In this FREE Goddess Wisdom Video Masterclass series, you will learn:


  • How Tanishka’s life was transformed, from being completely dysfunctional, to empowered and self-accepting through Goddess teachings.
  • What it means to be a Goddess and how this knowledge can change your life.
  • Exercises so that you can start integrating a touch of Goddess magic into your everyday life.
  • How to stay true to the Goddess philosophy of self-care and loving acceptance even on a bad day.
  • How the moon can influence our moods and how learning to live in alignment with its cycles can bring ease and synchronicity to our lives.

Thank you so much for making this so accessible! I must have really needed this today because before I knew it I was crying during the first technique, thinking about the things that truly make me happy.

Patty Fox

Such a blessing to listen and take to heart your words of wisdom. I am grateful and I am sharing this with my daughter who is 18. Maybe she won’t have to go thru so much with this knowledge. Learn at a younger age of the power of our feminine side. Thank you.


In this introductory FREE video, Tanishka will share:


  • How an evolved Goddess sees herself.
  • Common misconceptions about Goddess culture and femininity.
  • Two simple but highly effective exercises to help you connect with your inner Goddess one to energise you and one to help you make positive decisions.
  • The first steps to understanding what it means to live life as a Goddess.

New insight for me about the feminine magnetic energy. Love to see how you make the movement. Feels so fitting. Every girl / woman should learn about their strengths. Thank you for sharing and make it accessible to this generation (and their (grand)moms, It’s never to late)!


Thank you Tanishka. I love all you’re teaching. And am now using you’re tips for low energy days etc. Also all you said about the new moon and the full moon has been so useful, and I really can relate to it.
Jackie Percy

Thanks for this reminder that we need to listen to our heart centre. I have two of your books and listening to you on this video has brought the text more to life. Namaste

Gwendolyn Hartland

Loved it. Everything you said just resonated for me. I’ve been transforming and learning everything I can to empower myself. Better late than never. To being a Goddess 

♥ Evelyn Guerriera

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