Exploring The Dark Mysteries Of The Void Moon


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Exploring The Dark Mysteries Of The Void Moon

The mysterious void moon has long been a source of fascination. To understand the void moon, one must first know that the moon transits around the zodiac of twelve signs every lunar month. This means the moon spends approximately 2.5 days in each zodiac sign.

Each sign is made up of 29 degrees. So when the moon is transiting (moving) through the final degrees of a sign it’s not uncommon that the moon will not form any significant angles, known as ‘aspects’, to the planets in our solar system. This is what in astrology is known as a ‘void moon’.

The word ‘void’ refers to the place of pure potential. It is a time where we enter the space of the unknowable and all plans are surrendered up to highest will known as ‘Great Mystery’ in the native American tradition. When this occurs it’s wise to utilise this window for spiritual purposes, such as meditation to realign heart, body and mind and cleansing.


Avoid making big decisions during the void moon

It is wise to avoid making big decisions or commitments during a void moon. For instance, if you were to go shopping during this period you may later question, “What was I thinking when I made this purchase?” This is because void moon can cause us to feel otherworldly, not in our right mind.

During the void moon, it’s often the case that you won’t have access to all the information you need to make a truly informed decision so the right choice may not present itself immediately and you could end up regretting your actions later on if you act in haste. If you must make a choice during a void moon, it’s best to think things through thoroughly and do your due diligence to get all the facts to avoid making snap decisions.


You’re not alone when experiencing a void moon

Everyone is affected by a void moon, whether they realise it or not. We may experience the influence of the void moon as an inability to think clearly and make decisions…so not the time to do activities that require attention to detail, like doing your taxes or making travel plans.

Once the moon moves into the next sign, clarity of thought returns and we’re able to move forwards with plans with confidence.



So how do we befriend a void moon?

Enter the void. This lunar gateway opens up a portal for us to receive new information intuitively that can reveal answers to what was previously hidden from us. So take extra note of any hunches, inner guidance or synchronicities you observe during this window.

Those born under the influence of a void moon, can find it helpful to take some time alone when you first wake up each morning, before doing anything else like getting out of bed or eating breakfast. This quiet time provides an opportunity to observe your feelings and mental state. The more you know your own mind, the less chance you’ll be influenced by others and make choices that don’t feel right for you.

(To see if the moon was void when you were born, click here – you’ll need to know your time and date of birth)


Want to know when it’s a void moon?

Each day I write a lunar blog post to help you live in tune with the moon. Just as one would check the weather to discern the impact on your outer world, it’s wise to check the astro weather to discern the impact on your inner world. To receive a daily update on the moon sign and other relevant info such as whether the moon in void, new or full or an eclipse, subscribe for free here or upgrade to my paid membership club to receive videos and articles that provide more in depth updates on the solar, seasonal and planetary cycles as they are influencing us.



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