There is a certain irony in being asked to write an article on ʻhomeʼ when you have been homeless for the best part of a year. Yes, the cosmic joke rolls on! Of course when we are placed in the void of not having a home we then contemplate what the concept of ʻhomeʼ really means.
It has been said that home is many things to many people. At best, it is a sanctuary where we can completely relax and rejuvenate. A strong foundation that supports us in carrying out our chosen acts of service. Without this solid base, all our efforts are focused on survival which are then compounded by many other hidden personal insecurities which surface to be faced, understood and healed.
Reclaiming Community by Gathering the Women
As the old 2000 year cycle of the Piscean Age ends, many of us are questioning how we live. For example, the ever increasing high cost of living is an invitation to pool our resources, minimise our overheads and live more communally, however this is easier said than done.
Finding compatible people with whom to share intimate space can be as elusive as Mr Right, particularly if you have the added variable of being a sole parent. Personally, I would like to see more governments consider creating eco villages with interdependent bungalows and a shared meeting space as a model for affordable housing. The communal meeting place could also serve as a moonlodge, enabling the spirit of community to grow by gathering residents together to honour the natural cycles & seasonal celebrations. (Rather than the modern default meeting place, the suburban shopping centre which seduces locals to buy rather than bond.)
In traditional cultures the moonlodge was the heart of the community. To destroy a neighbouring tribe you would simply destroy the moonlodge where women would gather each month to channel their wisdom for the greater good. Just as it has been prophesised by Nostradamus that the gathering of women will transform society as we know it, surely the formation of moonlodge honouring communities is a good place to start. Did I hear the word, petition?
This growing pressure both internally and externally to create homes that truly meet our emotional and psychological needs as well as our physical needs is part of the universal energy shift we are experiencing. As a result, many of us are being intuitively guided to seek out our soul clan and spirit of place. In other words, the people who feel like home and the land that makes our heart sing.
For this reason I have called upon three big kahuna Goddesses to assist us all in creating our ultimate temple space to call home.
Step One is an inner journey with Hecate, the Wayshower of the crossroads to help us surrender to our changing fate so we can remain faithful rather than fearful.
Step Two is a practical ritual with the Celestial Buddha, Green Tara to plant the seed of intention for a home environment which truly reflects your Highest Light.
Step Three is a House Warming Blessing with Domestic Goddess, Hestia the keeper of the Hearth to celebrate your home & raise the vibration so it can better support you.

Navigating the Void When We Lose Our Sense of Home

In the past 12 months I have observed many of us have been physically uprooted as the foundations of the old astrological age of Pisces are literally crumbling underfoot. This loss of perceived security mayʼve taken the form of recession related job loss, separation from loved ones, death or homelessness (such as those displaced by the recent fires and floods). Collectively we have entered into the void of all possibility, leaving many feeling listless, confused and insecure, unable to really commit to anything new.
In the Kabbalah this Sephirot teaching is known as Daʼath and the only way through this dark time – to avoid falling victim to our own self-doubts and despair is to focus on the light at the end of the tunnel, drawing upon our inner knowing to guide us. Star Wars analogies come to mind as we approach the abyss of Daʼath (which is Dutch for Dark Father) and face the power our inner Patriarch has over us. Will we allow him to pull us into the Dark Hole of our psyche (the cosmic dark hole of our collective unconscious) or will we remain vigilant in affirming through daily practise that our committment to the light is unwavering.
In the Southern hemisphere this inner darkness may now intensify as we prepare to enter into Winter, the season where we cyclically re-enter the void, (the place of not knowing) to surrender our conscious will to that of our Higher Self. If we connect with our deepest knowing we manifest our highest destiny. If we donʼt, we become disoriented by seeking answers outside of ourself and end up unconsciously manifesting our fears and living our worst nightmare. Hecate, who governs our third eye energy center and our subconscious is therefore the best inner aspect to draw upon at this time as she was said to also ride the nightmare through our dreams.
Helpful Allies & Talismans
This lesson is also indicated by the Hermit card in the Tarot, a time when we must look within to find our innate sense of security and be the light amidst the darkness. in Australia where I live, black cockatoo is the messenger for this journey. Coincidentally, the fates presented me with a feather last week and then a white one which I figured was a sign I was nearing the end of my year long valley of darkness. Star crystal, selenite, amethyst, moonstone and clear quartz are helpful stone guardians to navigate your way and malachite is good for protection on your travels.

Ritual Bath with Hecate

Below is a nurturing way to invoke the guidance of the inner wise woman Goddess to assist you through your own personal crossroads of change.
Place some rock salt in the bath and a few drops of lavender essential oil. Alternatively, a fresh sprig of rosemary from the garden and an amethyst or moonstone crystal – allowing the water to heat up gradually so the crystals donʼt crack.
Next, put on some meditative music and light a candle. Focus on the flame until your eyes lose focus, allowing them to close maintaining the image of the flame within. Feel the inner flame strengthening and growing burning away all fears and past pain.
You now see yourself standing at the crossroads and your guide, Hecate your inner wise woman emerges from the mists to illuminate the path of highest wisdom. She holds an amethyst skull which she energetically places on your head to activate intuitive insights along the neural pathways of your mind. Having anchored this crystal clarity you choose the path of highest destiny and walk along with Hecate, feeling your inner light continue to strengthen with every step you take. Take note of the intuitive thoughts she gifts you with as you walk with her toward the light.
When youʼre completely in the light of your new reality, thank Hecate and open your eyes anchoring your new reality in the present.

