Introduction to Goddess Wisdom

Learn the Goddess path to empowerment with Sacred Feminine teachings and practices


This course offers a complete guide to understanding and embracing ancient Goddess wisdom in everyday life.

Be personally guided through rituals, practices and meditations by Tanishka help you to access all the different sides of your feminine psyche, transforming how you see yourself – and other women – and helping you to understand and love who you are.



Goddess Wisdom Online Course

What It Includes:

  • Four video lessons with renowned specialist in Goddess traditions, Tanishka
  • The secrets of the ancient Goddess cultures and how we can use their wisdom in the 21st century
  • How to walk the Goddess path by loving your body, embracing your sexuality, living in tune with the cycles of nature and honouring the three stages of womanhood
  • Goddess meditations and practices to help you connect with the Goddess within
  • Downloadable worksheets to take your learning further