Today is the Lion’s Gate 8:8! (The 8th day of the 8th month). 8 is a number of great power & abundance as it is the infinity sign, the symbol of infinite energy. This is a day when great shifts are possible if we are open to change.

With Sun in Leo, a fixed sign this may prove challenging but you can guarantee if something challenges us today it is just what we need in order to shine brighter.

So today is a great day to attune to the Sun to amp your sacred masculine energies both internally & upon our beloved garden planet. To do that you may wish to meditate with the dawn, attuning your heart to the heart of the Sun, giving & receiving heart light energy.

This practice helps strengthen your light body so you better integrate the intensification of light on our planet created by our 2012 shift into the Photon Belt. (This refers to the band of light also known as the spirals of Alcyon, ‘The Great Central Sun’ – which is the brightest star in the constellation of the Pleiades.)

Please be sure to only look directly into the Sun during the first 10 minutes of the dawn or last 10 minutes of the dusk to avoid retina damage.

If you miss the dawn, simply close your eyes looking in the direction of the Sun with the same intent.

Blessings on day




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