28 Day Happy Challenge

The Grail

Imagine a revelation so powerful, it addresses the root cause of our global crises?

At Last! The Greatest Mystery of All TimeThis is the sacred knowledge that awakens the hero, the king and the mystic in this, our hour of need by exposing the deceptions that have enslaved us.

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New Book Cover Goddess Wisdom

Goddess Wisdom

A comprehensive understanding of ancient women’s wisdom & traditions that have been oppressed & hold the key to restoring the sacred balance – personally & globally.

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Inner Goddess Makeover Book

Loved by women around the world, this is the handbook to empower every facet of your womanhood. Includes a workbook section in every chapter!

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Creating Sacred Union Within

Discover how to feel whole & balanced by understanding & empowering the feminine & masculine aspects which comprise our psyche & govern our major energy centres (chakras).

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Creating Sacred Union in Partnerships

Everything you need to know to create soul fulfilling partnerships, from dating through to enduring & growing through the hard times.

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28 Day Happy Challenge

28 Day Happy Challenge

Inspirational daily perspectives & practical suggestions & to help you meet your needs & experience greater feelings of joy, happiness & well being.

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All books available as paperback or ebook!

‘The Inner Goddess Makeover’ still sits by the side of my bed! It told me lots of things I didn’t know but when I heard it I knew it was the truth because my soul recognised it & I was so relieved to hear it! It was a complete wake-up call to my inner Goddess & it’s such a really powerful process.’

Annabel Maxotti

 ‘I’m on my fifth read of Sacred Union.’

Tony Searl

Creating Sacred Union in Partnerships
Goddess Wisdom FREE masterclass
Creating Sacred Union in Partnerships

Audios / Meditations

Find Out More About Guided Meditations

Inner Journeys For Relaxation, Centering & Guidance

Guided visualisation is a meditation technique which is simple but powerful. It works by directing the conscious mind to focus upon specific instructions, that allow you to enter into a state of deep relaxation & awareness so you can access insights from your Higher Mind. Each inner journey is approximately 15 mins long & is designed to address particular issues & provide you with specific benefits. How To Choose Simply scroll through the menu, select the one that most suits your needs by reading the brief descriptions then download & listen in a space where you won’t be disturbed. I recommend turning off any possible distractions such as mobile phones, dimming the lighting or lighting a candle & wrapping yourself in a shawl or blanket as our temperature drops when our heart rate slows once we enter a meditative state. Warning. Do not listen to while driving or operating machinery.

Inner Goddess Album

This double album features an inner journey to discover which one of your 7 inner feminine aspects most needs healing and integration at this time. Followed by 7 powerful inner journeys to meet & empower the 7 inner Goddesses who are the psychological facets of our psyche who govern the 7 major chakras in our energy system. Empowering their expression, creates an unimpeded flow of energy resulting in increased vitality, longevity and creativity.

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Sacred Union Meditation Album

This Sacred Union meditation album  features 7 X guided meditations to meet and marry the 7 faces of the God and Goddess within, located at each of the 7 major energy centers known as chakras. Created and narrated by Tanishka, international author and teacher, these inner journeys are designed to anchor the union of opposite polarities, so you can enjoy balance and harmony in your relationships.

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Chakra Workout Meditations

Start Your Day Feeling Vital & Alive!

Imagine starting every day with an energy practice that supports you to feel great for the whole day…

 And feels more like play than a type of discipline!

This album features a selection of 10-15 minute morning meditations you can choose from, to suit your mood & energy level.

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This was the most powerful guided meditation I’ve ever done!

Taylor Bland

Thank you for making the most powerful guided meditations I have ever listened to.

Shauna Mae Carlson

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