Inner Goddess Meditations

Meet & Empower Your 7 inner Goddesses!

Start your journey with a BONUS track to discover which one of your 7 feminine aspects most needs healing and integration and receive a gift to empower her expression.

Then when you’re ready, listen to each of these inspirational & uplifting guided meditations to meet all 7 faces of your inner Goddesses!

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The Inner Goddesses You Will Meet

  • Lilith, the Wild Woman
  • Aphrodite, the Beautiful Muse
  • Athena, the Golden heroine
  • Demeter, the Earth Empress
  • Artemis. the Medicine Woman
  • Hecate, the Wise Mystic
  • Ishtar, the High Priestess

‘This was the most powerful guided meditation I’ve ever done!’

Taylor Bland

How To Use This Meditation Album

Do one meditation a month & afterwards write the guidance you receive from each inner Goddess in a journal…or draw the gift you receive from each Goddess.

The act of recording your experience will help anchor positive & empowering shift in your psyche.


‘Thank you for making the most powerful guided meditations I have ever listened to. 

In Red Tent, it is always YOU they ask for. We all go deeper than with any other meditation.’

Shauna Mae Carlson

 Each meditation is approximately 15 mins in length & is ideal to do as a companion process before starting each chapter in Tanishka’s book, ‘The Inner Goddess Makeover’.

 Enjoy some quality ME time!

This is an ideal process to do while relaxing in the bath – as it will assist you to go deeper in each of your journeys.

Great to unwind from the rest of the world!


Watch this video to hear Tanishka speak about these meditations

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