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Discover the secret to feeling
self-assured, balanced and centered

7 Steps To Claim Your Full Feminine Power

In ancient times, women would unveil their 7 feminine aspects to know and honour themselves as a foundation for creating soul fulfilling partnerships.

When a woman awakens her feminine power, every choice she makes is self-honouring.

So her wellbeing, relationships and work all improve as she understands herself completely.

She knows what she needs and how to get her needs met.

She feels self-assured, balanced and centred as a woman…which attracts others to her.

An empowered woman doesn’t worry about what others think of her…

Like the adage, ‘Knowledge is power’ 

When we truly know ourselves we feel confident to express ourselves authentically. 

Instead of trying to please others or trying to be perfect, which is disempowering and exhausting.

Now you can access the insight and resources to do this step-by-step

with this 7 month online course!  

Who this course is for:

Women of all ages who want to…

• increase clarity about their identity as a woman

• empower all aspects of their feminine expression

• deepen their relationship with themselves and others

• gain greater insight into who they are and what they need to feel truly fulfilled.

What women say about this initiation pathway

Want to Attract Your Soul Mate?

Preparation For Soulmate Union

By meeting and understanding every aspect of your soul you create the foundation for creating long-lasting, intimate partnerships
Are you tired of attracting people who don’t truly see and honour you?
Exhausted from trying to be perfect and doing things to appease or please others?
Struggling with low libido or fear of sexuality?

“When I came to the course I was in a dark and vulnerable emotional space; I was a walking cliché, my boyfriend had dumped me, a close friend had been less than respectful of me and I felt like once again my life was difficult, painful and without the possibility for improvement.

 In truth I’m now strong enough to admit that given my family genetic history of alcohol abuse that would likely have been my path.”

Discover The Secret to Embodying Authentic Power as a Woman

Gain greater insight into who you are and what you need to feel truly fulfilled. 

In the ancient world, women would undertake this ‘Descent of Venus’ to know themselves prior to marriage.



Only when we know ourselves can we make wise choices and commit with confidence.

These initiation teachings were considered necessary for a woman to make the transition from disempowered girl to self-assured woman, regardless of her age. 

That is why this path was known as the path to Queendom.

What women say about this initiation pathway

Overcome Self-Negating Patterns of Behaviour

Learn how to treat yourself the way you’d like to be treated by others and all your relationships will transform

Do you feel disempowered or lack confidence?
Are you overlooking your needs to meet the needs of others?

Learn how to experience emotional balance by understanding your needs and honouring yourself with healthy boundaries.

At the beginning of the year I literally found it hard to breathe; along the way I have found the strength to give notice on a job I no longer enjoyed and am going to travel by myself for the next 12 months.

For a decade I’ve wanted to travel extensively, I blamed others and circumstances for why I couldn’t do it. 

In truth, I never did it because I think internally I never believed I was strong enough-I now know that I am-and it is this course that taught me to recognize and name my own power.

Reduce Conflict With Yourself and Others

Gain insight and skills to enhance the quality of all your relationships, starting with your primary relationship – YOU 

Do you struggle to communicate your needs or get your needs met?
Do you feel unable to express yourself without inhibition, fear of judgment, rejection, or conflict?
Do you feel stuck in a rut in your daily life…lacking joy, spontaneity and creativity?

Learn how to clearly identify your needs and express yourself confidently from a place of self-acceptance that transforms how you see yourself as a woman.

The course brought me back from a brink of powerlessness I didn’t even know I was balancing on. It was through being given a language to talk about universal, timeless women’s experiences I was able to realize that my life, while unique to me, mirrors the experiences of innumerable people before me-and it is from this connection that your sense of personal power begins to grow.

Thank-you for inviting me to walk with you on this part of my life journey. I have learned so many things from you this year. I have found deep insights into myself & others & have been inspired by the uniqueness of each woman in our group. I have enjoyed learning the stories & symbolism of the various faces of the Goddess. I have understood more clearly what it means to be a spirit in this human form. I am now more connected to my creativity & to who I truly am. Your profound knowledge & shining spirit have helped me to become wiser, stronger & more joyful. I honour your ability to move seamlessly from the earthiness of Lilith through to the divine spirituality of Ishtar. You are able to instinctively nurture, challenge or guide, according to the need. You are truly an inspiration to us all. ‘ Barbara. IT Consultant

What women say about this initiation pathway

Create Self Loving Routines that Affirm Your Value

Make quality time for yourself on a regular basis with nourishing self-care rituals that leave you feeling self-assured and calm.


