Afros are back, leopard print is back…soul is back because SHE is back, the wild woman who was tamed in every glossy mag and TV ad to have us believe that the natural woman was undesirable, unacceptable and too much to handle.

Who is SHE? This hot tammale woman?

Even if you weren’t raised Christian, Jewish or Islamic, you probably still encountered the creation story of Adam and Eve, the story of the first man and woman.  What you may not have heard was that Adam had a first wife, called Lilith who was such a rebel that she was edited out of the Bible for fear that ‘good girls’ the world over might emulate her.

This is because Lilith represents the aspect of the wild woman, SHE is a psychological facet within every women, regardless of our age, race or culture. She lives within us all, an inner rebel who likes to do what she wants, when she wants and not feel answerable to anyone.

Lilith is the part of us that cannot and will not hold her tongue to ‘keep the peace’ if we disagree with someone or the status quo.  SHE represents the primal aspects of our feminine psyche which have been culturally shamed as ‘unfeminine’ and suppressed as socially unacceptable.
For instance, a woman giving birth is similar to a primal animal. She loses control over all bodily functions, grunting & screaming with abandon until the act of creation is complete.  This is an image of womanhood that is largely hidden behind a medical veneer which pays homage to the physician over the wild woman.  Instead, she is viewed more as a victim in need of assistance than a powerful shaman journeying through the realms of death and rebirth.

The wild feminine is as powerful as a woman can be, giving rise to all her natural sounds, movements and feelings without a single condemning thought entering her consciousness.  Most women resist letting this side out for fear of being rejected and in doing so suppress their authentic power and libido.


The good news is that giving your inner Lilith permission to express her opinions, frustration and anger also liberates her unbridled erotic expression.  (This is because she is the aspect who governs our base energy center. So if we suppress these base responses we also suppress our life force.)  So if you feel the need to address any issues or imbalances in your relationship, don’t hold back for fear you’ll be rejected.  Speak up, knowing that the classic Lilith line that heralds the end of the honeymoon phase, ‘Honey, we need to talk’ will ultimately create a more real and passionate connection, so long as you own your own faults and don’t just scapegoat your partner.  Should, however your partner run from the room never to return, know that any relationship that can’t withstand Lilith’s anger and need for truth is ultimately destined to fail.


Often the degree to which a woman suffers during menstruation is a strong indication of how empowered her Lilith archetype really is.  This is because menstruation is also governed by our base energy center. For example, just before we bleed – this is the time when our Lilith energy is the most pronounced.  So what is commonly referred to as PMT – pre-menstrual tension is actually the time in our lunar cycle when whatever is still unresolved from the previous lunar month will come to the forefront of our mind and eat away at us until we deal with it.  Also at this time we become more aware of our faults and those of others, along with injustices and imbalances of power.  During this time it is imperative we honour our inner truth by speaking our inner thoughts and feelings as much as possible.  The more we can do this, the less we run the risk of hissing at others like a pressure cooker or boiling over in a fit of rage.


  • Most men fantasise about having sex with a Lilith woman.  She, being a partner who stands up to him, offers him wise counsel, is his equal in all things and is sexually liberated and spontaneous, being connected with her true self.
  • Lilith was the serpent who gave Eve the apple, known as the fruit of wisdom, (recreated by the character of the evil queen in Snow White who gives the young maiden the poisoned apple.)
  • In the TV sitcoms Cheers and its sequel, Frasier his first wife was called Lilith.  True to nature, she was dark haired, his intellectual equal and known for her sexual prowess.
  • The legendary, Queen of Sheba was chosen from thousands of women by King Solomon for her hairy legs, indicating that she had embraced her inner wild woman.


So, you’ve let your arm pit hair grow down to the floor, you’ve skinned a goat, made your own drum and legged after an antelope to reconnect with your primal self.  Now it’s time to do some inner work and put out the welcome mat for Lilith.  (Lily to her friends.)

Get real with yourself and everyone else and be honest about the changes your inner self wants to make to truly access your inner power.

  • Write down a list of 10 things you wish to say NO to in your life.  Consider what fears stops you from speaking your truth.  Make a commitment to yourself to begin honouring yourself by not going against your instincts.

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