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The Priestess Path

to fall in love with yourself

7 Steps To Your Full Feminine Power

In ancient times, women would unveil their 7 universal feminine aspects in order to know and honour themselves as a foundation for creating soul fulfilling partnerships.

This 7 month online course gives you step-by-step resources & insight to empower every facet of your feminine identity and expression.

Do you feel exhausted from trying to please everyone?

You’re not alone.

Many women try to please others in an effort to be validated externally as a woman.

Such as by trying to be the perfect  partner, friend, student, daughter, boss, lover etc 

This is the pattern that leads to self-betrayal.

Fortunately there’s a path of self-discovery that heals this pattern!

Seeing Our Divinity

Releases Us from Perfectionism

Contrary to popular belief, being a Goddess is not about having the perfect body or being superhuman.

A Goddess is a woman who understands & expresses the 7 aspects which make up our feminine psyche…

So she is whole & creates a balanced life where all parts of herself feel fulfilled.

Tanishka’s work has changed my life!

With the exception of getting married, this course is the best thing that’s happened in my life to date!’


Activating the 7 Chakra Goddesses

Each one of these 7 feminine aspects governs one of the 7 chakras (energy centres) in our personal energy field.

So as we empower each inner Goddess, the meridian of feminine energy flows through each chakra within our central nervous system.

Activating our Goddess Mojo so we shine like a diamond!

This activation increases our:

  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Vitality
  • Longevity
  • Creativity
  • Fertility
  • Libido
  • Consciousness
  • Empowerment

Doing the Inner Goddess course has inspired transformational thought patterns and changed the way I see myself.

I LOVE the beautiful guided visualisations that Tanishka takes us on and the very detailed and explanatory video tutorials.

We are provided with a variety of articles and historical aspects of each of the chakras and each month have our own delightful bathing routine to do, to pay focus and homage to that chakra.

It is GREAT to link up with like minded siSTARS on the journey and embrace my own divine femininity.

I would recommend anyone who feels drawn to doing this course to not hesitate and just register…….you wont be sorry!’

Tania Magennis

How the Course Works



Commencing at the base chakra, we journey up through each energy centre on a monthly basis, exploring your relationship with every aspect of yourself and how that impacts our wellbeing on all levels. 

These are the 7 Feminine Archetypes You Will Understand, Heal & Empower:

Feel Like Queen!

In the ancient world, women would undertake this descent path to find & know themselves prior to marriage.

As only when we know ourselves can we make a commitment with confidence.

These teachings were considered necessary for a woman to make the transition from disempowered girl to self-assured woman, regardless of her age

That is why this path was known as the path to Queendom.

As a young woman in a society that is obsessed with youth and beauty, it is refreshing to learn of ancient women’s wisdom that is both empowering and relevant to women today’


Your Inner Goddess Online Resources

  • A guided meditation to identify which inner Goddess aspect most needs healing
  • 7 x guided meditations to meet each chakra Goddess
  • 7 x video tutorials to empower each aspect of your inner Goddess
  • Insightful articles to empower each inner Goddess
  • Monthly self-love bathing rituals
  • 7 x monthly Chakra fact sheets
  • Shakti yoga and active meditations to unleash your Goddess essence
  • A full moon rite to activate the full power of every Goddess!

And These Great Bonuses to Support Your Journey!



7 x monthly LIVE Q & A Video Calls with Tanishka so you have personal guidance to support your journey of self-discovery! 



Exclusive Membership to our private online sisterhood forum to share the journey with sisters of all ages, cultures & backgrounds



A digital copy of Tanishka’s best selling book,‘The Inner Goddess Makeover’ by Tanishka

About the Facilitator: Tanishka

After her own quest for self-love in a mountain cabin living off the grid Tanishka ran her first Goddess archetype workshop in 1997. That developed into a series of 7 Goddess archetype workshops & her book, The Inner Goddess Makeover published in 2007, then due to public demand a revised edition published in 2014.

In 2004 her workshops grew into a 9 month Initiate Priestess course which she conducted 7 times before offering this journey as an intensive in 2014 when she began initiating women through the 7 Goddess archetypes in her Inner Goddess retreats. An author of 5 books, loved as The Moon Woman for her daily guidance with over two decades experience initiation women into ancient wisdom teachings and practices, she is renowned worldwide as a leader in the women’s empowerment movement.

‘Well, what can I say but that it has opened me up more to my true self and who I am and what I want to be and do with my life!’


Are you ready to be initiated?

‘With the discovery of the individual elements of my womanhood I have explored within this journey I have come to understand and love all of them as different but equally important facets of myself. 

As a result, I no longer let others dictate and direct my life – I am in the driver’s seat! 


Register Your Interest to Receive the VIP Early Bird Offer!


Next Initiation Starts March 20, 2020




‘An extremely riveting & enlightening experience from which I left feeling so empowered & alive.  I had no knowledge that a Goddess lay dormant within until Tanishka’s work revived her & revealed the pure essence of being a woman.’


The Moon Woman

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