Moon is still waxing in Libra. Soooo…since this sign is about balance you may start by noticing where you are out of balance, which is creating lack of harmony in your life.

Similarly, Libra teaches us about the power of co-operation, so this transit can also bring to a head the lesson of LOVE & WAR as the counterpoint energy of Libra is Ares – whose shadow is ‘my way or the highway’ so be mindful of not reacting in a hothead way if others don’t co-operate in the way you would like. Instead assert yourself in a non-aggressive way to negotiate the outcome you most desire.

Libra also teaches us the value of planning ahead. So if you want peace and harmony, start by ensuring you allow enough time you need to do things.

(Whether you’re working with corporate suits or 4 year olds, these same lessons apply.)

Libra also asks us to contemplate the meaning of success. I feel success is living an authentic and balanced life, where we hone our natural talents and passions to contribute to the greater good…feel free to put in the comments section below, your meaning of success or your recipe for success.

Focusing one’s energies and action on a goal, through consistent effort will produce results, even if it takes a long time, but that requires belief in your purpose and your ability to make it happen. The bigger your reason for doing something, the more chance you will keep going until it is realized.

Given we live in an ego driven culture that conditions us through the media to expect instant gratification – including a millionaire lifestyle and celebrity status based on no real contribution to the whole, many young people have unrealistic expectations and feel worthless by comparison. I am fortunately heartened by how many ethical entrepreneurs are choosing to follow their light within to make a big difference.

Blessings on your day,

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