Goddess Wisdom

The complete guide to sacred feminine teachings & practices.

Listed in Aspire magazine’s TOP 10 BOOKS FOR WOMEN!

The latest book by Facebook’s ‘Moon Woman’ with over half a million followers of her daily guidance

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Learn about the ancient goddess traditions and reconnect with your femininity, your natural cycles and your intuition.

Awesome book to read!  

The book has so much knowledge that brings light & perspective from the women of our past & the present – shining the light of the goddess in the patriarchal world we find ourselves in.

Tanishka I thank you for your passion an great work of educating us with this knowledge!

Natasha Kavana Eli

Love Love Love this book, I’m reading it for the second time now!

Jennifer L Brooks

It’s Time to Discover

  • HOW to stay sane as a woman in a world gone mad
  • HOW to transform how you see yourself as a woman
  • Discover why so many women are RAVING about ancient feminine wisdom & traditions
  • HOW to embrace your womanhood by understanding it
  • & STOP giving yourself a hard time about not being someone else’s idea of ‘the perfect woman’


In this exciting new book, Tanishka, the best selling author of ‘The Inner Goddess Makeover’ unveils:

  • The history of the ancient Goddess traditions
  • The 7 Goddess archetypes that govern the chakras
  • The life stages we encounter as women and how to transition into each one
  • The 3 Goddess paths of initiation used by ancient priestesses
  • Tools for understanding and aligning with the cycles of nature
  • Rituals and exercises to reconnect with your inner Goddess

…and much more!

Highly Recommended!

Yoga Magazine

I couldn’t put your book down!

Geeta Sidhu-Robb. UK Health Radio

I LOVED your book!

Stewart St Clair. UK Health Radio

Ancient Feminine Wisdom holds the key to restoring the sacred balance & our health and well being on all levels.

‘Only just started reading it, but am loving it already!’


‘As a young woman in a society that is obsessed with youth and beauty, it is refreshing to learn of ancient women’s wisdom that is both empowering and relevant to women today.’


‘In twenty years as a naturopath in private practice I have never met a teacher like Tanishka.
She is an inspiration to me and all the women who are ready to step into their power.’




This is the most important information any woman could hope to have…

the ancient teachings that were once every woman’s birthright​

Benefits You Will Gain

  • Reduce your daily stress levels and have more energy
  • Get more support & reduce comfort eating
  • Stop comparing yourself with other women and silence your inner critic
  • Transcend the fear of ageing, and love getter older
  • Value yourself in all your choices and feel empowered as a woman
  • Befriend your period and understand the effect of the lunar cycle on your moods
  • Enhance your intuition and grow your wisdom
  • Feel juicy and alive with Goddess mojo!

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‘I wonder how I functioned before I had this knowledge.
I feel like I’m finally getting a real education and tools that I can use in every aspect of my life…something I never seemed to find in high school or the endless array of self help books I’ve read.’


‘I have fallen in love with the beauty, wisdom and power that all woman possess!
Tanishka’s wealth of knowledge and sense of humour have made for a remarkable experience.’


Introduction to Goddess Wisdom

Learn the Goddess path to empowerment with Sacred Feminine teachings and practices

This course offers a complete guide to understanding and embracing ancient Goddess wisdom in everyday life. The rituals, practices and meditations will help you to get in touch with all the different sides of your feminine psyche, transforming how you see yourself – and other women – and helping you to understand and love who you are.


Goddess Wisdom Online Course

This exclusive online course includes:

  • Four video lessons with renowned specialist in Goddess traditions, Tanishka
  • The secrets of the ancient Goddess cultures and how we can use their wisdom in the 21st century
  • How to walk the Goddess path by loving your body, embracing your sexuality, living in tune with the cycles of nature and honouring the three stages of womanhood
  • Goddess meditations and practices to help you connect with the Goddess within
  • Downloadable worksheets to take your learning further


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I have that book! I love it, it’s so amazing.

Jey Parks

Your book is fantastic!

Anita Dealy-Agosti

The material in GODDESS WISDOM sings to me!

Amanda Gore

Goddess Wisdom

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3 reviews for Goddess Wisdom

  1. Leah Briones

    Only a true Goddess herself could have produced this book. Thank you so much for such a gutsy and comprehensive guide for today’s women, so lost for centuries now. I’ve had the book for over a year and I’ve found that I tend to gravitate to it again and again during the chrone phase of my cycle and when I feel most at peace with myself. The book is so jam-packed with deep essentials to take in so I’ve mainly used it as a reference guide over the year. I’ve finally got to the end page and was blown away into nirvana- only a few seconds, but it was enough to make me feel so grateful that I coincidentally came across this amazing woman who has produced this wonderful piece of spiritual art. I will have and continue to learn from these insights forever.

  2. Mary Jo

    Great lessons and a must read for Grounding yourself in todays constant hustle called life.

  3. Marie Zonruiter

    From the moment I received Goddess Wisdom in the mail I couldnt put it down, reading it in a matter of nights! Tanishka’s wisdom and insights she shares through Goddess Wisdom help to understand the full picture of the society we are today and why we need to return to ancient practices like Red Tent and Rites of Passage. Goddess Wisdom has become a regular go to guide as I recreate my life to walk a path that feels so much more natural and authentic. Not only is Goddess Wisdom insightful but practical with exercises to help you walk the Goddess path. Thank you Tanishka for being a shining light for many women who are coming into their power. Love and light xx

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