means we don’t neglect ourselves or those we love. We show how much we value and appreciate them with acts of beauty and kindness.

11:11 is the day of Atonement. At-one-ment. If we haven’t been accountable for the ways our unloving words and actions have hurt ourselves or others we cannot be at one with our hearts. Our heart won’t let us rest until we are accountable. This is why sleeping pills are over-prescribed and so many pursue endless distractions from the quiet urgings of their soul.

Oneness is about alignment with love which is the light of truth. The ultimate truth is we are divine by design. We are part of the one presence of eternal love. When out of alignment with this truth we behave in ways that negate love.

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This is to coincide with the zenith of Mercury’s transit across the sun. For more info about that, read my Astro Forecast here:

Blessings on our one heart,


Moon in Aries

Moon in Aries

Feeling fired up about something? The moon moves into Aries, the first sign of the zodiac today. Aries is ruled by the planet Mars which is also the sub-ruler of Scorpio which the sun is moving through…so if you feel hot under the collar know that you’re not alone.

We are conditioned to view anger as socially inappropriate and un-evolved. But anger is just as divine as every other part of us. Anger starts as a simmering frustration and it only if ignored it continues to heat up and if still not addressed, becomes boiling rage.

The more we learn to value feelings of frustration and anger we can respond appropriately with self-enquiry to ascertain what’s sparked the ire and what course of action do we need to take to honour our feelings.

For example, speaking up to assert our needs, request a boundary be honoured or an action taken. Then anger is productive, its the ignition in the engine that sparks us to take right action.

When not in right relationship with anger we’re more inclined to implode and sulk with resentment unconsciously trying to manipulate others to accommodate our needs without us directly stating them.

So connect with your fire and let it propel you forwards.

Blessings on your day,




What Makes a Woman a Bridezilla?

What Makes a Woman a Bridezilla?

Bridezilla: a woman whose behaviour in planning the details of her wedding is regarded as obsessive or intolerably demanding.

Our ego based culture is both reactive and judgmental since we’re conditioned to view life from the mind rather than the heart. So when brides-to-be start behaving badly, the tendency is to mock them by labelling them as bridezillas…a beast of a bride who’s out of control.

And therein lies the key.

She feels out of control. That is the underlying reason a woman will seek to control everything in her external environment, including her partner & every minute detail of her big day. She is trying to create external perfection to compensate for her fear of the unknown.

This occurs when women don’t receive sufficient mentoring & support to acknowledge the internal fears & doubts that are surfacing about entering the next chapter. Questions such as:

  • How will my life change?
  • Will he stay faithful?
  • Will I be a beautiful bride?
  • Am I truly loveable?
  • Will I make the same mistakes my parents did?
  • Will our marriage last?
  • Will I lose contact with my friends?
  • Am I making the right choice? 

The last question is probably the most loaded…as the maiden aspect in every woman fears making any commitment, let alone a life-ling one if she hasn’t taken the descent journey within to truly know herself. The less we know our own heart & mind the more frightening it is to pledge oneself to another in a legal ceremony witnessed by all one’s family & friends. 

In the ancient world women were prepared for all their life transitions in the Red Tent, the space of ‘secret women’s business’ where women could speak openly about their deepest thoughts & feelings in the safety of knowing what is spoken in the Red Tent is never shared outside.  The Red Tent was also the place where elder women would mentor & initiate women through their milestones by helping them to acknowledge their fears and doubts so they could consciously question them and grow beyond them. Without this processing, many modern day brides feel isolated and alone in what is mean to be their ‘happiest time’ so they act out by trying to create the perfect day, becoming more and more tightly wound as the big day approaches.

This looks like someone who obsesses over the smallest details and has an unattainable ideal she is trying to aspire to in order to prove to herself that everything will be okay if she can only achieve it. 

So one can see how criticising a woman who is flagging she is not coping is akin to pouring petrol on a fire! If you dare criticise her vision or efforts you’re likely to get burned. This creates escalating tension & conflict within the couple & her bridal party & family which only exacerbates her bad behaviour.

This kind of demanding & hystrionic behaviour is often described as that of a ‘drama queen’. However there is nothing queenly about this kind of display. It is the archetypal princess, the child bride projecting ‘Daddy’ on to her partner with an expectation he must make her happy by meeting all her demands. This is indicative of a woman who has not taken the journey within to see and own her own dark side so she always sees the problem as being outside herself rather than taking responsibility for her own expectations and choices.  

When a woman is out of balance, it takes another woman to call her on her shadow – her unacknowledged aspects. This is why in the ancient world women prepared for Sacred Union by being initiated into their inner Queen by meeting all 7 aspects of their feminine psyche – thereby seeing and integrating the good, the bad, the ugly & the divine.


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