As Luna moves through the final degrees of Aries you may notice you feel irritated by those who are so focused on their own agenda they can’t perceive anyone else’s. This is because Aries is the first sign in the astrological mandala – the child who hasn’t yet developed a sense of ‘other’. We can also feel impatient & quick to anger when the moon transits through this sign. So remember to breathe & try to respond rather than react for a conflict free passage.

The moon is now void (not forming any major aspects to planets) as she moves through the last degrees of Aries into Taurus.

Taurus moon will cause us to slow down a bit & really savour each experience through our senses – allowing yourself to attune to natural beauty to feed your soul.

This is an optimal time to create beauty in 3D, through sculpture or handicrafts. It’s also a great time to ground your plans by attending to the practicalities & discern what’s workable.

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