Chakra Workout Meditations

Start Your Day Feeling Vital & Alive!

Imagine starting every day with an energy practice that supports you to feel great for the whole day…

And feels more like play than a type of discipline!

This album features a selection of 10-15 minute morning meditations you can choose from, to suit your mood & energy level.


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Choose From These Guided Meditations



  • Dream Journalling to Gong Music
  • Tree of Life Meditation to Ground & Connect
  • Shakti Meditation to Activate Your Life Force
  • Twin Serpent Meditation to Create Inner Balance
  • Setting Your Daily Intent to Focus & Manifest Your Desired Outcomes

‘This was the most powerful guided meditation I’ve ever done!’

Taylor Bland

 or Choose From These Active Meditations

  • Chakra Toning: To Activate the Flow of Energy
  • Kundalini Shaking: To De-stress & Clear Energy Blocks
  • Chakra Celebration Dance Meditation: To Energise Every Energy Center


‘Thank you for making the most powerful guided meditations I have ever listened to. 

In Red Tent, it is always YOU they ask for. We all go deeper than with any other meditation.’

Shauna Mae Carlson

 Benefits You’ll Gain

  • Increased energy throughout your day
  • Enhanced health & wellbeing
  • Mental clarity & focus
  • Less feelings of stress, anxiety & overwhelm
  • Greater access to your Intuition

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Good Morning Chakra Workout



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