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  • Best known as Facebook’s Moon Woman, her daily lunar guidance is followed by half a million people

  • Author of six books, including Goddess Wisdom published by Hay House, translated into multiple languages and listed by Aspire magazine as one of their top ten books for women

  • A leader in the global Red Tent movement, her online training course has trained women in forty-four countries 

  • Named as the inaugural Rising Star in Soul and Spirit magazine UK



Whether it’s a festival, conference or convention you’re organizing, Tanishka will delight, empower and entertain your audience by identifying and deconstructing societal taboos that underpin our collective angst with astute insights that liberate our perception of who we are and what is possible.


By daring to acknowledge our universal angst, Tanishka unifies audiences creating a shared experience of transcendence and liberation.


This is a keynote speech your attendees will rave about long after your event, promoting you as equally courageous, progressive and transparent as she is!

Whirling Rainbow World Tour

Raise The Vibe & Gather The Tribe

Join former stand-up comic turned modern-day mystic, Tanishka, best selling Hay House author of 6 books, best known as ‘The Moon Woman’ with half a million followers of her intuitive guidance for her entertaining slideshow presentations that she’s offering FREE around the world wherever there is a demand. Bring your books for signing!

Raise The Vibe

When the serpents rise, the people will rise as sacred sovereigns to be self-

In this entertaining slideshow presentation Tanishka will share how to safely raise the inner serpents of light to activate the caduceus, the symbol of healing in your energy field to liberate your consciousness and experience enhanced longevity, creativity, libido and vitality.

Topics include:

???? Activating the Rainbow Bridge
???? Raising Kundalini
???? Mapping the Path to Ecstasy & Liberation
???? Becoming a Sexual Activist

Gather The Tribe

It’s time to harness our ‘people power’ by coming together in alignment with the vortices of nature!

In this entertaining slideshow you’ll discover how, together we can create a positive vortex during the power windows of nature and the cosmos to transform ourselves and life as we know it.

Topics covered:

???? how to dance with the rhythm of life
???? how to fast track your ascension process
???? the key to true sustainability
???? generate support and abundance via community

Ancient Wisdom Teachings

Navigating Life’s Downward Spirals

It’s inevitable we experience times of chaos when life doesn’t go according to plan. In this powerful presentation your event audience will learn how to transcend the fear of change and transform times of crises into turning points for empowerment. 

The Secret To Aging Well

We live in a culture that fears the natural process of aging. Your event audience will transcend this fear by discovering how ancient cyclic wisdom can assist us to enhance longevity and age gracefully. 

The Art of Sacred Union

In the western world we spend a lot of money to get hitched and ditched but almost nothing on relationship education. In this engaging and entertaining presentation your event audience will discover what makes and breaks relationships. They will identify our universal relationship lessons and learn the secret to creating relationships that uplift us to reach our highest potential.

Initiation Series

The Sacred Power of Blood

We live in a culture that associates blood with violence and war and yet in neolithic Europe and most indigenous cultures, blood was revered as the most sacred substance on the planet. Discover why attitudes changed and how we as a collective can each play a part in shifting our global paradigm from one of conflict and war to way of conscious understanding and peace simply by identifying the source of our prejudiced beliefs. Audiences around the world have been captivated by this presentation that provides a deeper understanding into the adage, ‘Where there’s fear there’s power’

The Sacred Power of Sex

Despite the belief we are a civilized society, our modern day world has a dark fascination with sex – with human trafficking, pedophilia, porn addiction and sexual assault at an all time high. These symptoms signal the lack of understanding we as a collective have about the power of the sex act to initiate our psyche through a loss of innocence into the mythic Underworld and how to integrate and transcend the confrontation with our shadow. In this innovative presentation your event audience will discover how our distorted relationship with sex is stunting our evolution as a species and how to revere the alchemy of our bodies.

The Sacred Power of Death

Stand on a commuter train at rush hour and you could be forgiven for thinking the time of the zombie apocalypse is upon us as the living dead transit between destinations void of passion for their existence. Why? We are taught to fear death…change, the unknown. The ancients understood if we are not in right relationship with death we aren’t in right relationship with life. But in order to transcend our fear of death we must first understand it. Watch your audience come alive as they demystify our cultural phobia about death and learn how to surrender to that which is inevitable.

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London Mind, Body, Spirit Festival

Melbourne Mind, Body, Spirit Festival

Bali Spirit Festival Ubud

Seven Sisters Festival Melbourne

Earth Goddess Rising Colorado

Australian Goddess Conference Gold Coast

Conscious Living World Fair Chicago

International Yoga Festival and Voices of the Sacred Earth Auckland

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