Experience the Power of Circles

The ancient sacred practice of sitting in circle to share experiences and points of view is universal. It’s so intrinsic to human nature when we return to nature, it’s what we all do – sit around a fire.

“In circle we learn to share power as everyone’s voice is equal. This creates harmony”
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A circle is a sacred geometry that has no beginning and no end, so when we sit in circle we create a vortex; a spiral of energy. 

This vortex can be positive and uplifting or negative and draining, depending on the conscious or unconscious intention of the participants. 

Experience the Power of Circle

I facilitate LIVE online sharing circles every month for men and women of all ages around the world.

I have facilitated circles for 26 years because I’m so passionate about the transformations I witness in every circle! 

Through the power of synchronicity, we see our patterns and lessons reflected back. This accelerates our self-awareness and promotes self-acceptance and compassion for ourselves and others.

In circle, we share transparently from the heart in a supportive and held space of non-judgement. 

When we are truly seen, heard and understood we feel loved. 

If you would like to join me in circle for personal facilitation and intuitive insights, register for one of my initiation courses below.


Rainbow Warrior

A 7 week program for men to empower every facet of the masculine psyche

Make It Happen

A 12 month program to journey the archetypal Hero’s Journey

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the live circles. Tanishka holds the space very well and is a kind and intuitive guide.
Having a place to share deeply with others on the path is invaluable.”

Tanishka has helped me to step consciously into the stream, more often a torrential cascade, of my life. She is a wise woman, initiate guide, a priestess, and down to earth friend. She has opened the portal for myself and all men, teaching the ancient, divinely inspired skill sets to face the challenges that come with being an awake, authentic, and alive man on this planet today. I remain eternally grateful


Inner Goddess

A 7 month program for women to empower every facet of the feminine psyche

13 Moons

A 13 month program to embrace the shadow evoked by the darkest lunar phase.

I am so grateful for the rich experience, incredible support and connection with the women in our online Red Tent Circles this time last year. It was beyond my expectations and I would highly recommend Tanishka to everyone.


Learn how to facilitate circles in your community or online

For Women;

Red Tent course


This comprehensive online training course provides you with an easy to follow, tried & tested structure that really works.

For Men;

12 Suns Mens Facilitator Training


This comprehensive online training course provides you with step-by-step know-how to start your chapter as a group facilitator!

Share the journey with the support of community

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