Inner Goddess Online Course

Next Course Starts 23rd August, 2019








Inner Goddess
Online Course

Next Course Starts 23rd August, 2019

The Priestess Path to Awaken Your Sacred Feminine Essence

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I’m in the driver’s seat!

‘With the discovery of the individual elements of my womanhood I have explored within this journey I have come to understand and love all of them as different but equally important facets of myself. 

As a result, I no longer let others dictate and direct my life – I am in the driver’s seat! 


7 Steps To Your Full Feminine Power

In ancient times, women would unveil their 7 universal feminine aspects in order to know themselves & awaken their feminine power as a force for healing & transformation.

This 7 month online course gives you step-by-step resources & insight to empower every facet of your feminine expression.

Redefine What It Means to be a Woman

Many modern women lack a clear ideal of what it means to be a woman, so they end up trying to please others in an effort to be perfect in every role they play.

Such as the perfect daughter, student, mother, partner, boss or lover.

This is exhausting & not a recipe for happiness.


A Goddess is Far From Perfect

Contrary to popular belief, being a Goddess is not about having the perfect body or being superhuman.

A Goddess is a woman who understands & expresses the 7 aspects which make up our feminine psyche…

So she is whole & creates a life where all parts of herself feel fulfilled.

Tanishka’s work has changed my life!

With the exception of getting married, this course is the best thing that’s happened in my life to date!’


Activating the 7 Chakra Goddesses

Each one of these 7 feminine aspects governs one of the 7 chakras (energy centres) in our personal energy field.

So as we empower each inner Goddess, the meridian of feminine energy flows through each chakra within our central nervous system.

This activation increases our:

  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Vitality
  • Longevity
  • Creativity
  • Fertility
  • Libido
  • Consciousness
  • Empowerment

‘It is GREAT to link up with like minded siSTARS’

‘Doing the Inner Goddess course has inspired transformational thought patterns and changed the way I see myself.

I LOVE the beautiful guided visualisations that Tanishka takes us on and the very detailed and explanatory video tutorials.

We are provided with a variety of articles and historical aspects of each of the chakras and each month have our own delightful bathing routine to do, to pay focus and homage to that chakra.

It is GREAT to link up with like minded siSTARS on the journey and embrace my own divine femininity. I would recommend anyone who feels drawn to doing this course to not hesitate and just register…….you wont be sorry!’

Tania Magennis

How the Course Works

Commencing at the base chakra, we journey up through each energy centre on a monthly basis, exploring the psychological, emotional, energetic & physical blocks which inhibit the ecstatic expression of your Divine, authentic self.

These are the 7 Feminine Archetypes You Will Understand, Heal & Empower:

Feel Like A Sacred
& Sovereign Queen

In the ancient world, women would undertake this descent path to find & know themselves prior to marriage.

For only when we know ourselves can we make a commitment with confidence.

These teachings were considered necessary for a woman to make the transition from girl to self-assured woman, regardless of her age. 

That is why this path was known as the path to Queendom.

As a young woman in a society that is obsessed with youth and beauty, it is refreshing to learn of ancient women’s wisdom that is both empowering and relevant to women today’


Your Inner Goddess Online Resources

  • A guided meditation to identify which Goddess aspect most needs healing
  • 7 x guided meditations to meet each chakra Goddess
  • 7 x video tutorials to empower each aspect of your inner Goddess
  • Magazine style articles to empower each inner Goddess
  • Monthly Self Love chakra bathing rituals
  • 7 x Monthly Chakra fact sheets
  • Shakti Yoga instruction & kundalini active meditations to unleash your Goddess essence
  • A full moon rite to activate each of the 7 Goddesses in the World Soul!

Also Included: These Great Bonuses!


7 x Aromatherapy chakra sprays with crystal healing essences created by Tanishka


Lifetime Membership to our private online sisterhood forum to share the journey with sisters of all ages, cultures & backgrounds


A copy of Tanishka’s best selling book, ‘The Inner Goddess Makeover’ by Tanishka

About the Facilitator: Tanishka

Tanishka ran her first Goddess archetype workshop in 1997. That developed into a series of 7 Goddess archetype workshops & her book, The Inner Goddess Makeover published in 2007 with Melbourne Books, then a revised edition published in 2014.

In 2004 the work grew into a 9 month Initiate Priestess course which incorporated the Goddess archetype readings which she developed & a range of chakra sprays which she was guided to create to assist the women in her course.

