Everything You Need to Know About the New Moon


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Everything You Need to Know About the New Moon

The new moon marks the start of a lunar cycle. Since the lunar cycle governs our psycho-emotional growth, each new moon offers us the opportunity for a monthly rebirth, if we take the time process lessons learned from our previous lunar month. This is why women down through the ages gathered in Moon Lodges and Red Tents to distil their wisdom before setting intentions for next cycle. This ancient practice promotes psychological maturity and emotional balance.

What is a New Moon?

The new moon is the first phase in the lunar cycle when only a small portion of its illuminated face is visible to us. This happens when the sun and moon are aligned with Earth, meaning that their light beams cancel each other out when viewed from our perspective. During this time, the moon can’t be seen on most nights as it travels behind the sun.

Just as the night sky during new moon is marked by a period of darkness, this is when we have less energy, feel more inward and are more prone to experience darker psychological and emotional states.

A new moon typically happens once a calendar month according to the Gregorian calendar introduced by the Roman Empire which unlike previous calendars does not correspond to the natural cycles of time.

How to Harness the Power of the New Moon

The new moon signals the start of a new cycle of energy in our lives, making it a power window for setting intentions for manifestation. It is the crossroads of death and rebirth – a time to reflect, recalibrate and release what we’ve outgrown to prepare for the new growth. The more resolve our past experiences, the clearer our focus to create conscious choices moving forwards. The ancient community practice of sitting in circle and taking turns to speak offers an opportunity to do this each month.

New moon is an ideal time to focus on self-growth and healing. Journalling and art therapy are great ways to gain deeper insight into one’s psyche during this lowest ebb of the month. This is the time to go deep – doing less in the physical world and more on the inner planes. Through taking space for ourselves we can better acknowledge what changes we need to make in our lives.

New moon is also a time to access guidance via our dreams, as in our sleep state we process what is unintegrated in our psyche. Since new moon is the lowest ebb of the month we’re likely to need more rest and sleep during this time of the lunar cycle.

The more we invest time in our relationship with ourselves at new moon, the more we have to invest in our relationships the rest of the month. If we don’t take time for ourselves at new moon we’re more likely to project our unhealed wounds on to those we love and experience conflict in our relationships.

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To help women harness the power of each new moon as personal empowerment practice, check out my Red Tent facilitator training for women.

To avoid tension and resolve conflict in your personal relationships which is more likely at new moon, check out my Conscious Relationships online program for men and women which identifies how we react when our unhealed wounds are triggered and how to process those emotions and unpack our beliefs to take back our power and restore trust and intimacy.


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