Spend 8 Days in Exotic Bali

Empowering Every Facet of Your Inner Goddess

With best selling author, Tanishka. Facebook’s ‘Moon Woman’

Sept 27 – Oct 5, 2017

Your Retreat Process Includes…

Chakra Yoga

These sessions will bring you into a refreshed place of deep centeredness so you feel alive and present in your beloved body. Each day you will be guided gently into deeper states of surrender through a soulful balance of asanas (yoga postures), sacred intent and breath to attune the chakra of the day and awaken the flow of chi (life force).

Archetypal Teachings

Every day you will learn to identify each of the psychological aspects of the divine feminine within your own psyche. Through the illumination of their universal strengths, weaknesses, stories and gifts your increased awareness will shed light on all that has been disowned, denied, suppressed or shamed, freeing the shadow at each of the 7 gates.

Guided Meditation

Each day you will be led through an inner journey using creative visualisation to meet the 7 aspects that make up the feminine psyche. By working at the level of the subconscious mind we transform any unconscious belief patterns which have limited the full expression of your divine embodiment.​

Trance Dance

Each day you will be invited to dance from your core. To come deeply into presence with what the body has been holding & what is surfacing emotionally, mentally, physically and energetically – allowing it to be expressed spontaneously through movement and sound so all the levels of your being can return to their natural state, which is joy. This joyful reconnection then expands us into the totality of ourselves, activating, opening, expanding, awakening, rejuvenating and refining our presence into a heightened state of consciousness.


Each day you will be led in Sanskrit toning to open the energy centre that is our focus of the day. This ancient channelled language using vowel tones that shift & clear energetic blocks, promoting the unobstructed flow of energy at each inner dimensional gateway. We will then speak words of power to affirm the highest truth at each gate. This dispels the illusions of the mind which have inhibited true self expression at each of the 7 gates.


A yantra is a sacred art mandala. Sacred art is a gentle form of active meditation which we use to recalibrate each energy centre. We combine sacred sound, colour & sacred geometry to open our consciousness, ‘remote viewing’ to see the state of our own energy field at each gate & sacred art to restore the original blueprint for optimal functioning.

Transformative Processes

You will be facilitated through deeply transformative self-growth processes by Tanishka who has over 20 years experience as a group facilitator. These include fun & insightful activities individually, in pairs & groups which creates connection with oneself & deep bonds of sisterhood.

Sacred Ceremony

Sacred Ceremony is an act of power which involves grounding an intention through conscious action. These are simple but powerful processes that will uplift and align you with your deepest truth enabling you to dissolve all separation & experience divine communion with the Self.


  • An awakening and embodiment of all the facets of the Goddess Within
  • A clearing of old stagnant energies in your chakra system (the cause of all karmic patterns & illness)
  • An activation of Shakti energy – the essence of the Goddess
  • Mind expanding insights into the universal truths at the 7 gates
  • Access to higher states of consciousness, bliss, oneness and clarity without toxins or side effects
  • A total lush out week of sisterhood, pampering & transformation!

Your Balinese Goddess Adventure Also Includes…

♥ Organic Vegetarian Cuisine

♥ 1.5 hour Special relaxation and rejuvenation treatment. Includes full body massage using traditional oils, body scrub, full body masque & facial with natural ingredients. This blissful session concludes with a special head massage using warm oil.

♥ 1 hour Balinese Pedicure. Includes flower bath, nail shaping, cuticle treatment, Balinese scrub, feet & lower leg massage & toenail polish.

♥ Airport Transfers to Venue

♥ Daily Chakra Aromatherapy



Tanishka has taught ancient women’s wisdom & sacred traditions for over 20 years. She developed these retreat processes by facilitating women of all ages & backgrounds through the 7 Goddess archetypes in her ‘Inner Goddess’ workshop series which later became a 9 month Initiate Priestess course.

Every time she facilitates this series of initiations she is humbled by the profound transformation she witnesses on all levels, even physically!

She is the best selling author of 5 books including, ‘The Inner Goddess Makeover’ as well as various meditation CD’s & oracle decks. She has trained women in 43 countries to facilitate women’s circles, has featured in numerous magazines & festivals worldwide. Her latest book, ‘The Goddess’ due for release with Hay House in 2017 along with an online course.


Jamilah Preenun Nana is a former art curator and cultural event organiser, from Thailand who has practiced yoga for 16 years. She views yoga as a way of being, not limited to a physical practice.

Initially she trained as a certified instructor from the Indian Kripalu School of Yoga, based in Massachusetts, USA. The Kripalu form of Hatha yoga combines asanas (postures), pranayama (the breath) and meditation simultaneously. She has since trained in other yogic traditions including 500 hr–RYT-Shakti Initiation, Prenatal yoga, Chakra Yoga & Healing Meditation. She also facilitates Drum Circles, Journey Dance and Energy Healings using Reiki, Colour Therapy & Aromatherapy).

Her dedication to empower women to connect with the true essence of the Divine Feminine energy saw her establish ‘Moon Sister Circles’ & organize, program & teach at the inaugural ‘Wonderfruit’ Festival’s Goddess Camp in 2014, and the ‘Wonderfruit’ Festival’s Healing Village in 2015.


“The Inner Goddess Retreat has definitely changed my life, and I can’t thank you enough for the best week I’ve ever had. My soul needed this so much.”

Josephine Bloomfield

“Tanishka is more than a facilitator; she is a woman and leader of authentic truth who honours all who cross her path. To be guided by her is a miraculous experience which will, if you allow it, show you a personal strength you had no previous comprehension of.”

Bronwen Auty

Travel Info

We start our program at 4pm Sept 27 with a Balinese Blessing ceremony, followed by dinner, orientation & our welcome circle so inbound flights need to arrive no later than 12pm local time to allow time to clear customs & travel to the retreat centre, which is a 2.47 min drive which provides a fascinating window into Balinese life & the beauty of the land.

Aim to arrive early to enjoy one of your complementary spa treatments on arrival or a refreshing swim in the ocean or saltwater swimming pool.

When you’ve booked your fights, email us your itinery so we can arrange for you to be picked up from the airport & driven to Ubud to make your arrival hassle free. (This service is included in the price!)

We finish our retreat program at 11am (Indonesian time) on Oct 5 so book your return flight to leave Denpasar airport anytime from 8pm onwards to allow ample time for travel to the airport & international check-in.

Please Note: Our retreat is held far from the tourist mecca. Organic meals will be prepared on site & filtered water provided for drinking & teeth cleaning. Here is a link for the further travel safety advice: http://smartraveller.gov.au/zw-cgi/view/Advice/indonesia



This event has been a sell out event in previous years with women on the wait list, so if you feel called to come don’t delay in securing your place.