Do you find it hard to make time for yourself on a regular basis?
Do you have a habit of disassociating as a way of coping, resulting in disconnection with yourself and loved ones?
Do you struggle to overcome the stories and conditioning received in your childhood?

Reframe your perception of self and liberate your true identity and multi-faceted self-expression.

Discover how to connect with your deepest values, inner gifts and desires…and nourish your mind, body, and soul with practices to feel divine as your needs change during every lunar phase.

Stop Playing Small

Transcend the need for external approval and empower yourself with tools and strategies to take charge of your life.

Do you often feel that you are not acceptable or enough as you are now? 
Are you constantly seeking external validation and approval?

Women who don’t receive this initiation to discover the full spectrum of their womanhood limit themselves by trying to live up to the models of womanhood that we’ve been conditioned to emulate…so they behave like girls seeking approval instead of women who command admiration and respect.

I currently work in a corporate environment where I often see women who are disempowered or encouraged to suppress more feminine aspects of their personality in order to be successful. These are the kinds of women that have been mentors to me and my generation, creating a workforce of unauthentic women who wrestle with society’s expectation to ‘have it all’. Tanishka’s services, particularly her Inner Goddess course, has taught me to embrace all aspects of myself and has helped me recognise that all these qualities will allow me to be successful in my personal life and therefore in my professional career resulting in a better sense of balance, and overall well-being.

Alice. Corporate Communications Exec.


To liberate your unlimited power and potential as a woman!

How this program works

Step-by-step over 7 months you receive practical resources and insight to empower each of the 7 facets of your feminine identity and expression.  
This experiential process activates life force in your 7 major energy centres so you radiate vitality, emanating every colour of the Goddess within!

What You Enhance as You Activate Your Goddess Mojo!

  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Vitality
  • Longevity
  • Creativity
  • Fertility
  • Libido
  • Consciousness
  • Empowerment

Unlock Your Ultimate Potential as a Woman

Every woman has 7 faces of the feminine within her…

And yet we are conditioned to emulate the limiting representations of womanhood.

We don’t have to simply choose between being the madonna (good mother) or the whore (sex kitten). 

Jump on board this sisterhood road trip and you’ll meet and enjoy exploring all of them!


Created to suit all learning styles

This is NOT just an online learning program…or a head trip. It’s a path of soul growth.

Why? In my many years of initiating women I’ve learned to incorporate all learning styles. 

So I’ve distilled that into a holistic learning model, with an emphasis on experiential learning.

In addition to accessing ‘A Ha!’ moments through video tutorials, articles and my best selling book, you’ll journey intimately to know each aspect of your Soul through guided meditations, self-care rituals, art therapy and self-enquiry questions.


To awaken the transformative energy of each inner aspect you’ll be guided through ancient Tantric and yogic practices to do in the privacy of your own home. 

This combined learning approach of psychological understanding and experiential processes results in grounded embodiment as you integrate new self-awareness that empowers authentic self-expression on every level of your being.


Course Schedule


Wild Woman – Let out your ROAR and liberate your personal power by healing shame to feel truly alive, free and connected to your deepest passions


Beautiful Muse – Learn how to truly see, appreciate and celebrate your unique beauty and delight in your feminine sensuality, awakening your joy, pleasure and creativity


Golden Heroine – Identify your soul gifts, your purpose and awaken your courage and confidence to pursue your goals without inhibition


Earth Empress – Discover how to identify and nurture your needs to ensure self-care, wellbeing and the inner calm that comes from being centered in the heartty


Medicine Woman – Develop inner strength, resilience and find your voice as you learn to set boundaries and heal from past pain 


Wise Woman – Understand past experiences from a deeper perspective to gain new insights and develop your mystic feminine gifts as a path to grow your wisdomity


High Priestess – Unveil your full radiance and emanate this gift to others through soul fulfilling perspectives and practices that create deeper connection and intimacy

Your Inner Goddess Online Resources

  • A guided meditation to identify which inner Goddess aspect most needs healing
  • 7 x guided meditations to meet each chakra Goddess
  • 7 x video tutorials to empower each aspect of your inner Goddess
  • Insightful articles to empower each inner Goddess
  • Monthly self-love bathing rituals
  • 7 x monthly Chakra fact sheets
  • Shakti yoga and active meditations to unleash your Goddess essence
  • A full moon rite to activate the full power of every Goddess!

What to Expect

After receiving your exclusive access, each week you receive an email reminder to complete one task to keep you on track. Allow 1 hour a week to complete each process.

