How To Harness the Power of The Full Moon


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How To Harness the Power of The Full Moon

Did you know more babies are born at full moon and there are more admissions to hospital emergency rooms and police stations at full moon?

This is because full moon is the climactic time of the month emotionally.

Just as the tides of the ocean surge to high at full moon, so does our emotional tide – since we are comprised of 65-70% water. In other words, full moon is the time each month when emotions run high and we’re more likely to react without thinking if we feel emotionally triggered. For those who are psychologically and emotionally immature, full moon is a time of drama – the culmination of past unconscious choices coming home to roost. Full moon is also a time when what has been hidden come to light.

This is more likely if we don’t live in alignment with the lunar phases which help us balance our emotions. Rather than fear the power of the full moon, we can learn to harness the power of our feminine side, regardless of our physical gender by attuning to the full moon and embracing its strengths.

Full moon is the time of illumination, when the light of the sun is fully reflected by the moon. This inspires acts of creativity and heightens our intuition so we can experience, “A Ha!” Moments of clarity and insight.

However, if we are not sufficiently grounded full moon can induce insomnia so it’s important to go to bed before 10pm if you want to get a good night’s sleep…unless you plan to go out partying which full moon entices us to do. Fortunately, this is the moon phase when you can get away with less sleep due to the natural energies being so high. The Full Moon rises at sunset and can be seen in the night sky until it sets early in the morning as the sun is rising.


That’s Amore!

The full moon invites us to throw off our inhibitions and let loose. It’s a time when all the emotions you’ve been holding in get released. It’s when we throw caution to the wind and act on our feelings making it the time when we’re most likely to risk looking like a fool for love.

For those in intimate partnerships, full moon is when we’re more likely to want to merge with our opposite, making this a great night to unplug and plan a romantic evening to celebrate amore when the moon in the sky is the size of a big pizza pie! For those who are unattached, this is the ideal night for a community dinner as the inner king / queen are evoked and we feel more full of the milk of human kindness and hospitable. It’s also the time of the month when we most crave human connection.


Whatever your relationship status, the more we celebrate with the full moon each month the more happy and abundant we feel for the whole lunar month.

Since full moon is the most abundant time of the lunar cycle this is also the time of the month when we’re more likely to receive unexpected windfalls, making it a time when our luck runs high. Full moon is also when intentions we set at new moon become visible…making it a time of magic and miracles!

Full moon is the optimal time to put your crystals out under the moon light to clear and charge. It’s also an ideal time to drum and dance under the light of the moon.

The effect of the full moon lasts three days, with the peak being the exact time of full moon. You can see that time and date in your location here.


Want More Suggestions to Harness the Power of the Full Moon?

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