Finding Our Soul Clan & True Spirit of Place

Just like Dorothy being swept up in the winds of change in my hurly burly of temporary housing I yearned for my true home as I repeatedly manifested situations that echoed my childhood home, such as environments where I didnʼt feel understood or supported. Fortunately for my child self my universal Self identified I was being tested on previous lessons to see whether Iʼd learnt to transform and transcended my past worldview.

So armed with that knowing, I realised I needed instead to affirm I could manifest a home that was a 3D reflection of my true soul home rather than one which echoed the dynamics of my childhood home. Similarly, I needed to transcend the old belief that I wouldnʼt survive on my own as a single mother. (A belief which kept my mother in an unhappy marriage which I inherited like so many women of my generation.)
So with that in mind, Green Tara, the female Buddha who is dedicated to helping us dispel fear, anxiety and grant wishes offered her services to assist with this article. Her name means, ʻStarʼ so her very presence helps us to affirm our true stellar nature and anchor it within this realm. For in order to manifest the perfect home environment we must know our true self, for our home is an outward reflection of our heartʼs essence, as in the saying, ʻHome is where the Heart is.ʼ
Green Tara, like the Christ assists us in opening the heart. The heart is the bridge to enlightenment, the bridge between the lower and upper chakras as when the heart fully opens, so too do all the other chakras.

Green Tara Ritual for Manifesting the Perfect Home Environment

Step One: Releasing the Old. Make a list of the characteristics of your childhood home or the home environments that havenʼt nurtured your needs. You may wish to read each one aloud, connecting with the emotion of each through the breath. Give yourself the time to really feel the power that each observation had on you in your formative years. Now burn and release. (A clay chinese soup pot is ideal for this & costs around $5 from an Asian grocer.) Light your list of grievances about your childhood home and as it burns visualise the words dissolving in violet flames and returning to whence they came. I like to say, ʻI release youʼ 3 times and when the flame is completely extinguished, ʻIt is Doneʼ.

Step Two: Setting the Intention. Create an affirmation of what home environment would truly support and nurture you. i.e. ʻI now manifest a 3D home which is the resonance of my true stellar home in 5D.ʼ Alternatively, you may wish to write a list of the qualities (light filled sanctuary, lovely sense of community, peaceful etc) or a combo of the two!

Step Three: Setting Sacred Space. Put on a CD of heart centered meditative music (reiki or harp music is ideal). Lay a crystal grid in the formation of the 6 pointed star. Use clear quartz points (points facing inwards) with a green crystal such as jade, aventurine or green fluorite, citrine (for family harmony and abundance) and a grounding stone such as hematite or smoky quartz in the centre. To activate the grid light a tealight on the outside of the 6 clear quartz points, invoking the crystal guardians of each whilst visualising laser light emanating from each point creating the sacred geometric symbol of the 6 pointed star (the polarities working harmoniously to anchor heaven on earth).

Step Four: Attuning to Your Home on the Inner Realm. Sitting inside the grid, place the central stones in your lap and light the central green candle, visualising the 6 pointed star now encompassing you as the merkabah (a multi-dimensional 6 pointed star). A green flame begins to spiral, taking your consciousness inwards through the vortex to meet with the presence of Green Tara within your heart. You are flooded with green light and ascended to the resonance of your true stellar home. You are joined by your soul clan, take note of their names, faces and energies. Next look around and notice the landscape, is it forest, desert, beach or fields of green. If there are several look up to see where the fingers of light descending through the clouds are pointing. Feel your heart expanding as you accept this gift of home into your heart. Take three deep breaths, taking this resonance of home into your body temple on a cellular level. When you are ready to return, thank Green Tara for assisting you to manifest your perfect home.

N.B. To incorporate this final visualisation as part of your daily meditation practise will draw towards you people and places that feel like home.

Transforming Your House into A Temple Space That Affirms Your Highest Light

Just as a caterpillar leaves his cocoon when he has outgrown it, a new home represents new chapter is about to begin. So once you have your new home which reflects your new sense of self it is advisable that you ʻwarmʼ your new abode with the light and love of those who reflect yours with a real celebration.

Traditionally in the ancient world, when you moved house you would light a candle from the hearth of your old fireplace and walk through the streets to your new home, bringing the spirit of home into your new hearth. In the modern world we need to adapt accordingly so calling upon the help of the crone priestess Hestia, patron of health and home here are a few suggestions.

If possible, before you move in, cleanse away the previous energies by smudging with a sage stick. If you are a Reiki or Seichim channel you may wish to include some healing symbols. Next, walk around the yard and introduce yourself to the tree dryads (spirits), faeries and traditional owners of the land. Then gather up the crystals from your Green Tara ritual and place the crystal grid around the perimeter of your home to continue anchoring this resonance and drawing like-minded people into your home.

Next, Invite all your friends to bring a a small gift which symbolises their wish for you in this next chapter as well as a dish of food made with love to share. Only unpack and display the belongings which have happy memories and clean the house thoroughly. Fresh flowers, opening the windows to allow fresh air in and unblocking any drains will also help to bring in new blessings.

On the day of your housewarming when everyone has arrived, ask them to place their gifts on a central altar. Offer everyone a warming brew such as spicy chai and then sit in circle taking it in turns for each person to share their blessing for your life in your new home. When everyone has shared, ask everyone to light a tealight and hold it whilst they visualise you having a wonderful time in your new home. Ask out loud for Hestia to take up residence in your new home and state your intention for this new chapter. The tealights are then placed on your makeshift hearth. You then invite your guests to break bread, put on some festive music and be silly, dance, tell jokes and laugh loudly to anchor joy within your new abode.

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