Cosmic Goddess 7 Day Program

Cosmic Goddess

Optimise every day of the week by aligning with their planetary energies!

In the Goddess tradition, we observe & align with the cosmic cycles that govern us, on the understanding this enhances our growth.

​This 7 day digital program gives you daily inspirational tutorials to align with the 7 planets which govern our days of the week

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Experience Less Stress & More Grace


For us to enjoy a divine life, we simply need to look to the cycles of nature as the divine design.

All of nature grows in cycles, including us.

So when we understand the effect the greater cycles have on us, life become easier.

Transform Your Life With Insight


In Vedic Astrology, this pathway was considered a great evolutionary tool.

In the mystical tradition, it was part of the Great Work of personal alchemy​​

Steer Your Ship by the Stars

Indigenous people lived by the stars…they depended on knowing their movements for planting, ceremony & navigation.

As did ancient rulers who would consult with astrologers for guidance on timing their worldly affairs.

Just as the word, ‘Dis-aster’ suggests by it’s meaning: ‘to go against the stars’ – a wise man follows the stars on the understanding everything in the universe is interconnected.

As above, so below.


What Your 7 Day Program Includes:

  • The best activities to do each day for optimal results
  • Practical tips to avoid the pitfalls of each planetary energy
  • Helpful suggestions to harness the strengths of each planetary influence
  • Insightful facts about each planet to enhance understanding
  • The psychological aspect evoked on each day of the week
  • Questions for self-reflection to align with each planet
  • The origins of our weekday names, keywords, glyph & corresponding zodiac sign 

Each day you will also receive a short guided meditation to attune to the energy of the ruling daily planet

Register today for just $29.99 USD

& be guided by the stars!

Cosmic Goddess 7 Day Program


Receive daily messages direct to your inbox with practical suggestions to align your week & integrate the daily planetary lesson in practical ways.




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