Creating Sacred Union Within

Discover how to build the foundation for health, wholeness & balance

This easy to read & practical handbook will introduce you to all the aspects of your psyche – both feminine & masculine, so you can create inner balance & wholeness.

This is the foundation for creating conscious relationships.

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Topics Covered

  • The Path of White Tantra
  • How Our Myths & Archetypes Have Been Distorted
  • Rescuing the Inner Feminine
  • Re‘membering’ the Inner Masculine
  • Activating Shakti, Embodying the Sacred Feminine
  • Transcending Duality, Embodying the Sacred Masculine
  • Awakening the Caduceus: The Meridians of Healing & Wholeness
  • Balancing the 7 Chakra Gods & Goddesses


‘Tanishka, congratulations, you did it again!

Inner Goddess Makeover was eye opening, Sacred Union is mind blowing.

I am shouting to the stars & back to anyone who wants to truly understand “what women & men want & how & why do they think, act & behave they way they do?” then get your hands on this book, it outshines all the other “self help” books I have in my library combined!’



Activate Your Light!

The teachings & processes in this book will help you awaken the full spectrum of light within your personal energy field.

This is done by activating the inner serpents, known as Ida & Pingala – the meridians of sacred feminine & sacred masculine energy which lay dormant in our central nervous cord until awakened by sacred truths.

This acts as an initiation to awaken the presence of the God/Goddess within.

Once awakened, we experience greater vitality, longevity, creativity, libido and wellness.

This is why the caduceus has been appropriated as the symbol for healing.

‘I started reading your book today ‘Sacred Union’ and Wow!! I’m only a few pages in and already things are clearer and brighter. It’s dripping with truths that are shaking it all up in a totally shackle breaking way.

Thank you! Thank you! 


A New Way of Seeing

By opening our perception at each of the 7 chakras (energy centres), known as ‘The Eyes of God’ our life becomes multi-faceted. 

This increased light of understanding, enables us to emit and receive more compassion, healing and awareness & lays the framework for truly soul fulfilling relationships where we feel seen, understood & connected on all levels of our being.


‘I finished just recently Tanishka’s “Sacred Union” book if you haven’t read it, it’s certainly a must do and a must have book. I could read it again and again and still get more out of it! I didn’t move for two days as it took me away, it was words for my soul on so many levels!’


Benefits You Will Gain

Become more self-aware & empowered

Identify how to get all your needs met

Learn how to create deeper intimacy & trust

Experience multi-orgasmic lovemaking

‘First of all, a heart felt thank you so much for everything you do! I always read your astrology you put on Facebook and I have just finished reading both your books. It’s so empowering and beautiful; your work is really amazing. I would just like to ask where I can find part 2 and 3 of your Sacred Union book?’


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‘I’m on my fifth read of Sacred Union!’


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