Moon’s now in Taurus, so after journeying with our inner boy (Ares) the last couple of days noticing what fires us up or frustrates us enough to take action many will notice the subtle shift within to express the lovin’ energy of Aphrodite, our inner maiden.

This is because Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, shining the spotlight on how much we exercise self love in our choices.

So…if it’s been too long since you did something nice for yourself – seize the day. Buy yourself some flowers on the way home, visit your nearest hot springs, beach or garden, paint your toenails or book a massage. Anything sensually uplifting is the key to addressing her needs.

When we take this kind of positive approach to fulfilling our Aphrodite needs we are less inclined to slip into shadow Aphrodite behaviour & be emotionally obsessive & sensually addictive which fuel unneccessary dramas such as unrequited love, belly aches from overindulgence & credit card debts from shopping extravaganzas. For more info & tips on befriending your inner Aphrodite so she doesn’t make your life a soapie check out my first book, ‘The Inner Goddess makeover’ avail as an ebook or paperback via The Moon Woman website.

Blessings on your day,


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