The moon has just shifted into Gemini…so if you need to get anything done for more than 10 mins today, turn your phone on silent. Why?
Gemini is the sign of communication so when the moon moves through this sign everyone gets extra chatty, regardless of their sign – often to the point of not getting anything actually done.
So my advice is harness the beast by identifying what tasks require communication today & make a point of doing them as then it’ll be a productive day…whether that’s work related emails, calls, video calls to clarify shared goals or growing your sphere of influence with targeted communication strategies, such as online promotions, networking & cross -promo invitations.
Today whilst you’ll find it easy to multi-task like a spider on espresso, the challenge will be to not over commit to things you don’t have the time to see through to the end.
Also be mindful of not getting drawn into gossip today…as this moon sign can see loose lips sink ships & do more harm than good with the need to share information without discernment.
And definitely don’t open click bait sites or you’ll find yourself drawn down wormholes that threaten the evolution of the species.
Join me at 7.07 local time here in Oz as I’ll be a guest on the 2Day breakfast show with Em Rusciano in Sydney, available nationally via their website (see the link below in the comments) or 104.1 for Sydney dwellers.
Blessings on your day,

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