The moon is still waning in Gemini as we arrive at last quarter moon today sooooo…
This is a great time to kick old habits that aren’t doing your health any favours. Why?
Last quarter moon signals the start of the final week in the lunar month, which is the optimal time to identify anything that’s holding us back & sabotaging our health & happiness.
So if something intuitively comes to mind as you read this, know that you’re ready to flick the switch internally & release it with relative calm & minimal resistance.
The focus is on health this month with the sun moving through Virgo, the sign of health & wellbeing until Sept 23. Whatever sign the sun is in influences our ability to take action…so rather than just thinking about it, we’ll make it happen.
Sept 23 is also the Equinox (Autumn for those of you in the Northern hemisphere & Spring for those of us in the South). This is a time when the ancients would detox to kick start the immune system & restore their balance because they understood this as the time of equal light & dark when the natural energy is high, making it easier to eat less & still feel energised.
Moon in Gemini is likely to put the relevant info you need in your path synchronistically so stay curious, alert & read the signs you’re being shown to optimise your health.
Blessings on your day,
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