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The moon is still waning in Aries so do try to consider the wishes of others today & find win / win solutions or you’ll risk conflict. Why?
Aries moon can see us so focused on our ideas, plans & goals & excited to pursue them that we minimise those of others being as important as our own.
Understandably this cock-eyed viewpoint can cause hurt feelings & a lack of co-operation from others.
So apply the lesson of Libra, the opposite sign to Aries & strive to find co-operative solutions today & your day will run smooth.
We will be moving into Taurus 12 hours exactly after this post goes live so for those in the Southern hemisphere maybe plan something to tantalise the senses such as a fine wine or bubble bath at day’s end if you want to feel as happy as a pig in mud.
For those of you in the Northern hemisphere…you’ll be waking up to moon in Taurus so plan something delectable for your brekky & weather permitting, dine al fresco!
Blessings on your day,
Tanishka…looking forward to seeing those of you coming to my talk tonight in Byron Bay.
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