Resources you’ll receive in your monthly digital hamper of goodies include:

  • A self-love bathing ritual, complete with a guided meditation to meet your next inner Goddess
  • Yoga techniques to activate the energy of each inner Goddess
  • A video tutorial that introduces you to each inner Goddess
  • A full moon ceremony to activate the full power of each inner Goddess
  • Articles that address the issues each inner Goddess has to navigate
  • Inspiration to create a monthly act of beauty to celebrate the expression of each aspect

You Also Get These Great Bonuses to

Support Your Journey!


7 x monthly LIVE Sharing Circles Facilitated by Tanishka at alternating times to suit all timezones (dates/times are listed below)

I’ve so enjoyed the calls, they are so deep and I love the connection that comes from being in circle with these beautiful women from all over the world! ~ Emily Milner



7 x months of Exclusive Q & A mentoring from Tanishka so you have personal guidance to support your journey of self-discovery!


A digital copy of Tanishka’s best selling book,

‘The Inner Goddess Makeover’ by Tanishka

A Tantric workbook for women that features:


  • The mythic story that each inner Goddess enacts in our modern lives
  • Her strengths, weaknesses and lessons
  • Relationship patterns and psychological profile for each aspect
  • Processes to empower the expression of each inner Goddess
  • A makeover section with fashion tips, essential oils, crystals and more for each aspect



Exclusive Membership to our private online sisterhood forum to share the journey with sisters of all ages, cultures & backgrounds

Book a Private Inner Goddess Reading with Tanishka, exclusive to Inner Goddess students!

In your 1 hour LIVE Video Session, You will discover:

  • Which feminine aspect is dominant
  • Which of your energy centres are open, closed or semi-open
  • Whether each inner Goddess is conscious, semi-conscious or unconscious
  • Which archetype is currently being called to initiation
    and receive channelled personal guidance to empower and balance each facet of your feminine psyche!

You Also Receive…

MP4 recording

A one hour MP4 recording of your reading

Digital Chart

An attractive full colour digital chart report emailed to you.

What women say about this initiation pathway

As women in a modern world we often feel a tremendous sense of isolation, and when you learn the history of the clan, the stories of old, you comprehend that women are communal beings and very in need of a shared sacred space. We need to draw together regularly, to connect and to have a place where it’s safe to be vulnerable and honest about how you are feeling. It’s from this shared journey with a group of women you initially don’t know that you will find people who appreciate and see you with clarity and insight that will reshape your sense of self, and in turn give you literally, a new life..

It is a financial sacrifice. I know you are busy, I know how difficult it is to find time. But if you are sick of being tired, if your chest is heavy and you find it hard to breathe and you don’t even know why. If you think nobody, not even close friends and family understand you; then you can’t afford not to do this course. Because nobody can know you and truly love you until you learn to first do it for yourself.

Bronwen. Secondary School Teacher

About the Facilitator: Tanishka


After her own quest for self-love in a mountain cabin living off the grid, Tanishka ran her first Goddess archetype workshop in 1997. That developed into a series of 7 Goddess archetype workshops & her book, The Inner Goddess Makeover published in 2007.

Due to public demand a revised edition was published.

Her workshops grew into a 9 month Initiate Priestess course which she led 7 times before offering this journey as intensive Inner Goddess retreats.

An author of 5 books, she is best known as The Moon Woman for her daily guidance followed by half a million people. With over two decades experience initiating women into ancient wisdom teachings and practices, she is revered worldwide as a leader in the women’s empowerment movement.

Her latest book, Goddess Wisdom published by Hay House and listed by Aspire magazine in their top 10 books for women was accompanied by an online course for Hay House.

She is currently writing a book on the Holy Grail from the perspective of the sacred feminine.

Tanishka is more than a facilitator; she is a woman and leader of authentic truth who honours all who cross her path. To be guided by her is a miraculous experience which will, if you allow it, show you a personal strength you had no previous comprehension of. Through her speaking and activities you will safely confront the many aspects of yourself you need to recognize and reconcile before a new path and a fulfilled life can be revealed to you.

Are you ready to fall in love with yourself?

‘With the discovery of the individual elements of my womanhood I have explored within this journey I have come to understand and love all of them as different but equally important facets of myself. 

As a result, I no longer let others dictate and direct my life – I am in the driver’s seat! 



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Transform your life by transforming yourself




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‘An extremely riveting & enlightening experience from which I left feeling so empowered & alive.  I had no knowledge that a Goddess lay dormant within until Tanishka’s work revived her & revealed the pure essence of being a woman.’


The Moon Woman

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