Global Red Tent 10.6.21

Hosted by Tanishka, The Moon Woman

Back by popular demand! Attended previously by women from 22 countries!

We’re gathering the global sisterhood to harness our collective power during this potent portal of the solar eclipse on the new moon prior to the Solstice!

About This Event

 You Are Invited To…

Experience being facilitated by one of the pioneers of the global Red Tent movement in this unique online women’s gathering!

All you need is a journal and a pen and 2 hours to devote to some SOUL TIME…

Nurturing your relationship with yourself in a supportive space of sisterhood.

Prepare to dive deep, to feel connected to your truth, to laugh and share and discover gifts and insights resulting in an empowered sense of self.



We are each undergoing a personal metamorphosis catalysed by world events and intensifying ascension energies

2020/21 has placed us in a chrysalis to face ourselves and confront the truth about our lives.

Like the word, crisis this is a time of both danger and opportunity, depending on how we respond.

Ultimately this is a time to heal on all levels by acknowledging our human frailty and our power to create the future that most aligns with our heart.

Join us in a spirit of global sisterhood to distil our collective wisdom and seed our vision for a world that heals through the power of love.


Come as you are! Join us from the comfort of your couch, car or in your jim jam’s depending on your time zone.

START TIME: 8am – 10am

DATE: Thursday, June 10, 2021 (Melbourne, Australia time)

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A Word From Your Host

In this short video Tanishka speaks about this event…what to expect and why she’s been guided to gather the women on this auspicious date as a force for positive global change!

To access her videos about the energies initiating us during this eclipse season click here


Tanishka has 24 years experience facilitating empowering events for women. An author of 5 books, she has trained women in 44 countries to facilitate Red Tent gatherings for women. She is best known as The Moon Woman with half a million followers of her daily guidance.


Praise for Tanishka’s Events

“Personally I found that Tanishka’s teaching style allowed me to easily integrate & embody the necessary knowledge & skills in a way that was fun, yet deep & profound. 

I feel very blessed to have had Tanishka as my teacher & mentor.”

Katherine Smith

I love Tanishka’s teachings. She is grounded and she has a lot of wisdom to impart-with a great sense of humour too! She also makes it clear that we are all our own authorities and that is a very special quality to find in a teacher. I also think the work she is doing is very important.”

Jessica Pritchard


Numbers are limited for this event

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