The moon is still waxing in Capricorn. Capricorn moon can be a time of navigating struggles.
Fortunately, Capricorn moon does give us the strength & tenacity to overcome whatever obstacles we encounter.
This lunar transit may also highlight your need to assert strict boundaries, rather than give trust because we want to.
The opposite sign of Cancer likes to create connection through inclusion so if we haven’t developed enough of the
‘good father’ for fear of being too sombre & stern we can be taken advantage of for our human kindness.
Boundaries are how our inner ‘good father’ demonstrates love in action.

As women, we can be so keen to create a bond of sisterhood we assume others will honour the trust we place in them, as fellow women. The betrayal of the feminine cuts deep as it seems impossible to understand.
May we all heal from this wound, which the Sag new moon evoking Artemis did perhaps raise for others. But may we also remember how important boundaries are to maintain our sacred space.

Blessings on your day