In 2014 she began initiating women through the 7 Goddess archetypes in her annual Inner Goddess retreat held in Bali. 

‘Well, what can I say but that it has opened me up more to my true self and who I am and what I want to be and do with my life!’


Watch this short video to find out more

‘With the discovery of the individual elements of my womanhood I have explored within this journey I have come to understand and love all of them as different but equally important facets of myself. 

As a result, I no longer let others dictate and direct my life – I am in the driver’s seat! 


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1.0 Definitions
1.1 Participant: A person intending to enrol or attending the online Course facilitated by Tanishka

1.2 Course: An online course of study, programme, and forum.

1.3 Course duration: The duration of the Course, shall be depending on the pace of the student until they can comply the course manual.

1.4 Fees: The enrolment fees and all other expenses relating to the Course, payable by the participants

1.5 Online Payment Process: The process of enrolling and paying for a course online through this website.

1.6 Terms and Conditions: The Terms and Conditions for Course enrolment and Fee payment for participants on this course.

2.0 The Contract
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2.2 In the case of courses that require applications rather than registrations, the payment of any sums intended to be in respect of Fees by or on behalf of the Participant does not in itself indicate the existence of a contract between the facilitator and the participant. In that case the contract shall only come into being when the facilitator has issued notification of acceptance of the participant upon a Course.

2.3 Payment of fees by a person or organisation other than the participant does not constitute a contract for the provision of a Course between such person or organisation and the facilitator.

3.0 Fees and Payment
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3.4 All payments must be made in United States Dollar. Any currency conversion costs or other charges incurred in making the payment or in processing a refund shall be borne by the participants or the third party making payment, and shall not be deductible from the Fees due to the Facilitator.

4.0 Postage

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4.2 We advise all students to check with their local customs what import tax will be applied. This is not information we have access or authority to provide and is the responsibility of the student.

4.3 Postage costs will be applied at checkout according to your location.

5.0 Cancellations and Refunds


5.1 Cancellations by you within 48 hours.

5.1.1 You have the right to cancel any contract for the provision of a place on a Course at any time within 48 hours, beginning from the time you have received the acknowledgement email or letter. In each case, you will receive a refund deducted to the materials delivered or en route and administration fees from the Course.

5.1.2 If the course begins within 48 hours of the day you received the acknowledgement email or letter, but has not taken place, or been completed at the date you cancel the contract, you will receive a proportionate refund of the price paid for the Course.

5.1.3 Once the course has taken place or been completed, you do not have a right to cancel even if this is with seven days of the date of the contract.

5.1.4 To cancel a contract please inform us in writing by email to the course administrator

5.2 Cancellation by you after 48 hours

5.2.1 If you cancel your place on a Course at any time after expiry of the 48 hour period you will not be entitled to a refund.

5.2.2 Course contract is non­transferable to other enrollee who want to take your place on the course. Any fund transfer is not subjected to be used by other participant or in replacement to another.

5.2.3 Our cancellation policy in returning dispatched items is not possible, as they cannot be resold due to their packaging / contents / appearance not being 100% guaranteed as untampered.

5.3 Cancellation by us

5.3.1 We will make all reasonable efforts to deliver the Course as outlined on the website. However we reserve the right to:­ ● make reasonable adjustment to the timetable or presenters specified for a Course; and ● make reasonable amendments to the content and syllabus of a Course when necessary.

5.3.2 We reserve the right to cancel any Course by giving you notice in writing at any time before the Course is due to start. We will refund all fees paid by you and will endeavour to offer a transfer to another Course as an alternative, subject to payment or refund of any difference in purchase price.

5.3.3 The facilitator’s maximum liability will be limited to a refund of received fees for the cancelled Course. The Facilitator will not accept liability for any costs or losses incurred by participants which are claimed to have arisen through Course cancellation, other than for those stated here.


6.0 Acceptable Behaviour
6.1 In the interests of all Course participants, the organizers reserve the right to enforce the removal of any Participant from the Course whose behaviour or demeanour is, in their view, considered unacceptable.

7.0 Security
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8.0 Variations to the Terms and Conditions
8.1 The Facilitator reserves the right to vary these Terms and Conditions from time to time and the current version will be that published on this website.

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‘An extremely riveting & enlightening experience from which I left feeling so empowered & alive.  I had no knowledge that a Goddess lay dormant within until Tanishka’s work revived her & revealed the pure essence of being a woman.’


The Moon Woman

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