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Tanishka’s Biography

Tanishka has been a popular keynote speaker at conferences and events worldwide and her articles have been published in various national magazines.

Her work is distinguished by her gift for channelling ancient wisdom that illustrates how we can be more socially sustainable through understanding the effect the natural cycles have on our psyche. 

Her piercing insight into our collective challenges, delivered with her pop culture references and down-to-earth humor make her presentations relevant, inspiring and entertaining.

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How to Navigate Life’s Downward Spirals

A leading voice in the women’s movement


Tanishka has spent over two decades empowering women around the world to reclaim their birth right of sacred feminine traditions and teachings by developing a range of educational programs, including initiation courses and retreats, Red Tent moon lodges and rites of passage for women.

In 2004 she began training facilitators and has now trained women in 44 countries to facilitate Red Tent moon lodges, an ancient custom where women gather to explore the unhealed aspects of the psyche that surface during the darkest lunar phase in a spirit of sisterhood.

She is the author of five books. Her latest book, Goddess Wisdom published by Hay House was listed in Aspire magazine’s top 10 books for women.

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Goddess Wisdom, The Power of the Red Tent
The Secret To Transcend the Fear of Aging


An influential thought leader in the online space…


Tanishka’s Facebook page, The Moon Woman grew an organic audience of half a million followers of her daily intuitive guidance within 3 years.

Her widespread appeal lays in her ability to make sense of the darker side of life by shedding the light of clarity into our social taboos.

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The Sacred Power of Blood, Sex and Death
from her Initiation series

A beacon of hope for modern relationships…


In 2008 Tanishka began working with couples as research for her Sacred Union books published in 2011 and 2014.

She then created events to heal the gender war with her partner, Franz Hutter by empowering singles and couples to deconstruct the shadow dance of relationships and the skills and awareness needed for our personal relationships to thrive. 

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The Art of Sacred Union


What Audiences Say about Tanishka LIVE

Sacred Union and The Holy Grail


The Sacred Power of Blood, Sex and Death

“Our spiritual community was thrilled to experience the wisdom, humor, beauty and power of Tanishka this past summer. Everyone is talking about her and looking forward to her return soon.

Definitely one of our favorite teachers of women’s wisdom!’


 Ava Park,

Teacher & Director of the Goddess Temple of Orange County


Tanishka’s Books & DVDs


Dear sister Tanishka, I have been listening and witnessing your light across the ocean between us for some time. I honor your work, your dreams, your vision and your fierce commitment. I stand with you in sacred sisterhood.

Thank you for following your inner knowing and giving voice to what lives in your heart. Many blessings and a hand on your back.

Alisa Starkweather
Leader of US Red Tent Movement

One of the most passionate and amazing messengers I have ever seen – she’s brave, passionate and so fascinating.

I promise you’ll be enriched and uplifted. Blessings Tanishka, and long may your light shine!

Lucy Cavendish
Bestselling Author & Spiritual Teacher