Creating Sacred Union in Partnerships

Discover the secret to creating soul-fulfilling relationships!

This book is for those in existing relationships who want to connect on every level with their partner and embrace the path of relationship as an opportunity for spiritual expansion and mutual growth…


And for those seeking a template for conscious dating, to establish a new level of partnership beyond the old mating dance of seduction & co-dependency!

Packed with humour, paradigm shifting insights, practical suggestions & lovemaking advice that will leave you wiping your brow in anticipation – this is the 21st century love manual that will catalyse a relationship revolution!

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Topics Covered

  • A Template for Divine Dating: The 7 Dates at the 7 Gates
  • How to Connect With Every Aspect of Yourself & Your Partner
  • The 7 Lovemaking Languages: For Multi-Orgasmic Bliss
  • Lovemaking with a Woman’s Cycle
  • Lovemaking with a Man’s Cycle
  • The Secret For Enduring Love that Matures


‘I have read all of your other books and have loved every one! I just spent a wonderful Saturday morning and evening completely enchanted with this one.

I’m 2/3 of the way through it and can’t wait to finish and re-read – I LOVE IT!

Gratitude and blessings to you, Tanishka!!!’

Kelly Smith Moretta

Experience Multi-Orgasmic Sex!

When we connect with a lover in all of our energy centres sex becomes a transcendent communion where all aspects experience ecstatic union.

This book provides a pathway to connect all aspects of your sacred feminine & sacred masculine energy within with your Beloved, irrespective of your sexual orientation. 

‘After reading the first book in the series, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book and it did nothing but deliver, deliver and deliver!!

Both my husband and I have read the book and we both feel so inspired and well equipped to step into this new and exciting paradigm of relating within our partnership.

It has stimulated hours of discussion already and opened up subjects that we weren’t even aware were closed off.

I’ve barely finished the book and am already thinking of reading it again.

Brilliant as always Tanishka!’

Kerri Alexander

A New Way of Relating

When we understand & empower the 7 facets of the God & Goddess within us, lovemaking becomes a form of devotional worship of the divine aspects in each.


Opening our perception at each of the 7 chakras (energy centres), also helps us to see our own shadow rather than project it on to our partners…so we acknowledge our partners as our mirror & teacher rather than scapegoating our disowned & wounded aspects on to them.

‘I really appreciate Tanishka‘s writings on the Sacred Union path and her ability to integrate Greek mythology with the Hindu Chakra system as well as my bio-mythographical Grail Knight path.

She is by far a standout figure in the exploration of this work and will help you on your own path to wholeness and sacred balance.’   

Anthony Skalkos

Benefits You Will Gain

Gain Conflict Resolution Tools

Access a Clear Map for Conscious Relating

Experience Soulful Love Rituals

Learn How to Avoid Relationship Pitfalls

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