Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer

Jan 2, 2020

Navigating Full Moon in Cancer

How do you really feel?

Cancer is the sign that takes us into the vulnerabilities we felt as a child, so we can feel emotionally sensitive to that which triggers old wounds. So you may find loved ones looking for additional reassurance and nurturing this week.

Cancer lunar transits can cause us to feel overly-protective as a way of compensating for our increased sense of human frailty. (One needs only look at the USA, whose collective sign is Cancer – the land of Mom’s home-baked pies who declared their independence birthing their nation during the month of Cancer on July 4. You can see how nurturing and welcoming US folk are once you get through the tight security at the airport. This is the country who arms themselves more heavily than any other country in a bid to ‘protect the homeland’. The obsession with security results in more gun deaths amongst civilians proving there are better ways to deal with feelings of insecurity. 

So if you feel the need to armour up, chances are you need to allow yourself time in your shell to feel your watery feelings and grow your awareness into pearls of wisdom, through internal journeys that embrace your sensitivities.

As the moon waxes to full in Cancer you may find yourself confronted with how you really feel about a situation…especially around home and family, which Cancer governs.

Cancer transits highlight our relationship with our mothers so this window may present a window for reconnection, healing, grieving or asserting yourself if you feel emotionally manipulated, smothered or neglected. 

If you find yourself living in the past through nostalgia consider how this may be a distraction to avoid dealing with present challenges and opportunities asking us to grow.  

Archetypal Energy: Inner Mother 

Lesson: Mature through understanding the effect the lunar cycle has on our psyche and emotions

The strengths of Cancer we need to draw upon this week are:

  • gathering in a spirit of community to feel held and supported emotionally
  • attuning to the lunar lessons to minimise emotional drama
  • self-care to ensure we don’t neglect our own needs

Full moon sees the sun and moon in opposite signs and can bring parenting issues to a head, so be mindful of attending to the fears of your inner child so you don’t escalate drama if navigating:

  • custody arrangements of children / pets
  • internal struggles between feelings and financial obligations
  • Parents exerting power and control passively or overtly
  • Challenges with institutions versus meeting family needs

Cancer asks us to diffuse potential ‘karma drama’ by asking, ‘How do I want this to look?’ Instead of focusing on worries. Consider visualising and affirming with gratitude everyone’s primary needs being met. 

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