The moon is moving into Cancer today so this will see us slow down, drop in & reconnect with ourselves & those close to us after the past two days of being only partially available due to incessant monkey mind chatter & a need for constant stimulus.
Since Cancer rules home & family, you may find it hard to leave your comfy nest during this lunar transit. So consider being like a hermit crab & taking the creature comforts with you if you have to leave home to work in a sterile environment such as an office. For example, pack left over comfort food from home for lunch, take comfy socks or house slippers you can wear under your desk once you kick off your shoes at 9.05am or play soothing music during your daily commute.
Alternatively, if home isn’t something you miss when you’re away you may find you feel extra sensitive to the dynamics in your current home situation. With the moon waning down to it’s lowest ebb you may also find yourself reviewing possible changes to address what isn’t working at home.
Cancer moon sees us seeking nurturance as our inner child seeks mothering. So give this to yourself in creative ways & your inner child will be less likely to act out to get this need met externally.
Blessings on your day,
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