The moon is still waning in Aries so take extra care on the roads as the chance of accidents is higher due to the tendency towards impatience, reactive anger & acting without thinking right now. Why?
These are all shadow Aries behaviours that we can all express, regardless of our personal horoscope when the moon moves through this sign.
Aries likes to move & fast so also watch you’re not a lead foot born Year of Dog like me who likes the thrill of the wind in my fur with my head out the car window…or you may incur a fine or much worse!
Aries moon is however a great time to get off your heinie & take action on that which fires you up with enthusiasm.
There is power in boldness so dare to be bold in your actions if they are motivated by the goodness within you & watch great things unfold.
Today is a day for fear busting & taking right action so go forth & create something you can be proud of.
Today I’m in transit en route to start my tour this evening…I’m so excited to share all the research, experiences & funny observations I’ve gathered about our journey through womanhood & look forward to meeting those of you coming along to my talk tonight on the Gold Coast & Byron Bay tomorrow night.
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