Last Quarter Moon…How to Make the Most of this Moon Phase

The Last Quarter Moon is the third lunar phase. It occurs a week after full moon when the moon is waning (decreasing in light). It appears as a half moon in the sky. The transition between the full and last quarter moon is called the Waning Gibbous Moon. A ‘Gibbous’ moon is when the moon appears more full than first or last quarter, but is not full.

In the Northern Hemisphere, last quarter moon is when the left side of the moon is illuminated (pictured). In the Southern hemisphere, it’s when the right side is illuminated.

Last quarter moon is the time for reviewing the choices we’ve made the outcomes of those choices. It is when we feel like drawing back from intimate and social space to spend more quiet time in contemplation alone. This is also the time of month when our sensitivity increases, especially for women who are governed by the moon. Last quarter moon is when we’re more likely to set boundaries to honour our feelings and our needs.

This is a good time for you to evaluate your own performance, accomplishments and shortfalls to increase self-awareness and be accountable for our past actions. It is the ability to do this which enhances the quality of all our relationships.

A Last Quarter Moon is when we are more likely to become aware of the shadow – the unconscious words and behaviours of ourselves and others. It’s also when we’re more likely to instigate endings in situations that do not feel honouring. Essentially this is when we come to ourselves and confront what is true by feeling our feelings and acting upon them.

This is the phase when the majority of fertile women are pre-menstrual, known as the luteal phase. This is when women are more prone to injury so this is a time to modify your workouts and listen to your body. Ever since the advent of electricity women’s menstrual cycle has become irregular and harder to track but prior to electricity, all women menstruated with the new moon.


Confront your saboteur and do the work of personal healing

Last quarter moon is equivalent to Autumn when we become increasingly aware of what is not sustainable in our lives and our conscience urges us to take decisive action if we have healthy self-esteem. So this is the ideal time of the month to evaluate our all of relationships, including our relationship with ourselves. This is a fertile for reading personal growth books, scheduling a healing or an oracle reading for insight and guidance or spending time alone on retreat or detoxing mind and body. The more mature we are psychologically and emotionally, the more we will use this time of the month to reflect on our own choices and the impact of our choices to avoid seeing only blame in others and becoming bitter and resentful.

The third or last quarter moon is the best time to release toxic emotions, like guilt and shame, relationships that are co-dependent or abusive and self-negating habits like smoking cigarettes. This is also an ideal time to weed your garden, remove unwanted body hair, cut your hair to reduce the speed of regrowth and release subconscious limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in a rut and make it difficult to achieve your goals. Healing modalities that work directly with the subconscious are ideal, such as Theta healing, Emotional Freedom Technique and Hypnotherapy.


Want to Make Wise Choices to Avoid Pain? Know Thyself!

Know thyself is what was written on the stone at the ancient temple of Delphi in Greece. The more we understand what underpins our choices, the more empowered our choices become. I’ve found the quickest way to do that is to understand the universal psychological aspects, known as ‘archetypes’ that provide a map to our psyche (meaning soul).

For women: check out my book, The Inner Goddess Makeover, which offers a deep dive into the seven feminine aspects that, when empowered, enable a woman to stop people pleasing and live life on her own terms: a queen, rather than a disempowered princess. To meet these aspects in guided meditation journeys, check out my Inner Goddess meditation album.

For men: you’ll find a map to understanding the seven masculine aspects that map your psyche in my book, Creating Sacred Union Within.



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