Connect with the elements & access your creative power!

Embody each of the elements within us as a path to wholeness.

Walk in beauty with Mother Nature

This 5 day digital program gives you daily experiential processes

Restore Your Vibrancy

When we lose our connection to the elements of nature we feel dull, listless & lack passion for living

When we reconnect with their energies we feel vital, strong & powerful

Align & Empower Yourself

To live in alignment with the elements, we must first understand them…

This is why yogis, alchemists, shamans & priestesses ​down through the ages studied the elements & sought to become one with them.​

I highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to connect with nature, be creative in their life and manifest happiness and gratitude with a sense of ease.

Allison Price

Awaken Your Senses
& Open to Bliss

We experience the elements through our earthly & subtle senses

So the more we attune to the elements, we amplify our sensual awareness, opening our receptivity to joy & pleasure

Simply by living in a state of communion with nature

Harness Your Creative Power

By drawing upon the strengths of each element we create stability & balance, physically, emotionally, mentally & energetically.

We also learn how to direct energy to manifest our desired outcomes.​

‘I really enjoyed your meditations and meant to tell you. You have a wonderful energy. Thank you for the program.’


What Your 5 Day Program Includes

  • Practical suggestions to embody the strengths of the elements
  • The best times to invoke the creative power of each element
  • The alchemical symbol & correspondences for each element
  • How to identify elemental imbalances & correct them
  • Simple ways to celebrate each element
  • Questions for self-reflection to be in right relationship with each element

You also receive Daily Meditations to Align with Each Element for Balance & Wellbeing!

Tanishka’s Elemental Goddess Course has help me attune myself to the elements, seasons and Mother Nature herself. Reminders and perfect rituals, mediations and practices have allowed me to view each day with a sense of peace, calm and gratitude. Her course has allowed the flow between creation and manifestation to be more seamless and more easy flowing.

Allison Price

Elemental Goddess
5 Day Program


Receive daily insight & inspiration to align with & integrate the elements in practical ways.

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